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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation is a long-wearing foundation that works to deliver a full coverage finish for up to 24 hours. The formula combines Highload™ camo pigments with stretch elastomers to cover surgical scars, varicose veins, tattoos, birthmarks and acne without leaving a cakey finish.

Available in six shades.

Perfect for when you need that extra bit of coverage without feeling like your makeup's caked on.
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L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation


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L'Oreal total coverage foundation comes in a long tube with a screw top lid. I really like the container because it allows for ease of product use and stops over wastage. Only a little bit comes out. The liquid foundation is thick and sets quickly so you have to be quick with application. That being said I found the foundation really hard to spread around the skin and sets like rock hard. Like others have said using a blender is the best way and doing each section of face one at a time is the best way- thick and sets hard. The colour matched my skin tone but I did find it ended up giving quite a pink flat look. As soon as the foundation dries on the skin it makes the face look super flat and cakey. I found this highlights every fine line crack and pore on your face. As the day wore on it does leave the skin looking matte but it tends to ware off in patches and leaves the skin flaky- even with my oily skin. I was horrified to see some areas of my face with complete patches of foundation gone even with primer. In terms of total coverage claim, I can't say I found this. My uneven skin tone and freckles are still completely visible and there's even more imperfections highlighted. Freckles shine through and the skin just looks so pink and flat. Overall I was dissapointed in this one & I wouldn't recommend at all. Light coverage, too flat and highlights fine lines and pores.
This is my go-to full coverage foundation! The very first time I used this foundation I was surprised at the thick clay-like consistency. However, after buffing it into my skin it produced a flaw-less appearance - essentially smoothing out texture & redness and covering imperfections like a Pro! Being quite thick I was a little worried it would feel heavy and cakey on my skin but this wasn't the case. After buffing the product in with a brush it felt quite light - like it turned from a wet consistency to a powder consistency. I love this foundation for special events and will continue to purchase - YAY a drugstore full coverage foundation that doesn't suck!
I was not a big fan of the clay like consistency and it was a little crumbly when I applied it. It seemed to really need to be worked in. It did seem to cover quite well but unfortunately did not keep my skin matte like it said it would.
I am usually a minimalist and this is one of the heavier coverage foundation I have tried. The packaging is great. The tube is slim, and designed for just the right amount of product to be squeezed out. The foundation provide a serious full coverage. I only use a pin head size for each half of my face and that is more than enough coverage for me. I like the creamy consistency which is not drying on my skin. It is also quite easy to blend, even though it is very pigmented. Perhaps this is because every time I use a primer beforehand. To my surprise, the foundation does not cake at all, and does not settle badly in lines. I also find that I only have to use a very light dust of powder to set the foundation as it sets quite quickly on itself. As it claims, it stays on all day and night with a beautiful matte finish even at the end of the day. My skin feels comfortable and breathable all day. I am impressed at the quality of this foundation.  To apply: It applied best with a brush then you can use a beauty blender for a more flawless finish. I used a beauty blender to apply it when i first purchased and worked fine as well, just takes a little longer.
My first impressions of this foundation was that it had attractive packaging, was a nice consistancy (much like a mousse) and that it matched my skin tone perfectly, which is hard to do for many of us pale readheads out there. However that's where my appreciation of this product ends. This foundation claims to be a full coverage, but fails to cover blemishes, freckles, scars and the likes, being medium coverage at best. When trying to building up to full coverage it goes cakey which isn't a particularly attractive look. It does have some decent staying power but will melt off if you start to add sweat or humity to the mix. Overall it had promise, but it really didn't meet my expectations and could definitely use some work in regards to coverage. Wouldn't repurchase. 
Love the coverage of this foundation however, the consistency is quite thick and tends to go patchy on my skin even when I’ve moisturised and primed so it’s been sitting in my cupboard for a few months. But in the last few weeks I thought of mixing the foundation with a bit of my oil free primer + liquid Illuminator and applying with my fingers to rub into my skin and it has turned out amazingly on my skin. Glides on smooth, no patches and a medium coverage to cover my acne scars. Best of all it takes me only a couple of minutes to blend into my face and neck and I am good to go. Definitely my go to routine for those weekdayswhen you want to look natural but flawless look.
All my drugstore foundations I have are from L'oreal. They are all high quality with a friendly price tags. And this foundation is not an exception.  At first, I thought it would be thick because it claims to be full coverage. However, when I applied it, it is very lightweight compare to the coverage it gives. I would say the coverage is medium (1 layer) but you can definitely build it up to full. The lasting power is also amazing, it lasted 10 hours on me, on a very hot day and I did sweat quite a bit but the foundation still look flawless at the end of the day.  So, if you're looking for a high coverage foundation, I would definitely recommend this one (actually it's more amazing if you can get it on sale :D).
I love L'oreal products and always use their moisturisers so I was keen to try this. As I have oily skin I found this product good as it gave good coverage that lasted all day without feeling heavy and mask like. A little dusting of loose powder over the top is a great tip for setting the colour and avoiding an oily look later in the day, the colour pigmentation was natural and I felt pretty wearing it, another great L'oreal product. I would recommend this
This foundation is really good, it is a bit too thick for everyday wear although I still happily wear it when I am going out several times a week. It is thick without looking caked on or feeling heavy. It blends really well and I will be buying more very soon!
My skin is quite oily so I usually avoid heavy full coverage foundations, and when I noticed that the foundation retained its shape after being squeezed from the tube I was a bit concerned! No fear though, this foundation did not feel heavy on my skin at all, and blended beautifully (I used a brush) to create a truly full coverage. I did find that using a brush made it a lot easier to blend the product than with my fingers, and allowed the product to disperse more easily. I didn't require much product at all and despite the full, matte coverage it wasn't cakey, which is usually one of my biggest concern with full coverage foundations and had a very natural look. The only areas that required a bit more blending were around the delicate under eye areas, but this was no more than what I would have needed to do with any other foundation.   I first tested this out on an absolutely scorching day, and it held up for most of the day, but I did notice towards the evening that it had started to slide off in the T-zone area, creating quite a sheen. I didn't experience throughout the day though, so while it is relatively long lasting, I would suggest the coverage lasts for no more than 10-12 hours (certainly not 24 hours).    My only other 'con' for this product is that it took a lot more effort to take off than my usual foundation - usually a quick swipe with a makeup remover wipe removes all traces of my foundation, but I found with this one I had to properly cleanse my skin to remove the final traces. Would still recommend this though, especially for those needing a full coverage foundation that doesn't feel heavy on the skin.
Quite like the squeezing tube packaging, except would have preferred eye creme like end so it's easier to control the amount of foundation squeezed out and bit more hygienic compared to what it already is not bad. Found it a bit difficult to apply evenly as it's a bit drier and more matte than the foundation I am used to. First time trying a full coverage foundation (I usually go for medium coverage), not used to it the first time but quite like it after a while :) it did not stay as long as it claimed for me though, probably after 5 hours or so i found my make up started to wear out. Overall it's alright but I would probably won't use it as everyday foundation but for occassions where i need to keep my make up for few hours I don't mind!
I absolutely loved the infallible total cover. When applied on the face with the fingers, the foundation was easily applied (not too thick or dry) and gave great coverage. I would highly recommend this product to those with oily skin (like mine) as it left my face with a matte look. Great product!!
I love the feeling of this foundation. It's very creamy and lightweight whilst still being full coverage. The only thing I dislike about this is the packaging as I feel like for the price the packaging could be nicer.
I really enjoyed this product. The texture seemed slightly whipped which was lovely. I used this both with and without the Base Magique Primer (which I love!!) and it performed well in both situations. I have aging, combination skin with an oily t zone. I used both a brush and a beauty blender and found I preferred the coverage with the brush. I always use a full coverage foundation and found this foundation to be more medium than full. However when used with concealer it did cover every thing that it needed too. I do have long days. And I did notice a bit of breakdown around my nose at around the 6 hour mark. This is not a deal breaker as a bit of powder sorted that out. I would use this as a everyday work foundation. It gives me good coverage, feels lightweight on the skin and lasts for a decent work day.
I like that it comes in a plastic tube, easy to squeeze. Good all over coverage but need to work quickly with application as its a drier formula foundation. Good for oilier / combination skins as I have, keeps the shine away for most of the day. I would buy this product
I was really excited to trial this foundation as it is full coverage. I have naturally oily skin so I found the texture of the foundation great, it glides on smoothly and covers any imperfections. Only downside I found with this product is that it made my skin dry. I would happily recommend the foundation to family and friends :)
This product truely is full coverage, great for those who love that look. I found it stayed on all day long and didn't give me a shiney look. Although I couldn't quite get the colour right for my skin - too dark or a little too light. However if you can get the right colour I'd recommend if you like the full cover look. A little goes a long way with this product so long lasting and value for money.
Great product ! Long lasting , and all in all a nice foundation. Was probably a little heavier than I like , but not over the top bad or anything . It did tend to sit in fine lines a bit though . Stayed, for the most part , put for the whole day though :) Would recommend to others.
Love the texture and coverage of this foundation! Texture looks and feels thick - however, it applied smoothly and didn't feel cakey or heavy at all. Foundation was quite long lasting and suitable for my oily skin type (lasted ~5 to 6 hours). It definitely needs touching up throughout the day though and possibly needs to be reapplied after ~7 hours. This foundation provided just enough coverage with one layer and is easily buildable for high coverage.
I was  fortunate to trail this product, I haven't had much luck in the past with L'Oréal foundations. This foundation definitely was a full covarge foundation as soon as I put it on I could notice minor imperfections disappear. The colour I got was a little too light but that's mostly my mistake for not realising I was a darker shade in summer. I did notice as it's summer that after a few hours it did make my skin a little oily. But other ways it was a nice foundation very light couldn't even feel like I was wearing any foundation would definitely repurchase.