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L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Eye Serum with 2.5% Hyaluronic Acid & Caffeine

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L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Eye Serum with 2.5% Hyaluronic Acid & Caffeine is L'Oréal Paris’ first ever serum dedicated for just the eyes. It is formulated with a powerful concentration of hyaluronic acid and caffeine, intensely smoothing and replumping even the thinnest lines around the eyes while re-energising the skin to visibly reduce dark circles and puffy eye bags. With a breakthrough triple roller applicator made of three stainless steel beads, this luxurious eye serum serves as a full eye contour massager, bending to gently massage the whole eye area, even the eyelids. It also provides an instant cooling effect, helping to de-puff and revive tired eyes.

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L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Eye Serum with 2.5% Hyaluronic Acid & Caffeine


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I loved using this serum! The application wand is mesmerising and rolls on seamlessly to cool and calm my delicate eye area whilst applying the serum. I have been using this serum daily morning or night after washing my face and letting the water air dry. I have noticed that my dark circles are less dark, my eyes feel more hydrated and my eye area looking a little more bright! I would definitely recommend this serum to anyone who is balancing a fine work/life balance and is needing a little boost to brighten the eyes!

Fragrance-free hydrating eye serum

I'm usually not a fan of L'Oreal skincare products because of the strong fragrance, but thankfully this one is fragrance-free. There is 20ml of product which is generous for an eye serum. The formula contains niacinamide, 1.5% sodium hyaluronate and 1% caffeine (listed in that order). It is water-based and has glycerin which is a humectant. and ascorbyl glucoside which is a vitamin C derivative. It comes in a pretty glass bottle with an applicator that has 3 roller balls so that you can massage your eye area during application. I found the roller balls a bit awkward and ended up just dabbing on the serum and massaging with my fingers. The texture is not too drippy, nicely spreadable without being sticky. It feels hydrating and smooths out the crepiness around my upper eyelids and my fine lines temporarily. I think this is nice hydrating eye serum, my only wish is that it had more in terms of anti-aging ingredients like peptides.


I got to try this because my partner was trying it out. I loved the bottle and the look of the applicator as well as the light purple shade, visually very appealing to me. I love metal roller ball applicators and this was nice because it is something I haven’t come across before. Definetly a great applicator concept/idea. It’s a runny consistency but the applicator picks up the right amount and it feels very cooling and refreshing. I personally don’t have major under eye concerns but I enjoyed using it and although I didn’t notice much of a difference in my undereye area, I will continue to use it for a longer period simply because I enjoy it and perhaps I will see better results with extended use.
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Great under eye serum!

Staff Review BC's Issy D This is a great under eye serum to add to your routine, I have loved this throughout winter as this is when I see the fine lines around my face come into themselves! This serum has a cool cooling applicator that fits perfectly under the eye sockets, this helped to brighten and hydrate the under eye area. I even tend to roll the applicator on my lids for added hydration and brightness. It will be an essential in my routine for a long time to come. if you're suffering from dry or puffy under eyes then this is a great option that actually works while not breaking the bank. I would recommend this product.
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Sexy eyes

Where 5o begin with this amazing product L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Filler Eye Serum with 2.5Hyaluronic Acid with caffeine. I'm 55 yr young. This product has given my eye area a glow I haven't seen since my 20s, My fine lines started to disappear with daily usage. Puffiness softened, dark circles started to be gone...but most all the amazing texture off this product not sticky like other eye serum,easily absorbed leaving your skin felling like a babies skin. The applicator gave such a cooling effect when being used, best off all what can i say. I'm a convert
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Eye massage

I was fortunate to be on this trial thanks to Beautycrew! I have concerns with eye under eye puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and overall anti ageing concerns. I was excited to give this serum a try. It comes in a 20ml bottle with a three roller ball applicator. It’s said to rep lump eye wrinkles and reduce dark circles. The serum contains hyaluronic acid, pure caffeine and niacinamide plus vitamin c. The combination of ingredients is said to rep lump skin, energise skin to reduce the look of dark circles and brighten skin. The applicator had a lovely cooling effect and helped de puff the skin around the eyes making them appear less baggy and less tired. The serum is very light and has a slight shimmer which helps to add a bit of sparkle to the under eye. The serum was nice and light on my skin. It absorbed instantly. The applicator is definitely the wow factor. I’m big on lymphatic drainage and depuffing tge skin. I definitely believe that the applicator helped shift some of that fluid around the eye area to make it less tired looking. I haven’t noticed a dramatic affect in the reduction of fine lines. The shimmer helped slightly reduce the look of dark circles. I wish I could say I look 5 years younger after 2 weeks but that could still happen with a combination of good skincare, lifestyle choices and diet. I will continue to use this product and enjoy the mini eye massage ritual and maybe I’ll continue to reverse the clock or slow it down. Lovely product.
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Nothing Special

I did not find that this product did much to my under eyes. I've always been a bit sceptical when it comes to eye serums so maybe I went into this being a bit stubborn. But I really tried to give it a chance. After using it in the morning and at night, I honestly did not notice a difference after a couple of weeks. On a positive note, the applicator is nice and cooling which helps to wake me up. The packaging is also quite luxurious looking. The product doesn't linger on the skin and absorbs pretty quickly. I also found my concealer blended more smoothly over the top of the serum. But that's as beneficial as I found this product to be honest. Again, I haven't always been on board with eye serums, so if you want to add a serum in hopes it's doing something good, then this option is fine for the price.
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Bright eyes!

I used the Revitalift Filler Eye Serum as directed, i found it a little fiddly but was very pleased with the reduction in the appearance of fine lines around my eyes. I found that my eyes looked brighter and less tired. The texture was light and cooling and smoothed over the skin easily. I didn't see any improvement in the dark circles at the inner eye area. I liked and would recommend this product just for the brightening effect alone! I would probably generally use this product at night as it's a little fiddly and time consuming for mornings.
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Sticky with little effect

This product is nothing special, and I think the flaws with the consistency and the applicator took away from what little results it might have had I found the serum itself to feel quite sticky, even a few hours after application. I also found the applicator “brush” frustrating to use and following the instructions for application ended up applying too much of the product to my eyes. I could barely make out a difference between my skin without the product and with, other than that my hooded eyelids became sticky and stuck to themselves due to the product. Due to this, I wouldn’t recommend the product for people with hooded eyes. Dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes aren’t a huge issue for me, luckily and therefore I don’t think this product is well suited to me at all. Although it may be to others who struggle with these things.
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Great product for price

I have serious dark circles and am always looking for an eye cream to help treat them - and I found this one gave noticeable results! The application process took slightly more time than just ‘whacking it on’ (you have to use a little beaded wand to rub it in, but I feel like combined with the serum made my eyes look more rejuvenated. You can use this product morning and night, but I found the texture a little too sticky to be able to use it in the morning. Overall great product for the price.
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Nice and Smooth

This serum has a beautiful feel to it. It's clear, silky and non scented The applicator glides on but can sometimes pick up too much product. I was very excited to try it as it looked beautiful in its purple packaging. I did find the printed instructions to be too small. That should be rectified. I was diligent in using the serum daily and was very hopeful that it would make a difference. I wasn't expecting a remarkable difference, just an improvement. However, as much as I liked the product it probably didn't really deliver on its promise. I haven't noticed a change in the wrinkles and puffiness around my eyes.. (sadly they're still there) The serum will continue to be part of my skin routine as I do like the feel of it!!
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Good to use before bed

I have been suffering from puffy eyes for months now due to a high stress workload and barely any sleep. This serum makes me feel more awake and I like the cooling effect it has. I have been using it before sleep and notice a difference when I wake up. I like the idea of having a roller, it makes application easy and gives an added benefit of cooling/depuffing. I do find the structure and length a little bit difficult to use around the eye area, and the plastic occasionally i find is a bit rough on the skin. The formula is nice but a little bit sticky and not fast-drying, so I'd recommend using it before bed and not before makeup, as I found that foundation/concealer did not stay put on top of it + primer. I do like this product, i would just recommend being smart about when to use it.
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Nice Serum!

The area around my eyes are very sensitive and eye creams usually cause irritation. Not this eye serum! The serum was nice and hydrating, especially since it’s been very cold the last few weeks. It’s absorbs nicely (some eye serum/creams can leave some residue) and a little goes a long way. I really liked the applicator. It had a nice cooling effect and was great for my morning puffy eyes. Also felt it was more hygienic without having to put my fingers into the product which was great. I’m only giving 4 stars as I haven’t noticed much difference around my eye area. I’m hoping if I continue using the serum I’ll notice some difference but the hydration is already good enough for me. Highly recommend if you’re looking for an eye serum that offers hydration, perfect for the winter months!
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Cooling and hydrating

I had high hopes for the fancy applicator but while I wasn't blown away by the results, I was pleased overall. The silver ball applicator made it easy to apply and glide over the eye area, while immediately cooling. I don't think the bags were reduced completely, but I think the difference was noticeable first thing in the morning at least. It was important to wait a little before applying make up to the area, but the area remained a little 'sticky' during the day so take caution with adding a concealer or power that could create residue. It was certainly hydrating and brightening and I'd recommend the product to anyone wanting to try it.
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Applicator wand is a game changer

I loved the purple bottle. It looks so lux compared to the rest of the skincare serums on my dresser. The product itself has a nice consistency. It’s not too sticky as it’s drying and once completely dried, is seamless on the face and ready for other serums to be applied. The coolness of the balls at the end of the applicator wand really helped cool down puffy eyes in the morning. I didn’t notice a huge difference with darkness under the circles but to be honest, with my genetics and ethnicity, it’s hard to find a product that helps in that department. I will continue to use this and recommend it to friends looking for a good serum to assist morning and night to freshen up the eyes! The hyaluronic acid in the formula is noticeable and helps with keeping the eyes hydrated in this chilly winter air.
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Lovely serum

The L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Eye Serum with 2.5% Hyaluronic Acid & Caffeine gave my puffy eyelids so much relief and hydration. The caffeine really pepped them up and made them feel and look not so bad almost instantly. The Hyaluronic Acid is so hydrating and ensure my eyes don't look tired or dry - plus it just feels so nice and cooling to apply with the small steel balls. I often use it on it's own, or when I need some extra hydration I wear it underneath an eye cream. Wear well under makeup and concealer as well.
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The L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Filler Eye Serum with 2.5% Hyaluronic Acid & Caffeine in my opinion is just okay. I don’t really have a problem with bags, just dark circles and I haven’t really noticed any differences but I also got slack with the way I applied it. The instructions said to massage in small circles under the eye to the temple, repeating 4x times. I got bored with taking so long to apply it, so I just use the applicator to swipe it on and then massage in with my fingers lol. I do like the bottle and the pretty purple colour.
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Love love love

I was lucky enough to be chosen to test and review the new L'Oreal Revitalift Filler Eye Serum. I have always used dermalogica eye creams that are triple the price so I was keen to see how this eye serum performed. I was excited that this serum came with a applicator as I usually place eye creams and serums on my eye area with my finger so I was already impressed.I absolutely loved the roller applicator its so refreshing on the eye area especially in the morning when I wake up in the morning and my eyes are puffy and it feels like it has a cooling effect around my eyes and it definitely reduces the puffiness ( I think this is the added benefit of the caffeine). I love anything with hyaluronic acid and my face creams have it also as it instantly plumps the skin and gives my skin plenty of moisture .Over the few weeks the texture around my eye area was definitely more smoother and I felt that it looked more like I wasn’t so tired.I also have dark circles and I am not 100 % sure if that has helped my husband thinks they have diminished a little but maybe if I keep using it I will notice a difference. Throughout the day I can see that the serum is still working and I haven’t had a lot of that crepiness under the eye so I think the serum is almost like a primer so I love that as an additional benefit. The serum has no real fragrance which I love and glides on to the skin beautifully. I am so impressed and in love with this eye serum that I will definitely be purchasing again once the bottle runs out !!
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Ok product but nothing miraculous

This was an ok serum but didn’t do anything revolutionary for my under eyes - although I am a very sleep deprived new mum so I would need a miracle. There may have been a slight difference but I was hoping for more. The applicator although a little odd looking did feel cool and soothing, you just have to be very careful to let most of the product run back into the bottle otherwise it will run down your face. It does have a sticky feel to it too so I preferred to use this as part of my night routine.
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Results Driven

I was really happy with this product. Firstly you can use it morning and night. Secondly it gives noticeable results. I have dark circles and my eyes always need hydrating. The wand it comes with as part of the application process, has little beads to allow for ease in applying as well as creating the lift effect. I would do sweeping motions under the eye with the wand out towards the outer eye. It helped a lot when I was feeling tired, the coolness and a little massage for puffiness. I would also use the wand above the eye under the brow to create a sweeping lift effect, I would lift and hold for a few seconds. The price is very reasonable for a everyday eye product and I would recommend to anyone who lists their eyes as a concern.