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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Red Algae Exfoliating Scrub

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L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Red Algae Exfoliating Scrub is a face scrub formulated with three pure clays and red algae to deeply cleanse and exfoliate. The formula works to absorb excess oil while reducing imperfections and tightening pores.


L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Red Algae Exfoliating Scrub


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Clay scrub? Yes please!

I bought the Loreal Paris Red Algae Exfoliating Scrub as it is for oily to combinations skin. It comes in a soft plastic tube which sits on its head for dispensing. To use this product I applied this to damp skin and massaged it in before rinsing. The clay type scrub has a nice scent which I find hard to describe, it has a mauve like colour and is thick in consistency with small granules with provides the physical exfoliation. After use my face felt fresh, thoroughly cleaned (including makeup!) and excess oil had been removed. It helps maintain control of pimples and maintain softness of the skin as it does not strip all oils from my skin like some other clay type products do. This product is highly recommended. Made in France.
I was so excited to try this  range when i first saw them and i am so excited that they live up to the hype. The scrub feels amazing on my skin and i like the fact that it is not a harsh scrub. My skin feels fantastic after using this.
I heard amazing things about this new range and couldn't wait to try them.  The hard decision was between buying the scrub or the mask. This product is amazing, it cleans your skin leaving it with a fresh glowing look. The best part is it removes all excess makeup left behind so you know that you are truly cleaning your skin. The bonus is the price is super affordable!!!  I can't wait to try out the rest of the range.
I really loved this exfoliating scrub and such a great price, a huge bonus. L'Oreal products are among my favourite and this pure clay red algae exfoliating scrub is one of their best. It delivers unbelievable results, cleansing deeply, removing grime and oil and gently exfoliating. it leaves skin glowing and smooth and soft with no harsh drying.This clay product feels earthy and natural and is really easy to use and rinses off well. I would buy this again for the results and absolutely for the great price
The Loreal Pure Clay Exfoliating Scrub is definitely a favourite. There are a lot of exfoliating products in the market but it is hard to find one that is gentle on your skin like this one is. Loreal has some really good new scrubs but I feel this works best for those with oily skin because it balances the oil and leaves your skin feeling very soft
If you're in the market for a new cleanser I highly recommend looking in to the new L'Oreal cleansers! I think out of all three, this is my favourite cleanser. It is a really lovely cleanser, that works to remove make up really well and cleanse your skin. Best of all it doubles as a really gentle cleanser. With my dry skin lately it has been getting really flaky and no matter what I do I can't get rid of the flakiness. HOWEVER, using this cleanser has been working really well to help get rid of the flakiness, while removing make up, without irritating or disrupting my dry skin. My skin feels really nice after using the cleanser too - soft and clean, but not like it's been stripped. The perfect start to my skincare routine!!
The Loreal Pure Clay Exfoliating Scrub is a definite to keep in the beauty box! It is hard to find an exfoliator that is not too harsh on the skin but still has just enough scrub to satisfy what you are looking for.  This is that happy medium product!!! It holds many benefits by using the red algae and keeps the mind clear that you're not using too many harmful chemicals on your skin. I find when using this correctly- work the product into the skin with your fingertips in circular massaging motion you will always get the best result and on my combination/normal skin it always have a smooth finish and a slight tightening feel (which I love as I feel like it's doing it's job). If you're in the market for a new exfoliator that doesn't come with a hefty price tag this is for you! It works beautifully. 
This scrub is one of the best!! Some scrubs are just too harsh for my skin, but this has the effect of a scrub without being too intense like some.  My skin felt incredible after using this.  I also use it everyday, unlike others where you can only use every few days.  Definitely recommend it!!! xxx
I love this scrub.  The smell is beautiful, the exfoliation bits are small, the clay is soft and moist (not clumpy like some can be), and it's nice to use every day, especially at the end of the day. I did find it brought out a few pimples from the first few uses, which I guess is a good thing - doing it's job - but the more I use it I actually feel like my skin is becoming too tight.  Maybe I should use it every few days. Definitely would buy it and recommend it though!
Such a great product. I've always had problem skin in particular along my jaw line and since using this product my skin has come such a long way. I now go days without wearing makeup to cover up and the product smells great as well! Will continue to use and highly recommend to friends and family
I can always tell if a cleanser is doing its job by how much makeup is on my pillow the next morning, and this clay product left hardly any evidence at all. I wear a lot of makeup so getting it all off has been quite a challenge. I'll be getting more of this for sure as my skin felt smoother and I've not had any spots since using it.  I didn't find it too drying but I do use a very heavy night cream straight after cleansing.
The L'Oreal Pure Clay Exfoliating Scrub has been great for my skin in such a short period of time. It exfoliates leaving your skin feeling instantly smoother and fresh. The exfoliant is gentle on your skin and doesn't leave your face feeling raw and scratched like many other exfoliants on the market can. It doesn't leave your skin feeling dry either which is an added bonus!!
This scrub has just the perfect amount of exfoliant to leave my skin feeling super soft and smooth. After using it for 3 weeks I noticed my skin getting a beautiful glow and the clay helped clear up the areas where I usually get oil congestion. A great addition to my morning skin regime- love it!
I trialed the L'Oreal Pure Clays Red Algae cleanser and loved it! It left my skin feel soft and supple. The gentle exfoliation left my skin feeling smoother almost immediately and after a few weeks my jaw line was noticeably smoother where I usually see a few bumps. FYI I would definitely recommend using the shower for ease of cleaning as the red algae/clay combo left a bit of a mess on my bathroom vanity! Wipes/washes away easily though.
This is officially my go to scrub. My skin was leftfeeling amazingly clean and fresh. Usually after I exfoliate my skin is fairlydry and cries out for mosturiser – but this scrub was not like this. The micro grainswere gentle on my skin but still managed to leave me with that deep clean feel. AMAZING!
I love clay products, they just feel earthy and less processed than other skincare products so I was excited to try this one. After using the Red Algae exfoliating scrub my skin felt super smooth, there was a bit of rough skin (probably from lack of exfoliating) around my chin and it sorted that right out. After a few week of using the product I noticed that the congestion around my jawline had settled down (it was still there to some degree, but not nearly as bad). I think this is a great product to have on had for anyone who gets breakouts, congestions or excessive oil/shininess. The price point is great so I'll buy again. 
its a great exfoliating scrub that's for sure just unfortunately it does leave the skin quite dry after but that's expected! - I would recommend use for oily skin and to re hydrate the skin after use but a great way to cleanse the skin - Overall a 4/5