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L'Oreal Paris Paradise Brow Artist Pomade

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L'Oreal Paris Paradise Brow Artist Pomade is a matte brow pomade that can help define and fill in brows. The long-lasting formula is smudge- and fade-proof and the pomade comes with a built-in slanted brush for easy application.


L'Oreal Paris Paradise Brow Artist Pomade


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I switch between using pencils and pomades and this pomade is one of the best I've used! I love the soft, buttery formula and how easy it is to apply. The application brush is attached to the lid and the product goes on really nicely. It thankfully doesn't clump up which makes it easy to blend out and helps fill in the sparse areas of my brows. It's also quite smudge proof and lasts for the whole day, even in summer! I've found in the past that wearing sunscreen tends to smudge a lot of my eyebrow products, but this one stays put which is amazing! Absolutely love the soft, natural brows and would highly recommend this product!
L'Oreal has been absolutely killing it with their amazing packaging and new releases, and their brand new brow pomade is as beautiful on the outside as it in on the inside! This comes with a brush as part of the packaging, which can be removed and used to pop the product on. Sadly, there isn't a spoolie, which makes it a little tricky for brushing it out, but I do understand that it is a difficult thing to actually incorporate into the packaging. The packaging itself is rose gold, and the bottom of it is clear, which shows you what colour the pomade is. I like that this glides onto the skin beautifully, and blends out well enough. However, as much as this stays on the haired areas, it does rub off a little around the tail end. Overall, though, I do think that this is a wonderful drugstore product that is worth trying!
I recently bought this brow pomade and am so happy I got it! It has become essential to my makeup collection. It defines my brows while not making them look harsh or clumpy and I can fill them in with ease. I often want products which last around 12 hours and this one can definitely last me this long! The formula is very creamy with makes it easy to fill in the brows then blend the product through for an even looking brow. The size of the brush is also very easy to work with, good for all size brows (I learnt this after testing on my friend whose brows are a lot thicker than mine) and is perfect for precise or looser application. I did find however that it could be a little clumpy and can get a little dry but overall it is good for the price and will be using it again.
I’ve tried pomades in the past and have found if they lid is off for longer than a min it dries and becomes unusable. So far this ones been a pleasant surprise. Easy to work with and the perfect sized brush (which is included in the lid so it’s always with the product). Occasionally I’ve found it ball up slightly and clump instead of going on the brows.  A great price point if your wanting a steal that feels luxe.