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L’Oréal Paris Perfect Blonde Highlight Kit

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L’Oréal Paris Perfect Blonde Highlight Kit is an at-home hair dye that can be used in two ways: to help create natural-looking highlights using the specially designed cap and hook, or to achieve overall lighter colour with the brush. Kit includes after-colour nutri-ceramide conditioner.


L’Oréal Paris Perfect Blonde Highlight Kit


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This comes with everything needed to achieve the perfect highlights. It's the best home highlighting kit I have ever used (and I've used a LOT! ).  I use the cap and hook method as it provides more subtle and natural looking streaks without the coppery tone thicker highlights can get. There is also a brush included in this pack if you want to create more obvious and bigger highlights.  The cap method is definitely more time consuming - pulling tiny individual strands through teeny holes in a plastic cap-but well worth the time for perfectly natural looking streaks. Plus the dye doesn't drip all over the rest of your hair which would cause unwanted blotchy patches.  This kit is pretty much identical to the method my hairdresser used on the last two visits I made for highlights. Salon quality dye kit for a fraction of the price!  I wouldn't recommend on very dark hair though as I doubt the results will be light enough. Light to medium brown would be about the range for this product.