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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Eye Cream

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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Eye Cream is an anti-ageing eye treatment for women with mature skin. It contains pro-retinol A and elastin to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and firm up the delicate skin around the eyes.


L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Eye Cream


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I really like this eye cream, it has a creamy texture and keeps the areas roundly eyes moisturized for most of the day. I have been using it everyday (day andnight) for the past year. It has definitely decreased the rate in which my finalises are forming.   Pros - affordable - easily absorbed - odour free - suitable for any ages (not just mature age)   Cons - product comes in a jar 
I love L'Oréal revitalift range, I find it works really well for more mature skin. This eye cream is really silky and luxurious and sinks into skin immediately with no greasy feeling which I love, it glides on effortlessly, has minimal scent which is great for my sensitive skin and is so easy to use. Using this eye cream has toned and firmed my eye area and diminished the appearance of fine lines, who wants crows feet? No one.  The addition of pro retinal A fights the aging process for smoother, plumper, brighter skin around the eyes and at $32.95 won't break the budget, especially since a huge plus with this product is you don't need to use a lot and the classic red and white container is quite generously proportioned, so excellent value for money. This eye cream is really hydrating and eliminates fine lines, I see no negatives so would highly recommend it
I love this eye cream. It's nice and light and absorbs quickly and easily, which I think is really important around the eye area.  A little goes a long way, it takes ages to get down to the bottom of the jar, so great value for money.  Most importantly, the skin around my eyes have show some improvement, fine lines are a little less and a reduction in puffiness. Also my dark circles under my eyes have largely disappeared, though I don't know if this is the eye cream or the result of getting more sleep. What I don't like about it is that it is in a jar rather than a tube. In order not to contaminate what's in the jar with any oils on my skin, I use a cotton bud to apply it.  Which means a little bit is wasted every time I use it. Then again, I do manage to scrape every last bit out of the jar.
Loved the way this cream felt during application, so silky and was completely absorbed by my skin. Left my skin feeling dewy and soft but not greasy. Gave my skin a smooth texture and had a subtle luxurious smell. Love this product and use it every day. Great product and economically priced.
Loreal is such a trusted brand that I had no hesitations about purchasing this. They always seem to deliver results for such a good price.I particularly love that the Loreal Revitalift eye cream is not too heavy or overpowering and doesn't react to my sensitive skin. It is a thick cream, which hydrates the skin beautifully and absorbs well without leaving me feeling or looking greasy. A little bit goes a long way. I simply apply a pea sized amount and gently rub in. I have definitely noticed a reduction in dark circles and softer smoother skin.  Pros - - Not too expensive - Ultra hydrating - Quickly absorbs - Reduces dark circles - Economical  - Easy to find in stores Cons - - Hard to get out of the pot when it gets emptier  - Easy to apply too much and stings if it gets in your eye Overall I am quite happy with using this Loreal Revitalift and would highly recommend to those looking for an affordable fuss free anti ageing solution. 
I always prefer an eye cream to a gel and with Loreal Revitalift I find my eye area is always super smooth and soft.  It's very rich and I find it does sit on the top of my skin for a while but my eye area is definitely smoother and more radiant, I've been using it about 4 months now. I love the packaging too as the cream comes in a lightweight glass pot with screw to. Nice and hygienic and value for money. Totally recommend women all over to this product. I feel that it works better that a lot of the more expensive brands.
This comes in a fairly large jar for an eye cream and isn't as creamy as most I've used,more a light moisturiser texture . Has a bit  of a fragrance and absorbs quite quickly and leaves no residue.  Personally I prefer a thicker eye cream with a more natural scent and I'm also not a fan of the jar packaging as an air proof tube or tube in general is more hygienic and prevents contamination.  The eye cream is however very hydrating and amazing under makeup. No fine lines visible after applying :)  Would definitely be suited for more mature or dry skin types.