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L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Foundation is a creamy, lightweight foundation offering medium coverage. The long-lasting and blendable formula gives skin a hydrating, luminous glow. Contains SPF 15 and is ideal for normal to dry skin.

Available in six shades.


L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Foundation


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This is a great, relatively affordable and long-wearing foundation with sheer to medium coverage, and a semi-matte finish. My favourite thing about this foundation is that it gives me buildable coverage that doesn't cake or look like a mask, and provides glowing skin without shine. It's also really handy that it comes in a lightweight squeezable tube, which is great for travelling. The range of shades is limited but ok, and lucky for me shade 201 Classic Ivory suits my skin tone perfectly. This foundation is a bit runny and I think it works best with a makeup sponge, to give you the most natural and even coverage. I'm very pleased with how natural this foundation looks and even though it's not matte, I find it lasts very well all day long. I think this is a great long-wearing foundation for normal to dry skin types who don't want a heavy, drying long-wearing matte foundation.
This L’Oreal Paris Pro Glow foundation is a wonderful addition to anyone’s makeup collection who enjoys a base product that provides a healthy glow.  I have used this in medium, light and sheer applications and each time ai have been impressed at how lovely it looks on the skin.  Being an ageing/combination type ai always look for makeup that will look natural on my skin and hide some of the finer lines and wrinkles which this product does very well.  I have built it up for evening wear as well as added it to my moisturiser for a sheer veil and on both occasions it has lasted well on my skin and promoted that healthy glow.  I have combination skin that does tend to get a bit oily in the t-zone so I tend to always use a mattifying primer in those areas regardless of what foundation I use and I have found this foundation stays on the skin without budging even on those longer, more humid Queensland summer days.  It’s a winner!
Love using the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Glow foundation for everyday use. It has light - medium coverage and gives me a light glow which can hide some of my fine lines are wrinkles. It is build-able however I would've liked to have a little more coverage so I don't have to use so much product each time. I also found this foundation tends to fade a little during the day... I would definitely need a touch up to go from office to bar. Would definitely repurchase. Great to mix with other matte foundations to amp up the glow level.
I have combination skin that get oilier during the day so I normally avoid foundations like this - however this foundation is amazing! L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Foundation comes in a  30ml tube & retails for $27.95. Unfortunately it is only available in six shades in Australia - I am lucky enough to find one that matches my light neutral - yellow undertone. The squeeze tube is easy to use & delivers small amounts at a time.  The texture of the foundation is quite thin & runny - so the container works well with its quick runny texture.  I find the foundation really easy to apply to my skin. For me I have found this foundation works best with a wet sponge rather than a brush.  Although thin in texture its easy to work with  & gives time to dry down, allowing for being fluid across the skin. It blends into the skin well looking more natural rather than just sitting on the face - No cakey look either.   I do find that as it dries down the colour slightly darkens- only slightly but its important to know for colour matching.  Its definitely a medium coverage foundation but  covers my freckles / uneven skin-tone very well.  I also have found that is easy to build up for more coverage if needed- it doesn't ball or separate doing so. You can apply more layers as you go.  Once it has set on the skin the result is glowy -skin like- natural, blended in well & not oily.  It looks like my skin has a natural lit from within glow & in all the right places.  I feel like I look vibrant, awake & well rested.  There is no initial creasing or sinking into lines for me-  but I dont have many to start with. This foundation is also easy to touch up during the day with a bit of powder & still retains the glowly look.  My combination skin still gets oily during the day but this doesn't make this foundation wear off or lose its glowy look- super impressive. Plus I don't look more oilier than usual.  With wearing during the day I find that I dont get much creasing with this foundation & it doesn't sink into my fine lines as much as other foundations do especially the matte ones. It just sits freshly.   in terms of colour- it does slightly oxides but not much from the original dry down so it wont turn a complete different colour on you. The most I've worn it for is 12 hours & it still looks good on my skin. While of course there are slight signs of wear around my nose, mouth & under my eyes & even with my natural oils coming through the foundation still looks good.   I have been impressed with this as somehow it manages to maintain a glow look yet not slide off my face during the day.  This foundation is a winner. The coverage, natural not oily glow & longevity are real standouts. Even for combination skin girls like me.  Note this product does contain spf 15 - so can cause flash back- its best for day use due to its finish & its spf.
Currently my favourite foundation. I was a little worried as I have combination/oily skin but this little beauty was fantastic. It gave me sure a fresh lovely glow. It’s buildable without looking to tacky or overly glowy covered up my redness. I used my Maybelline Matte powder In a fine cover all over or I apply my L’oreal matte primer but my skin isn’t overly oily. You get lots of product as well & I apply it with my beauty blender. It’s a quick make up routine, feels nice on the skin no bad smell. Adore
When Priceline had a L’Oreal sale I went and bought straight away after great reviews and it didn’t disappoint! It has a thin consistency and is a sheer to medium coverage which I like because the finish is very skin-like. The great thing is that it’s buildable without getting cakey. This stuff just melts into your skin! Best applied with a damp beauty sponge for that skin-but-better finish. It wears well during the day with a primer and setting spray (by the time I clean my face at night I still have foundation from the morning). The only downside to this foundation (here in Australia anyway) is the range of shades! I bought 208 (sun beige) which is the darkest but I think I’ll colour match better with 209 which is caramel beige. Bring all the other shades to Oz pretty please! Oh and the packaging is great - you get the last bit of product out because it’s a squeeze tube and definitely travel-friendly!
The foundation promises a medium coverage, but I find that it goes on light, though you can build it up slightly to a medium coverage, though a concealer is still needed for to cover pigmentation, blemishes and bags under the eyes. It is easy to apply with your fingers. But you have to work fast, or the light foundation will simply absorb into the skin. It leaves the skin with a lovely natural glowing and radiant finish, yet without being too shimmery or shiny, something I appreciate as it can often make my combination skin look greasy or oily. It has a good wear, and does manage to stay looking radiant and fresh on my skin throughout the day, 
I have heard so much hype about the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Glow, since it was released in the US and couldn't wait until it came to Australia!! Although they took long enough! Everyone I knew who had used it raved about it and I hadn't heard a single negative review from the online world. So I expected I would love this foundation and I totally did.  The foundation comes in a squeezy tube. Easy to use, dispenses just enough product and and doesn't create any mess. It has quite a runny consistency, which works well with the tube packaging. I find that primer is a must with this foundation, but that it's very versatile in terms of what look you are going for because it works well with both mattifying and smoothing primers, as well as illuminating and hydrating primers. Win! There is nothing better than finding a good foundation that pairs well with a heap of different primers. My favourite way to use this is definitely by warming some product on the back of my hand and applying with a beauty sponge. The finish and coverage achieved with a sponge is much better than with a brush. It is a really lightweight, runny consistency, but when you apply it the coverage is surprisingly impressive. Normally, foundation thin in consistency lend themselves to a more sheer finish but this is definitely an exception to the rule. I was so happy with the coverage of this! I prefer medium coverage foundations to anything else and that is what this provided for me. At the same time, I experimented with layering this foundation to build coverage and it worked just as well too. It didn't pill up, or go patchy and since it doesn't set quickly on the face you have a tonne of time to work this into your skin and build up layers until your happy with the finish and coverage. The finish is glowy, but not oily. This is extremely important to me, being an oily-skinned girl. There is always that taboo against dewy foundation on oily skin but this didn't show too oily on my skin at all throughout the day and it maintained that fresh, healthy and illuminated look all day. It lasts well and doesn't transfer as long as you set with a good powder. Hit the jackpot with this foundation!
I absolutely love L'Oreal products, this foundation is a firm favourite since I tried it. it is really high quality but comes at a great price point. It gives great coverage and is buildable if I want a heavier coverage. I love the addition of SPF to protect my skin and that the foundation glides on smoothly, sinks in immediately and looks totally natural. It feels really nice and light to wear, i either use this with a beauty blender sponge or with a great makeup brush which makes it blend easily for a really professional finish. It lasts really well. I went all day with no oily buildup. The foundation itself is not at all drying and is quite hydrating and gives a lovely luminous youthful glow. it is great value for money as I dont need to use a lot and the packaging is simple yet classy. This product gives a lovely dewey even finish and I would highly recommend it.
I bought this foundation recently and am quite impressed with it so far! It offers medium buildable coverage- on days when I am having a bad skin day, I apply it with a densely packed buffing brush, applying a thin layer at first and then applying more in the areas I need it as a second coat. I then grab a damp beauty blender and bounce it over the face to absorb any excess product and it gives me a nice even glowy finish. I have tried this foundation with and without setting it with powder afterwards, and find that even though I have dry skin, I still need to set it lightly with powder just so I don’t look too glowy/borderline oily. I still have a nice sheen after applying powder, and that way I know it will last longer and not crease.  The formula is quite thin and runny, it spreads well but I do find I have to use more product than I do with other foundations to get my desired coverage. I find it is somewhat expensive for a drugstore foundation, and would definitely only repurchase when it’s on sale. However, so far after using this foundation I would definitely consider it my favourite out of the more affordable ‘drugstore’ foundations. I work 12 hour days, and find that it lasts well throughout the day, around my nose it rubs off as I blow my nose or wear sunglasses, but I find all other foundations do this also. I find that the longevity, finish and coverage is what makes this a favourite of mine. 
This is by far my favourite drugstore foundation I've ever used. With buildable medium coverage, the foundation itself is thin in consistency which makes it easy to disperse over the face. I usually use a foundation brush however a beauty blender would work fine too. It has a lovely glowy finish, but isn't overly glowy to the point of looking oily. Because of this, I'd highly recommend this for people with normal-to-dry skin types, as I think oilier skin types would become too shiny throughout the day with is product. Powder layers beautifully over the product if you want to set down certain areas, and other products work wonderfully on top and don't remove anything underneath. Longevity wise - the product lasts ALL day. After a couple hours of wear, I've found that the product sinks into the skin and actually looks more radiant - giving off that healthy appearance. Definitely a must-have in your makeup kit!
I absolutely love the pro glow, it has amazing coverage while not being thick and heavy on your skin and I love the finish of it! I own a lot of high end foundations and I can honestly say that this is up there with my favourite, if you have dry skin I would highly recommend picking this up
Good affordable foundation - it is lightweight and doesn't set as a heavy powder type of finish on the face. I would recommend for those with combination-oily skin type, especially for a naturally light - medium coverage is sought for (I used a very small amount to achieve a more natural look).
I absolutely love this product! It is my new day to day foundation! It left my skin feeling AMAZING! As a person with sensitive skin, I always worry about new products but this product has not let me down. It went on so evenly and is easily built up for darker tones. I love it!
I’ve gotta say, I was impressed by the colour match of this foundation to my skin tone. Being a liquid-based foundation, I wasn’t sure whether it was going to be a messy application... but I found that I didn’t need to use much at all, as just a little bit of this foundation was easy to run and apply across my face (great for foundation longevity - cost saving!) At first, my skin felt smooth and the coverage was great also (hiding my redness). However, I felt this foundation wasn’t long-lasting as the packaging states. By lunchtime, I was very keen to wipe off what looked like a face that just endured an all-day event in the sun - I had a very oily/shiny looking face.
I just found my new favourite foundation! It has light coverage but is buildable to a medium coverage which is perfect for everyday wear and still looks like my own skin. It’s so lightweight I can’t even feel it on my face which is so comfortable and it has a stunning dewy finish. In love!
This foundation matched my skin tone incredibly well! It was super easy to apply and gave my skin a smooth and finished look. However, infallible it is not. After just a few hours wear i looked shiny and greasy. The foundation literally felt like it was sliding off my face, which became incredibly apparent when my boyfriend kissed me and he had a perfect circle of foundation on his face!
This foundation has excellent coverage, is wonderfully buildable! It really does wear all day and right into the evening without moving or breaking up. I love the fluid like consistency and it mixes so well with the illuminating primer. A hero product with an affordable price point for all beauties!
I have mixed feelings about this foundation. Unfortunately it was a little too light for me, but I just bronzed over the top to make it match the rest of my skin. I did find the consistency a little too runny for my liking but tried it all the same. I found the beauty blender was the best way to apply it, which surprised me because I’m not the biggest fan of beauty blenders. The coverage was pretty good, and it was buildable. I don’t think this will replace my current foundation, but I may reach for it on the odd occasion. As a side note, I tried it on my 56 year old Mum and it looked really great on her! She’s aged pretty well and doesn’t have many fine lines, but obviously has more mature skin than her 23 year old daughter. So works well on mature skin!
I love how easy it was to build this up, and it went on so smoothly on top of the Primer. It is very light weight and gives a gorgeous dewy kind of finish; it is so good to find a foundation that doesn't go cakey. It's very liquidy which makes it super easy to apply. I didn't use a brush or blender, just my fingers. This will be an excellent foundation for summer!