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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Anti-Blemish Mask

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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Anti-Blemish Mask is a face mask that works to reduce the appearance of blackheads and blemishes. This creamy, deep-cleansing mask is enriched with marine algae to create a natural barrier against impurities and calm and soothe blemishes while tightening the pores.


L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Anti-Blemish Mask


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I've been really impressed with this mask. It's lovely to apply and glides on well across your skin. It may make me look like an Avatar whilst I'm sitting wearing it, but it's comfortable and doesn't dry out too much nor make it too hard to smile etc. It comes off easily with a damp cloth. My skin feels really clean afterwards, my pores are lovely and clear and my complexion looks bright. I'll definitely be adding this to my Beauty Regime. Totally recommend this product. It's a great price and works perfectly
I have acne prone skin and use this mask 1-2 times a week. It has a strong smell (not in a bad way though) and I find that it leaves my skin feeling clean and my pores looking smaller. I definitely think that it has helped clear my skin, along with a consistent skin care routine. I find that it can be removed relatively easy with a face washer, and can even be used as a spot treatment. I would recommend this product for people who are just starting out using face masks, as it is cheap, easy to apply and provides good results.
I absolutely am in love with this product. For starters, the blue colour looks great when it's on, it dries easily and you is value for money. I would only suggest that they need a spatula as that would really add to the luxe feel of it. The packaging is great, I think it makes it look more luxe. Now, for the application, I've been using it twice a week for over a month and a half and I still have half of the jar left, super amazing price point especially as Priceline often has sales Now for the product itself, the smell is divine and it has really assisted with a reduction in spots on my face and my skin is left feeling super duper clean when I wash it off. I hate how certain masks leave a residue and this one 100% doesn't. Highly recommend!
I've been using this mask once a week for the last month and I've got to say that my skin feels and looks less congested. I apply the mask with a brush and the texture is lovely and it has like a spa smell to it. I leave it on until it dries and then remove the majority with a face sponge and then rinse with lukewarm water. Post mask my skin feels smooth and fresh and lovely and soft. I would recommend this mask especially as it's total value for money.
Beauty, makeup, skin care products, they all make me so happy every day in every way but more than that, they make up my whole identity as a beauty loving girl, it’s my career and my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Skin care is the most important part about beauty to me, I don’t think you can ever have good makeup if you don’t have good skin to start with so I’ve made sure to take very good care of my skin with a twice daily routine of double cleansing, serum, moisturiser and a weekly exfoliation and mask, and in the last couple of years it has finally really started to pay off for me big time. My skin is super sensitive, redness and acne prone and very much on the dry side as I get closer to thirty and it is looking and feeling so much smoother, softer, hydrated, even and radiant and glowing with or without makeup and I’m so proud of it in a very vain way, sorry not sorry. To achieve the skin I have today, I’ve had to work out what brands and products work for me, what do not work for me and what products I add to my very streamlined product collection, and one brand that is a lucky addition in this product collection of mine is anything Loreal Paris. From masks to moisturisers to makeup to hair care products, I have tried them all and loved every single one to date. Everything about them just works for my skin type, it’s quick, easy, efficient, effective, and gives instant and long lasting results straight away, add pretty packaging and advertising and wallet friendly prices and all my boxes are tick, tick, ticked. Sunday nights are mask and relaxation time for me and if I want a face mask that is quick, easy and mess free to apply and remove and gives me glowing, clear skin in no time at all, I just select one of the gorgeous jars of Loreal clay masks from my growing collection and sit back, knowing my skin care prayers will be answered. I already own the purifying and exfoliating ones and this lovely blue anti-blemish pot is my latest addition, and already very much loved by me. After double cleansing and a light exfoliation, I applied a thick, even layer of this clay goodness to my whole face and a little bit of my neck area and left on for the recommended thirty minutes then removed thoroughly with a damp muslin cloth and applied serum and moisturiser to still damp skin and my Sunday night routine was complete and I was ready for my beauty sleep and whatever faced me the next day and week. When I woke up that Monday morning, my skin really was already so much smoother, softer, hydrated, even in tone and texture and glowed like nothing else. The few blemishes I had on my chin and jaw area were a lot less noticeable and not as red and angry looking, meaning I needed less foundation and concealer that day and I was less shiny and oily too. All this after just one application. It is just as amazing as the other clay masks in the collection and an absolute staple in my Sunday night routine from now on. It also didn’t irritate my sensitive skin further, always a very good thing. I live and love beauty, makeup and skin care and it is so easy when there are gorgeous brands and products like Loreal Paris out there, making me continue to feel beautiful, confident, powerful, positive and so worth it.
This L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Anti-Blemish Mask ia a life saver, for that day when I have an event or something big that I need a nice skin for. I also use it I'm feeling like a girls night, or need a bit of TLC. even though the color and this smell of this face mask is a bit off-putting It's natural and good for the environment. I find this face mask really effective in tightening pores, as well as helping my bad blemishes and blackheads. I find this mask very soothing and beneficial and would recommend it to people who have problem skin.
I have combination/acne prone skin and i would put on this mask whenever i felt like a little TLC (which is usually weekly). It does have a distinct scent which put me off at first, but I feel this has made a bit of a difference it terms of the texture of my skin.  Pros: Improvement in skin texture, skin is not as oily, like the packaging Cons: Strong scent for a face mask
I love me a face mask and I was so excited to try this one. This mask is easy to apply (I like to use a cheap foundation brush so that I don’t get any nasties in the mask from my fingers) and apply just through where I would normally have excess oil and am prone to spots. I really like that this mask was not overly drying and applies really easily. It doesn’t have an unpleasant smell and removed really easily with a warm face washer. Afterwards my skin was definitely less shiny and took some of the anger out of a spot that had started to form. I’d buy this again.
I really loved the marine algae properties in this mask, it leaves skin feeling really fresh just like after a dip in the ocean. The clay formula was really nice, its easy to apply and washes off just as easily. It dried fairly quickly and I found it removed a lot of impurites and dead skin to leave my skin looking refreshed and brighter. The scent is quite pleasant and the packaging classy and I thought it delivered great results for the price so great value for money.It immediate reduces the visibility of pores and left my skin glowing, I have tried better masks but on the whole this one is still a winner
This mask feels quite detoxifying yet hydrating at the same time which is a bonus. If you are after a mask that really targets acne and pulls everything to the surface I don't think its what you are after. However, if you are after a mask that will help to clear and cleanse your skin without drying it out this is definitely a great option!
I love this product. It is so super easy to use just rub on and wash off. It helps remove excess oil without over drying the rest of your face. It was pleasant smelling and felt vetting refreshing whilst on my skin. A must have for anyone with oily skin.
I cannot imagine my skincare routine without this mask. For a girl who brakes out almost every second day, this mask is a lifesaver! I'll use it as an all over facemask twice a week and then locally when i need it. Drys down but feels very coolling, recommend!!
I was expecting a dull grey mask so was suprised by the iridescent blue and also by the very pleasant fragrance. The texture is neither too thick nor too thin making application very easy. The mask felt refreshing and didn't dry out uncomfortably even though i only applied a fairly thin layer. It was really easy to remove with a damp cloth, no scrubbing required and my skin looked really fresh and felt really soft and smooth afterwards
Blemishes is a girls worst nightmare! We can all agree on that but when L’Oréal has come out with an anti blemish mask we never say no! I use this once a week and it’s like magic it has reduced my breakouts as well as redness within my skin ! I recommend for oily to combination skin!
I was really excited to try this thanks to the BC trial team. I had seen overseas bloggers rave about it and was so excited to try it. While the mask was nice, it just didn't live up to the hype for me.  I prefer to use this as spot treatment on areas where I'm breaking out (eg forehead). Then I either use the yellow or the green mask as they work amazingly on my skin. The blue mask is amazing for helping reduce and clear up breakouts, but I do find it a little bit drying. I would say this is a great mask for oily skin but it's a little bit too stripping for my normal to dry skin.  The masks lasts for ages as a little bit goes a long way. They're really affordable and are also often on sale. While the mask didn't work well for me, I've still given it 4 stars as it's a good mask if your skin is oilier. I would recommend it if you're suffering from break out. If you have normal to oily skin but still deal with breakouts, then try the pale green mask. I found it didn't dry out my skin as much. 
This product looks so glamorous with that shiny blue color!! :D   Its very easy to apply and dries down pretty quick.. unlike other masks. Felt like my blemishes did get light with number of applications. I apply this mask along with the charcoal one alternatively. Would want to try multi-masking though!! Would be fun..  My face also felt cleaner and clearer. Might actually buy it again.
This mask is amazing! I have been using it twice a week and so far the results have been great! My skin condition has definitely improved, my skin has been smoother, more hydrated and reduced redness on my face. For it’s price point, you definitely get a lot of product and one tub can last a long time as you don’t need much with each use. I would recommend it to anyone that has blemishes and trying to combat redness as it helps to calm the skin!
THIS.IS.INCREDIBLE! I loved loved loved they way this made my skin feel! I also noticed after using it continuously my skin defiantly seemed a lot brighter and clearer which i think I think is all thanks to this product! I also love how easy it is to apply and how even it drys and also am obsessed with the colour! HIGHLY RECOMMEND
I really rate this product, it was great to find a mask that can be used multiple times in the week. This product left my skin feeling refreshed without been abrasive and did not cause any kind of break out which you can sometimes experience with a mask. This is a great mask to use the night before a event to get your skin looking its best, I would recommend this product.
I loved this mask, it left my skin feeling smooth and I definitely noticed a dramatic difference in my blemishes - they were less red and the swelling was visibly reduced. It's also the perfect at-home treatment, very easy to apply and remove. I would use again and again!