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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream SPF 15

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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream SPF 15 is an anti-ageing daily face moisturiser for women with mature skin. It contains pro-retinol A and elastin to help fight the appearance of wrinkles and firm skin. Offers SPF 15 sun protection.


L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream SPF 15


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To start with,this is one lovely textured cream....rich,long lasting but not heavy or greasy feeling,and in an expensive looking / feeling jar...perfect for the dressing table,plus it smells quite fresh and clean.As someone on the wrong side of 40,but with the occasional breakout ,i found this to be a good fit for my skin,and it really showed (lines did look less visible,skin felt amazing and that feeling lasted for a full 24 hours...yes,i tried that).I used it with an SPF during the day.It is prefect for those who are noticing some visible signs of aging and want to try something a lot less invasive than peels,laser or surgery etc first (after all,massaging you skin with a silky cream...which this is by the way, is so much more comfortable than those ideas),ALTHOUGH don't think for a second that this will give THOSE kind of results...it doesn't.The cream goes a long way,so a jar should last for sometime (although the price of this product is very reasonable i think). On the negative side,I do wish that a spatula or applicator came with this,as i hate putting my fingers in jars,but if you use a cotton tip,you can still be hygienic with it.On a plus side,this is a great winter weight moisturiser (this as an under makeup base is pretty good too).I may use this again,and would recommend it to all the beauties over say,30 for a skin boosting treat at an affordable price (although there are other brands out there now that you can get that work even better,at a just as reasonable pricepoint. TIP:Use with another layer of SPF in summer to up the protection from our harsh sun here in Oz,as the retinol will make you  more susceptible to burning.
I like that it has SPF15 included so I do not have to add another layer of sunscreen on top of my moisturiser. Does a good job of moisturising my face. Haven;t noticed much difference regarding the lines and wrinkles...I might have to use a few jars before I see any difference!
Hydrating moisturiser.  I have used this product each morning for the past 3 weeks and have noticed an improvement in fine lines on my face and the feel of my skin.  A little goes a long way when applied leaving the skin feeling plump and hydrated for the day.  With the added bonus of SPF15 protection make-up is easily applied over this product.  I recommend this product for anyone requiring a hydrating moisturiser.  The added bonus is a noticably difference in fine lines