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L’Oréal Paris Préférence Wild Ombrés

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L’Oréal Paris Préférence Wild Ombrés is an at-home hair colour kit that helps create an ombré effect with darker roots and lighter ends. The kit includes a the hair dye formulated with a high-shine elixir, a specially designed brush to help design the ombé effect, and an after-colour conditioner with nutri-ceramides to help protect the hair fibre. 

Available in four shades.


L’Oréal Paris Préférence Wild Ombrés


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This is legit a professional stylist in a box. If your looking for something that gives a brilliant colour and shine, no frizzy or annoying damaged hair and just over all gorgeous please look no further. I use ombre 102 because I have very dark hair and plus it just looks amazing and so neatly done. The application isn't hard at all just read the instructions and your good to go or even search up a video. Just as goes for other products do check the ingredients or warning notes to make sure it won't mesh badly with your type of hair or anything like that but other than that buy this and just have fun showing off those lovely locks.
Looking to fake a salon quality hair colour at home from a box?! This is exactly what I did and I couldn’t be happier with the results. With the ombre look and balayage highlights trending for the spring/summer months this is my go-to for a gorgeous natural looking balayage from a box. It is easy to use and I can do it in the convenience of my own home without the expensive price tag.  My hair is a very dark brown and this is one of the few at home kits that shows up on darker hair and looks great. I use the shade ‘ombre 102’ recommended for very dark hair. It comes with an applicator brush so you can apply the lightening crème to the desired areas of your hair (mid lengths to ends, based on your hair length and the style you want to achieve) for a two tone or dip dye look. The brush makes it easy to apply the colour, and it is as simple as brushing it through to evenly distribute the colour and I make sure to concentrate on the ends.  I followed the straightforward step by step instructions which came in the pack and after application, waited for 45 mins which is the maximum developing time.  The result was a luminous caramel mid brown, similar to the photo on the box. I found that the colour did not cause as much damage or dry out my hair like some at home hair colours do. This kit also comes with a conditioning shampoo which is a generous size and lasts for a couple of uses. The results can be customised to your liking, the placement of colour and how thick you want the highlights and the result is very natural. The result is not brassy or orange which I was worried could happen with my dark hair. I'm very happy with the finished product and have received many compliments from friends asking where I had my hair done!! Definitely a high quality professional result at a fraction of the price.   Tips for using the product: - Like all at-home colour kits, it does have a scent to it, I didn’t find it overpowering, but best to use this product in a well ventilated room and make sure you turn the vent/fan on. - Taking care of your hair post-colour is important to maintain the condition of your hair and vibrancy of the colour (using shampoo/conditioner suited to coloured hair and a hair treatment weekly) - It is necessary to work quite quickly with the brush (since it is a lightening product, I find that it almost immediately starts to lighten your hair) so that the colour is even. When I apply, I do the two front sections on each side framing my face (which I want to be a bit lighter) and then work through to the back sections of my hair.
This is a great product for those of us who can't shell out a lot of money, but would love to change up our hairstyle every now and then. I bought this on a whim hoping to achieve a DIY summery look. I was so shocked at how easy it was. My hair is very dark and it gave me a nice caramel colour, which I was very pleased with. The product did  leave the ends of my hair feeling quite dry and brittle, but it wasn't anything a hair mask couldn't fix. I would recommend applying to the ends first and working your way up the hair, gradually reducing the amount of product used to achieve a more gradual effect than pictured on the box. You will find that you end up with multiple tones in the hair as opposed to 2 block colours. I have never received so many compliments about my hair. I had so many friends begging me to do their hair and expressing their shock because I got this dye on sale for $10 and they had been paying up to $200. I definitely recommend this product!
Once again, when I need a brilliant, cheap and effective product that truly works, I can't help but turn to my old, loyal friend that is the brand Loreal. I have naturally dark, kind of dull hair and I had seen all the magazines and pictures of celebrities with sun kissed blonde to caramel lengths and thought, that is a look I would love to try myself, but is it easy to do myself? Does it work? Does it work on dark hair? Is it even affordable? Those questions and more were answered when I spotted a box of this on sale at my local chemist. On a sunny, lazy Sunday morning, I put on an old top, wrapped a towel round my shoulders and got to work mixing the colour and activator together, then all I had to do was comb it through my mid lengths and ends with the supplied comb/brush and leave to develop. It took a while, because I have very long hair and also it was my first time doing it, so I was a little slow, but finally I clipped it all up and set my timer for about 25 minutes. After rinsing in lukewarm water til it ran clear then applying the supplied conditioner, rinsing thoroughly and wrapping my hair up in a hair turban, when my hair was dried and combed through, the results I had was silky, soft, bright blonde ends, that contrasted beautifully with my darker roots. I was amazed, first that it had worked so brilliantly, and also at how good it looked.  I have since used this kit again, with the same stunning results and I couldn't be happier. It's easy, fool proof, especially for first time users, and it really works, and is value for money as loreal products usually are. If you want to dip your toes into the ombré trend with an at home kit that is quick, easy, affordable and highly effective, then loreal is the one you want. Because we are all so worth it.
We all want to embrace new looks for our hair...it is the quickest way to get an entirely new look without drastic measures.And an at home version is even better....no trying to book an appointment (in my line of work,i cannot do appointments....it just doesn't work.),no parking hassles,no salon staff who don't understand your vision and charge a fortune,or other customers.....just my private paradise and me. I tried this a while ago,and wanted to love it (i have used L’Oréal before,did like it),loved the ombre trend..so it should have been great right ? NO.I am blonde already,so this really did not a lot as far as an ombre look goes.The colour i got (No.4) left me looking quite "brassy" and like i had had an accident whilst colouring.The added brush was good to give the desired effects,but i felt it looked messy,and the conditioner included was not enough to make my hair feel soft again after the process.Thankfully,i wear a bun most days,so my hair was concealed by that until i could grow out the colour (yes,it is a permanent colour).If you are slightly darker blonde,this would maybe look great,just not for my "really light anyway" type.You know,some trends really are best left for when you can get to a salon and splurge...the ombre look is one (too many subtle shade variations needed to look good than is able to be done with an at home product).TIP:Try on darker blonde / light brown hair...may just be for you,but try a small section that is not so noticeable before going the whole way.
I have used this product a few times. I think it is a great DIY ombre/balayage option for those wanting to try out the trend without spending a fortune. I have quite dark hair and it created a very natural and subtle ombre effect without looking orange. I would definitely recommend this to friends! It also goes on sale quite often, so if you can buy it while its on sale its even better!