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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Light Day Cream

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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Light Day Cream is a lightweight moisturising day cream for combination skin. The formula has a light texture that won’t leave skin shiny and is enriched with pro-retinol – an active ingredient that targets wrinkles, and fibrelastyl to firm and enhance skin tone. 


L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Light Day Cream


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I decided to purchase this L’Oreal Revitalift Day Cream - Light Texture, as I have heard and read many great things about the Revitalift creams and range in general. I have combination skin, so I decided to pick up this version instead of the regular Revitalift cream. This product comes in a generous white jar and it does have a pleasant yet slightly strong fragrance. The texture is a light, soft cream and as soon as I apply it on my face it absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling smooth and somewhat matte. I find that about half a teaspoon size is enough for my face and neck. I have no major lines or wrinkles, just some dehydration lines on my cheeks. I decided to purchase this cream because I would like to start getting serious about my skincare and this cream did sound promising, with its retinol and hydrating Ingredients. I am very pleased with how soft this leaves my skin without ever feeling heavy, greasy or making my skin look oily. It creates a smooth base for my makeup and I don’t use as much primer as I used to as this cream can help minimise the look of my pores. I will continue to use this cream for a good couple of months to see if it does anything for my uneven skin tone, as I have some dark spots on my face. But so far I am pleased with the nourishing and hydrating properties of this cream and even when I wash my face at the end of the day I find my skin does still feel soft and supple. Advantages: - contains a good mix of anti-aging and hydrating ingredients - light, soft texture that absorbs well into the skin and doesn’t feel oily - reasonably priced, especially considering it’s an anti-aging product.  Disadvantages:  - I would have preferred if the product came in tube or pump packaging, as I don’t like the idea of constantly dipping my fingers in the jar.  - Fragrance is a little to strong for my skin and it can linger for a while - No added SPF protection. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a good quality, inexpensive day cream with anti-aging properties. It definitely would suit anyone with normal to combination skin but the strong scent can be slightly overpowering if your skin is very sensitive.
this cream really impressed me after trying it based on beauty crew reviewers recommendations. This is a really luxurious soft cream that did not feel greasy, which I hate. I was super impressed with how well this hydrated my combination skin and left it super soft, diminishing fine lines beautifully, over time my skin looked brighter and more youthful, a huge bonus. It absorbs easily and sinks into skin perfectly, I used it twice daily for glowing skin, it feels lightweight on and I loved the price point, very reasonable. Loreal products never disappoint and this cream was no exception, I would 100% recommend this
Suffering from combination skin I have always had trouble finding a day cream that was light enough to not cause a break out but I am super happy with this product! My skin drinks it in within seconds and is soft to the touch all day and sits unbelievably well under my makeup. I feel and see a difference in my skins texture and have even been asked by a few customers what I am doing differently which is the best feeling!  Perfect day cream for combination skin and first lines.
I have been really excited by the changes I have seen in my skin with this lovely day cream. I am usually a Loreal consumer, having used the Skin Perfection day cream for the last year. Light, with minimal scent, a little goes a long way. I will be switching to the Revitalift light day cream on an ongoing basis. My skin is soft and clear and looks and feels beautiful -with several people commenting on how nice it's looking.
I have been using this moisturiser for over two weeks. Personally I prefer a moisturiser in a tube (whilst traveling) but that doesn't change the product itself. I love the feel on the skin after application and doesn't feel heavy. This product was good for my combination skin and will continue to use it. Would recommend people with combination skin to give it a try.
Lovely moisturiser leaving my skin fresh and light, perfect under my rich foundation, I've been using L'Oreal products for many years including eye cream and night cream. My friends said I look young and have a lovely skin. It is true that it doesn't work overnight! Di give it a good chance to see the good results!
L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Light Day Cream is fantastic. It has a medium consistency, that is well-balanced- is moisturising, but not oily at the end of the day. If I need an extra boost I will apply a serum before. Has a light fragrance that is pleasant. Mixes well with foundation and other make-up products. A nice jar that is easily stack-able with complimenting L'Oreal products. Highly recommend, and will personally purchase in the future.
I have been using Revitalift on a daily basis.  I find the perfumed fragrance too strong, pretty overpowering which I find a bit off putting.  My skin felt nice after use, very soft.  I did find the cream a little too greasy for a day cream personally and can't say that I have noticed any real benefits or changes to my skin at this point.  I probably wouldn't purchase this product again.
I am really impressed with this cream! It's not often that I can't really find fault with a product. If there's anything with this, I would love it to have SPF given that it is a day cream. The texture is gorgeously smooth and it goes on and sinks in really well. The product itself looks and feels thick in the hand but definitely not once applied, I would say it had a medium weight, and is super hydrating. My skin feels very soft after using this product, and I didn't have any trouble with foundation (creams or powders) applying over the top once it had been left to soak in. I like it a lot, and would definitely recommend it!
I got this cream for my mom,her skin is normal to combination, she has been using it for more than 2 weeks, she told me this cream is so light weight,non grease which is amazing, she uses it for day and also night time, her skin is improving a lot, more hydration, look brighter, her fine line appears less. She is so happy which a result at the moment and would like to buy the second bottle.
A rich cream which absorbs well - without a heavy residue so you can go on to apply your makeup with no fuss.  I felt like my foundation stayed put well with it too.  Its a generous size and good value i think for something in this price range.  I thought it smelled great
Thank you Beauty Crew and L'oreal for the chance to trial this beautiful product.  I am in my mid 30s and i have concerns of lines, particularly on my neck. Otherwise, I have mostly normal skin. This cream comes in a classy, square glass jar which is quite heavy. I scoop the product out and transfer it to a smaller jar so there is less contamination to the product over time. I usually prefer a pump packaging to keep product hygienic. The cream is very smooth and silky. I use about a 10 cent piece for my face and neck. It is easy to apply and almost instantly absorbed into skin. There is a very small amount of residue left, but is fully absorbed after 15 minutes or so. I also found that I am able to apply makeup on top of the cream straight away. The one thing that I am not a fan of is the very strong artificial scent, which I am not used to (I usually use fragrance free skincare or fragrance from botanical extract). This cream does not contain any SPF but I usually wear another SPF after moisturising, so it doesn't bother me but it can be a deal breaker for others. During the day I feel that my skin remains hydrated with no tightness or dryness. Given the light texture of this cream I am surprised at the hydration level! Over 3 weeks of use, the deep lines on my neck seem to have softened slightly, although there has been no change to fine lines on my face (e.g. under eyes). I have also tried applying this cream as a night cream at night. However, I am used to creams that are slightly thicker at night and it does not feel nourishing enough for me (especially I sleep on the side and my face touches the pillow case a lot). So I think it is right to be used as a day cream. Overall I am quite impressed at this product given the low price point. I will continue to use it, particularly as a neck cream as it seems to be smoothing out the lines.
I was very excited to try this product. I have quite sensitive combination skin, so I did a test patch, and luckily did not react. I applied the cream every day for a week, and found it to be light and refreshing, however, it did take a while to sink into the skin. By the end of the week my skin was looking healthy and smooth, although I wouldn't say that there was a change in my skin's firmness as the product label suggested. I did find the fragrance of the product far too cloying and strong - it made me sneeze - so it would be unlikely that I would purchase the product.
Nice cream - I found that it absorbed well for a day cream and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy. It did make my skin feel soft and hydrated, but no more than any other cream that I use. I would recommend it though, and the price is suitable for the type of cream that it is.
Overall, I really like this product in the short term that I have been using it. It was light weight and did not feel greasy on application. It has a pleasant fragrance and I have definitely noticed my skin feels firmer and appears healthy in appearance. I look forward to seeing the longer term benefits of this product and feel that there would be a reduction in finer lines around the eyes. I would buy this product in the future and would recommend to others.
Lightweight cream for daywear, skin feels nicely moisturised and no shiny T-Zone even later in the day. Prefer my day cream with an SPF for days when I'm make-up free tho this cream is light enough to apply other product on top.  Great that a day cream has anti-ageing ingredients added but can't say I've noticed a real difference in wrinkle reduction
I have tried myL’Oréal Paris Revitalift Light Day Cream it was just great. As soon as I put iton my face it was a light feel and absorbed in minutes with no greasy feel. It has made my skin so beautifully fine with texture and sosmooth I have used other moisturizer's and they don’t stack up to this one. I would recommend it to anybody and everybody who sufferswith aging skin problems.
L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Day Cream, light texture has a medium consistency and holds it’s shape in the jar. It is white in colour and has a strong powdery scent. I would happily wear this as a body cream as I really like the scent, it’s fresh but I wouldn’t need to wear perfume (This scent maybe a little strong for people with allergies).   I applied the cream every morning sparingly and I was surprised to see that a little goes a long way. It absorbed quickly so I didn’t have to wait to apply my makeup. My skin feels hydrated and silky smooth with a slight dewiness. I wouldn’t actually call it light, it’s more a medium consistency but it is non greasy which is a real bonus.   I would have to say that my skins appearance has improved and it has a bit more of a fresh glow to it. After application my fine lines appear to be smoother so I am really happy with my end results and so I will continue to use Revitalift Day Cream. It offers great value for money and provides a quality product.   This cream contains no SPF, which can sometimes be a bonus for me as it can cause a rash. I would love this as a night cream and I would recommend this product.  
I have been trialling the new light revitalift moisturiser and whilst it states a day cream, it doesn't contain any SPF so I have preferred to use at night time. Initially I used in the morning under makeup & had no issues with application of beauty  products on top. Whilst it is a lighter version, I think it's best for normal or dry skin types. I have oily combination skin and I did have breakthrough 'grease' by early afternoons. Not the sort that looks 'dewy' in a pretty way! On the plus side, it didn't break me out, and works well as a night moisturiser if you do have oily skin! A little goes a long way, so the price is good for amount of product. It does have quite a strong scent, but not noticeable once applied. 1 star off for the jar packaging. The jar itself looks classy but I prefer a pump bottle for hygiene & ease of application. Great product for a 20 to 30 something demograph.
I have been using this product for about 10 days. It has a pleasant fragrance and is feels light and non greasy and is easily absorbed. I find that my foundation goes on much easier after  applying the moisturiser. I think I would need to use this product for longer to notice a difference.