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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash

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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash is a foaming cleanser that combines three pure clays with the magnetic properties of charcoal to deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin. The formula works to remove impurities while brightening, leaving the complexion refreshed and radiant.

"Wash away winter dullness with this delightfully scented and skin freshening charcoal cleanser."
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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash


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I really wanted to love this cleanser but I found that the consistency of the gel formula a bit odd and the charcoal seemed more like a gimmick than a beneficial element. I have very oily skin but found the formula very drying and harsh. I also found the thickness of the cleanser annoying - taking a lot of time to wash off, especially when using a face washer. I ended up using mine in the shower so I could put my head under to ensure I got it all off my skin.
I was gifted a tube of L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash and it probably isn’t something I would have chosen to buy myself because I find foam cleansers a little drying on my skin.  However, I was willing to give this product a try because I believe you don’t know how a product will work on your skin until you try it yourself.   The cleanser is packaged in a pale green and charcoal coloured soft plastic tube with a flip-top cap.  The tube holds 150ml of product.    The charcoal coloured cleanser is very sticky when I apply it to my face. The product feels really cold on my skin and it has a strong fragrance which I cannot pinpoint.  The instructions are to apply to damp skin, which I do, massage in small circular motions and then rinse thoroughly.  All well and good, except it's really hard to remove the charcoal cleanser. So much so that I use the cleanser in the shower rather than over the sink because it is very messy to remove.    I admit that the cleanser works deep into my pores, leaving my skin visibly detoxified and brightened but I feel the cleanser is actually too drying for my skin because it is left with that squeaky clean feel so it is not a cleanser I use every day.    The L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash is a good cleanser but more suited to maybe people with combination/oily skins, and not someone with a drier more mature skin like mine.  
I am actually really surprised by this Charcoal Gel Wash. I have sensitive, dehydrated and oily skin so any harsh/drying cleansers will dry my skin out easily and break me out. This Charcoal Gel Wash left my skin feeling cleansed but still hydrated and soft after cleansing. I feel like the charcoal did a great job at detoxifying and deeply cleanse the skin while the gel formula left the skin hydrated and not stripped of all moisture. It is gentle enough for me to use it for my morning cleanser and also at night, as my second cleanse if I'm wearing makeup. I'd recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin and wants a gentle cleanser that cleanses well without stripping the moisture.
This cleanser is not for me. My skin is combination & prone to pores / breakouts. The product comes in a standard cleanser tube. The 150ml container comes with a flip top lid & is easy to squeeze out a small amount. The first thing that hit me was the overwhelming fragrance in this product. I personally found this very overwhelming & strong. It's like a mixture of flowers & chemical smells- it lingers on my skin. The texture of this product comes out like a runny black clay & on application to the skin it becomes mousey - its easy to run over the skin. I find that the cleanser does a decent good job at absorbing the excess oil & cleaning out my pores. However I find that the claims of detoxifying skin a bit much- not really sure that it can be from a cleanser- the charcoal in this cleanser does however leave my skin clear. I only used this product as a second cleanse so cant comment on the makeup remover abilities. Unfortunately the fragrance was too much for me. I wont repurchase as I think there are better fragrance free or less fragrance cleanser options. Its a little bit too much for me. It does however absorb excess oil and rinses cleanly without leaving skin feeling tight.
Love this product!!  Definitely a difference in my skin after using this product, the charcoal really works... once you feel your skin burning you know it's working! When I took this mask off my skin felt so nice and soft would definitely recommend. Although if you do have sensitive skin this may not be the right product for you
I have dull, lacklustre skin and after using L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash, I noticed a nice difference in the overall feel and look of my face. The cleanser is easy to use with a great texture that slightly foams up when water is added. After cleansing, I was left with fresh and hydrated skin that didn't leave any slimy residue behind. This sensitive and gentle cleanser made my skin feel squeaky clean after and it didn't react to my oily skin tone. I would definitely recommend for those who want to a treatment and cleanser product that is slightly fragrant and leaves the skin glowing with radiance. 
As a great fan of the original Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Mask I had no choice but to get the Gel Wash and test it out. I really enjoy having a few different face cleansers to use so I can opt for the best one for my skin current needs. Clay and charcoal sound great for my combination skin so I really didn't think twice. I really appreciate the colour coordinated tubes that match the equivalent masks from the range. That is a good idea. The tube is handy, easy to open and stands on its lid so it is extremely easy to distribute the product too. The formula is pretty thick and dense, black in colour, I really love how shiny and smooth it looks. The scent is just perfect, very relaxing, extremely soothing and making the cleansing process pleasant. It is good to point out that the smell is exactly the same as the scent of the mask. The gel foams up or lathers pretty well, so if you are not a fan of SLS in your cleanser, stay away. I, on the other hand, actually like SLS in my cleanser as it works well with my skin. This detoxifying Pure Clay gel does a great job cleansing the skin thouroughly.It doesn't irritate, feels gentle on the skin yet very effective. My only "not so favourite" aspect is that it takes quite a lot of time to remove the product from the face. I have noticed it is a common feature of charcoal products that they get quite slippery, cling to the skin and are hard to rinse off. With that said, the skin feels soothed, looks clean and radiant but doesn't feel too dry or tight. I do not know how this gel cleanser would work for those with sensitive and dry skin, might be too harsh I guess, but for those with combination/oily skin this is a great choice. It promises to reduce blemishes and I am sure it is quite helpful with it indeed. I also recommend combining this cleanser with the mask from the same range for even better results. And my last tip would be to apply the gel to the face and leave it on for a while to give it some time and chance to actually work ( I brush my teeth then). Good value for money. Worth trying out.
Beauty is skin deep, and begins with the steps you take to nourish, protect and look after your skin, it's the only one you get in this life and is the key to getting that feeling of confidence, self worth and happiness that only true, inner and outer beauty, brings you. I'm a firm believer in having a twice daily, dedicated skin care routine of double cleansing, serum or facial oil, moisturiser, plus a weekly clay or cream mask, and chemical or manual exfoliator. Working hard at this twice a day, every day, is what I believe has given me the best skin of my life, and the perfect blank canvas for my makeup application. I feel happier and more confident the better my skin looks and feels, and I believe that it shows more and more each day.  Double cleansing, first with an oil or micellar water, then with a cream, gel or exfoliating formula, is where all good skin routines begin. I have tried a lot of different cream, gel and exfoliating cleansers from a rainbow of different brands, and I've really worked out what I like and what works for my skin, and these are the products that gain a permanent place in my streamlined skin care regime. I am loyal to a few brands, one of those being Loreal Paris. It's a brand I love for its skin care, hair care and makeup products, it;s affordable, effective, luxurious in the quality of the product, generous in size and lasts a long time as you really need so little each time, and gives true instant and long lasting results. Their Pure clay charcoal detoxifying gel wash cleanser is something I picked up on special at the supermarket,only $10.50,  and it's a very beautiful and welcome addition to my ever growing arsenal of skin care products, my little army of skin care soldiers, if you like. I was after a new cream cleanser, for the second cleanse in my routine, and this gem of a product packs a punch in price, packaging, texture and quality of product, and the instant and long term results it gave me straight away from the first ever use. After sweeping a micellar water soaked cotton pad over my skin, using damp hands, I massaged a small amount of the charcoal cleanser in small, circular movements, concentrating on areas of dryness, redness and blemishes, before removing thoroughly with a damp facial cloth. It was quick, removed easily, and left my skin instantly softer, smoother, refined and after using it for weeks now, twice daily, my skin is definitely more even, smoother and brighter in appearance. It doesn't dry out my dry skin, or leave it feeling greasy or tight, and my skin continues to look brighter, more even and radiantly glowing. The benefits of charcoal in skin care is obvious, it truly does deep clean and detoxify skin, and goes a long way to smooth and gently exfoliate too. The positives are high, and the negatives are no where to be seen with this lovely Loreal Paris pure clay charcoal detoxifying gel cleanser,which partners perfectly with the matching clay mask. Used together daily and weekly, you will reap the rewards of having smooth, even, refined, and radiantly glowing skin every single day. The pure, true feeling of confidence, self worth, power and happiness you get from products that deliver in quantity, quality and results, is what I love most about beauty, and you will too.
This was given to me by a person who found it stripping and despite this I still gave it a try out of curiosity. This is a thicker and stickier gel cleanser than I am used to and it doesn't foam if that's something you're looking for. Contains SLS - which lead to my face feeling "squeaky clean" aka totally stripped after using this cleanser.  The pH level is not disclosed (and I haven't got testing strips to test it right now) which isn't particularly great if you use actives like Vitamin C/L-Ascorbic Acid, BHA and AHAs. Contains Fragrance/Parfum in it. Also contains Limonene and Linalool which are both volatile ingredients that can cause contact dermatitis, increased sensitivities etc. I just didn't really like this cleanser on my face and have passed it onto a person with more hardy skin than I have.
I really love this cleanser, it leaves my skin looking clear and bright, more radiant and it feels amazing, super soft. The gel wash foams well to remove impurities, oil, dirt and grime and rinses with ease. it does not dry skin but leaves it feeling clean, fresh and hydrated. the combination of charcoal and clay removes all makeup and detoxifies my skin so it looks really radiant and luminous. You can see the difference and at a price point of $14.99 great value for money. This is a great gel wash for detoxification, another loreal winner, I would recommend this
Clays...NO,not the "sexy,malleable kind" that made making your own bowls seem glam back in the day (thanks Demi and Patrick) type...but the tour de force kind that has had us all getting "down and dirty" for a while now in our beauty regimes.This one...the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash (formulated after the huge success of the masks with the same ingredients),is an amazingly rich,effective and downright essential for me now....thanks to the super combination of THREE clay ingredients:Kaolin- a highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum (a key ingredient in many of our fav masks). Montmorillonite- rich in minerals, a clay recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections Ghassoul- a pure clay highly concentrated in minerals, renowned to help clarify complexion,and the well known,long since used to draw out toxins and impurities from the skin,Charcoal- acts like a magnet to draw out impurities.This is a rich,foaming formula,(yes,this one IS black,a little messy,and lightly scented..nothing overpowering...just pleasant,and extremely refreshing to use (i feel my skin is beyond cleansed after using it),and it really does leave your skin feeling soft,matte and detoxed of all the day's grime.Apply to damp skin,massage in gently (avoid the eyes) and repeat.This cleanser will be amazing for all skin types in summer (no oil slicks here),but may be a bit much if you are on the drier end of the spectrum (give it a try though my more parched skinned sisters...i am one of you,and i LOVE it).Makeup,oil,pollution and impurities are no match for this (priced at under $10 for a 150ml tube,this will see you clean and glow-y for months)...a real must try if a cleanser is on your "to buy" list. TIP:Want a clean on overdrive ? Cleanse once,then mix a little sugar with this to make an exfoliating cleanser that both removes dead skin cells AND detoxes your pores all at once.A "feel it to believe it" experience you will want to do every day.
If you're in the market for a new cleanser I highly recommend looking in to the new L'Oreal cleansers! The charcoal cleanser is designed to work to draw out impurities from the skin. It has a creamy texture, in a gel type consistency. I have been using this cleanser on and off for a month or two now and am consistently impressed with how it leaves my skin feeling. I have noticed that using it in conjunction with the face mask that it has actually helped to reduce some of my spots. I use it particularly when my skin is looking a bit spotty or I'm starting to get some blemishes coming through. It works well to make sure my skin is super clean and help with my spots in a way that other cleansers haven't. Best of all it's super gentle on the skin too!
After using this product for just over two weeks I can confidently say that my skin has been feeling clear and bright.  I really like the consistency of the product.  The only reason for the 4 star rating is that I find the fragrance a bit overwhelming, but apart from that I would highly recommend it.
I have been using L'Oreal Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash for 2 weeks now and I love how clean and fresh my skin feels after using this product.  The gel really foams up and you only need a small amount, I found it removes most of my makeup in one wash.   I did break out a little in the fist week but I have sensitive skin, I have continued to use and my skin has cleared up and my pores have reduced.  Would definitely purchase and recommend.   
After a week of daily use of the L'Oreal Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash (every evening in the shower) my skin feels very smooth, fresh and clear. It removed my make-up (including red lipstick) really well. I have combination skin that tends to start out dry in the morning and ends up oily by the end of the day. I found that this cleanser left my skin feeling very dry (but super clean!), and I needed moisturizer straight away. The smell is lovely, the texture great but I also found that you didn't need much product to create a lather (the first few times I poured out WAY too much!), so that's a positive as it will last a while. Overall it's a great product and I'd definitely recommend.
Perfect for my oily skin in winter! Dries up the oil without completely stripping my skin, which is prone to winter dryness. My skin looks and feels better than it has in months, would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with similar issues, and has a budget. I'm hoping as I continue to use it I see my skin continuously improve.
I have incredibly oily skin, therefore i'm very particular about the products I use. The L'Oreal Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash has a beautiful consistency, and leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and even-toned. I didn't break out (as I usually do with new products), and i've even decided to use the Detoxifying Gel Wash over my regular face wash, as after two weeks i'm already seeing fantastic results!
I have pale and sensitive skin and so am always mindful of the type of products i use. The L'Oreal Pure Clay Gel Wash is actually really great, My skin feels clean, and fresh after use, and rejuvenated. It doesn't feel dry or harsh as i would expect with a clay charcoal product - but surprisingly feels quite smooth and nourishing. I will definitely continue to use it and see whether my skin becomes brighter.
The L'Oreal Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash is exactly what was missing from my skin routine! I love how easy the process is, from the application to washing the product off. I also love the fresh feeling after using and am eager to see the long term results!
I've been using the L'Oreal Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash for about a week now and I really like it! It smells fresh, and the gel is nice and cooling on my skin. I was expecting it to be quite drying as I have a charcoal mask that leaves my skin feeling quite tight but I was pleased that it left my skin feeling soft and smooth. It's great to use a cleanser that really washes off the day and leaves my skin feeling super clean. I'd definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for a gentle every day cleanser.