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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream is an anti-ageing face moisturiser for women with mature skin. The day cream uses stimulift technology to engage the skin’s natural lifters for firmer-looking skin, and pro-retinol A to help treat and prevent wrinkles.


L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream


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This rich moisturiser used to be a great favourite of mine, but I had started to try some other more high end brands and hadn’t used any for a while. I was again reminded of its hydrating and softening properties when I was given a jar recently, and remembered just why I had used it for so long. It felt like I had never left! L’Oreal Revitalift is a lightweight  but luxurious cream that absorbs really well and leaves your skin plump, silky-smooth and ready for daily make-up. It has anti-wrinkle and firming properties specifically formulated for the 40-50s age-group, ( which happens to include me!) so with those credentials mature skin should definitely benefit from this cream. The active ingredients – Pro-Retinol A and Fibrelastyl -are supposed to firm skin and smooth wrinkles that contribute to an ageing appearance. I can definitely say that in my case this has  happened – my skin does feel firmer and smoother around the forehead and eyes, with less pronounced lines. I haven’t yet seen much effect around the drier lip and nasal area, so I’ll continue to use it in that area and monitor any changes before giving a verdict. Even so, this is an impressive  early result for such an affordable cream, at just over $30 it is more effective  than some creams that are more than twice the price and I thank L’Oreal for continuing to give us affordable skin care that actually works. My only reservation is that the Revitalift I was given was non-SPF so it needs to be followed by a sunscreen or primer with SPF. There is an SPF 15 version that is more suitable for our climate, so when I repurchase for myself I’ll be reaching for that one. A formula with higher SPF would be even more welcome! My tip – because this cream is so rich and slightly thick  it works really well, almost as a primer, immediately before a BB cream, and can really help a sketchy BB cream to blend in better!      
works like magic for wrinkles This product comes in a sturdy looking jar, with an attractive red lid on it, most people have issues with cream coming in a jar and would want it in a pump but it does not really bother me. The cream is white and thick and does not have any strong scent to it. The cream i used for trial did not have any spf so i started using this for night before going to bed. The cream is rich and gets absorbed on your skin easily if you use a small amount, you have to be careful with it because if you use too much of the product your skin tends to be shiny and oily and takes a little longer than usual to get absorbed into your skin. I used very little on my skin and let it get absorbed which was easy, instantly provides intense moisturisation, I also started using this as a day cream later, and worked as a perfect base for my foundation. When i initially started this product, on the ruler chart that was given to see the improvement in our skin, my skin was on 7 i would say, since turning 30 i have noticed some wrinkles around my eyes that were not there before and crows feet too. I did not expect much from this cream initially as i thought it was just another anti aging cream which would take a couple of jars to use before i could see results. I took a picture on day 1 and then compared it with day 14, I was stunned by the results, the crows feet, wrinkle around my eyes were definitely less evident, skin appeared to be more smooth and even wrinkles around the forehead were smoother, lines were definitely less evident and gone, I have already recommended to this my friends and family and why not when i can see the results for myself, I do not know how to share the before and after picture on this review here, but i would love to share it. I can only imagine that with longer use my skin is going to be only better, with just 14 days of use as day and night cream, i can vouch for this cream, it helps in firming the skin, your wrinkles will be less evident and skin will be more smoother.
Lightweight, smoothing and hydrating.  The Loreal Revitalift day cream gives the perfect amount of moisture without that heavy or oily after feel.  If you prefer your anti wrinkle moisturiser without sunscreen as I do this is the cream for you!  Perfect for everyday use as it no strong scent and is gentle enough for any skin type.  After a weeks usage I noticed a big difference  in the depth of a wrinkle in the middle of my forehead and it lightened the wrinkles around my eyes.  Highly recommended for ages 30 plus.
I have used this cream for two weeks now & I am really happy with it.Comes in a good quality heavy jar,nice creamy texture that sinks into skin well.I usually use sunscreen as daytime moisturiser so I really noticed a difference in how moisturerized my skin was still at the end of the day after using it.Smells nice not strongly perfumed.The only downside is it doesn't include sun block & I haven't noticed much Change in finelines but that could come with time.
This moisturiser enabled my foundation to glide onto my face.  It is a light foundation that keeps you hydrated all day. Love the double pump container, i found I needed two pumps to cover my face and neck.  Didn't hurt my eyes when we had hot weather and my foundation didn't run off my face. Would recommend this to people in the 30 - 40 age bracket.
L'oreal kindly sent me a 50mls size tub of this moisturiser to trial and review, and I both enjoyed using the cream and found it beneficial to my complexion. This particular daycream comes minus SPF, so really it can be used morning and/or evening. The cream is housed in a heavy white jar with a red lid, with the box both detailing ingredients and a summary of benefits the cream delivers with regular use. I have combination skin and usually use a lightweight daytime cream, so it did take a while for me to adjust to the richness of this cream for morning use. I persisted though and found that my skin did show improvements in moisture levels and appearance with regular use. It makes a beautiful base for makeup, and doesn't leave a greasy residue. It absorbs readily and is good value for money too, with my jar lasting around 6 weeks of daily use. The cream is a fairly thick, with a rich texture and is white in colour. There is a noticeable scent too, but it's pleasant and not too strong.  I suggest you go lightly using this, as using too much at once may feel too heavy on your skin. If you're in the market for a good quality, affordable moisturiser with anti-ageing benefits, this one should be on your radar
L’Oréal Revitalift Day Cream comes in a heavy square jar with red lid and it contains 50ml products. The cream itself has thick consistency and I only need small amount to cover my entire face. It has pleasant smells which disappears after application. The creamy has rich texture but when  I apply it on my face and neck, it absorbs quickly with out leaving greasy residue. I use it in the morning before the applying my make up. I notice that it does not affect the longevity and looks of my make up. My foundation apply smoothly over this, and my skin feels hydrated for the whole day. It keep my skin hydrated for hours and I do not need to reapply moisturiser during day time. I use it for few weeks and I see some improvement. My skin was soft and hydrated, while my dry patches and rough skin converted into smooth skin. I do not have wrinkles yet but I do have some fine lines, and this cream smooth the appearance of these lines.  I can not see magical results after few weeks of use, which is very normal for anti aging cream.  I recommend it for normal or dry skin beauties and for those who do not bother Jar packing. This creams improves the moisture level of my skin but this is not for those who are looking for a magical cream that disappears wrinkles and fine lines in a weeks time. Overall, this is a good day moisturiser and keep my skin hydrated for hours. The regular use also improved the moisture level of my skin which resulted into healthy and younger looking skin.
The Loreal Revitalift day cream comes in a white jar with a red lid with 50ml of product. The cream itself has a really nice creamy texture and applies easily without feeling too greasy. There is a soft fragrance to this cream but it very subtle. My skin feels really soft and firm after applying the day cream. Having used this cream for a while, I found that it helps to restore moisture to my skin, even out my skin tone and prevents wrinkles. With 50ml of product its great value. 
L’Oreal’s Revitalift Classic Day Cream is a cream designedfor daily use for women aged from 30 years. It is a sumptuous, thick cream, andneeds to be massaged in to fully absorb into the skin. On application it makesskin feel moisturised and silky, and is a good base for makeup. A few hoursafter application, my skin felt a little greasy around the T zone, particularlyaround my nose. I have combination skin that tends to be oily around theseparts anyway, so I’m sure this would not be an issue for those with a drierskin type. Apart from that my skin looked good, it felt hydrated and protectedfrom the cold winter elements. It is a pity that it did not contain SPF, whichis a make or break deal for me for day creams. Apparently there is a versionwith SPF, which I would definitely use. This is a good day cream for winter, when skin needs more help against wind and indoors heating.
Thank you for this trial chance. The L'Oréal face cream comes in a solid heavy glass jar and I use your fingers to scoop out some of the white cream and I applied it onto my face, neck and décolletage. The cream has a strong "cold cream" scent, which is only noticeable if I go and intentionally smell it. Otherwise its not prominent and goes away after application. The cream is very thick and rich and heavy. So, for my skin, which is combination skin, I only need a little bit of this cream. Even after applying, I can feel that there is a sort of coating on my face, I don't mind this, but it means I apply less of this cream. Due to the consistency, I think this would make an ideal heavy night cream. I have been using this cream for over 3 weeks in the mornings after my shower as a day cream. I have not had any allergic or adverse reactions to this cream. My face felts soft and dewy after application, although because of the thickness of the cream, it left a little oily feeling on my face, I didn't mind it. The cream made my face look softer, no topical cream will make your lines disappear, but they can help your skin look better, and this happened here with this cream. I feel this cream is suitable for those who want a hydrating daily face cream. It could suit all skin types, as long as only a small amount is used if it feels too oily or heavy. I think its ideally suited for mature skin, or those who have dry skin and require a cream to have some heaviness in it. Since its a Day cream, it would be nice if it had some SPF as well. However, since it doesn't contain SPF, I am thinking of using it as a night cream due to the thick and rich feeling of the cream. I would recommend this cream to family and friends for a budget friendly cream that will keep the skin feeling soft and looking fresh and nourished.
Although this product is rather thick it's not greasy and heavy, it absorbs well and lasts throughout the day. I haven't noticed and reduction in fine line's but may after using it longer. I'm not fussed on the smell but all in all I would use this product again.
I quite liked this cream - and I wasn't expecting to!  It smells rather like any other supermarket brand type cream on the market; but the texture and weight of the cream was nice on my face.  My face felt hydrated immediately after applying.  It caused no reactions to my sometimes-sensitive skin.  The next day my skin felt tighter and looked brighter.  I was impressed overall - and would consider purchasing again.  I tested this cream for the full two weeks, daily :)
I have been using L'Oreal Revitalift Day Cream for 14 days now. I am 46 years old and have been spending a fortune on skincare products. Revitalift has exceeded my expectations and in comparison to more expensive brands. I was impressed. My wrinkles seems to have softened dramatically in such a short time. My skin feels very hydrated and I don't get that oily residue (I have combination skin and it has been warm through the day in QLD) I often experience at the end of the day.....this I find really impressive in a warmer climate. Even though the texture is substantial and feels like it is soaking in and nourishing the skin ...the oily feeling after a few days with similar textured products is not there when using Revitallift. My skin appears to be brighter and Revitalift seems to have even out my skintone. It has been a great product to use under makeup....I sometimes get slack with using a primer everyday. I would recommend and buy this product in the future ....I would like to seek out an SPF version of the day cream for our Queensland sun and climate. And I would be very interested in purchasing the Night Cream in this range based on the superior hydrating qualities of the Revitalift Day Cream. thank you for the opportunity of bringing this amazing product to my attention.
I found this day cream really underwhelming.  It was hydrating, but it left my face SO shiny - like I'd been bobbing for apples in a vat of oil.  But the shine didn't bother me as much as the bumpy look that appeared on my skin every time I used this cream.  It was a very similar result to what I get when I use most facial sunscreens.  I'll have to sit and compare the ingredients lists of this and those sunscreens so I can pinpoint a list of common ingredients so that I can avoid them in the future.  Perhaps this would be better suited to very dry skin types?  I just know it's not for me.
I was very excited to be chosen to review the L'Oreal Revitalift Day Cream for 2 weeks.   The packaging was very basic, and I do prefer moisturiser in a tube as I find it easier to get out.    On initially opening the moisturiser the cream looked very thick and gluggy,   However  I was pleasantly surprised when I applied the cream to my face.   It felt non-greasy and light.   It melted into my skin very easily with no residue.     I suffer from very dry skin and am starting to get fine lines appearing on my forehead and crows feet around my eyes.    Unfortunately all of the lines haven't disappeared but my skin does look more toned and hydrated.    I will continue to use this cream and hopefully the benefits will continue also. 
I initially thought this cream would have a heavier texture and therefore be quite greasy.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it was absorbed easily and left me skin looking and feeling hydrated.  Additionally the hydration lasts throughout the day which is an added benefit.  I'm happy with the way my skin looks since using the cream and will continue to use it to see the longer term results.  I would recommend this product.
I have been using this product for about 10 days now. Found it to have a rich, thick formula but it didn't feel heavy on the skin. The cream did not feel greasy and made my skin feel soft and hydrated
I really enjoyed the texture on my skin as it was so light and smooth. Living in a humid climate there needs to be care in finding a product that delivers firmness and moisturises  without 'sliding off'. I enjoy using this product, especially as others have noticed a brightness to my skin! Lovely.
The product felt creamy on application and absorbed into the skin immediately, leaving it feeling soft but not greasy. It has a pleasant clean smelling aroma which reminds me of my mum's moisturiser. Make up went on easily and smoothly after application, Well there was no noticeable difference in my lines, but I would need more than cream for this, however they didn't worsen. The dark rings under my eyes did appear fainter. I would recommend this product to others, particularly those in my age group (late 40s). The only problem I found with the product was it didn't contain SPF, which I feel is important in a day cream.
Loved trialling the day cream. Didn't like the fragrance, found it overpowering. For a fairly thick cream It absorbed very quickly into my skin leaving no smell. Will continue to use.