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L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Ink

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L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Ink is a lightweight, highly pigmented lip colour with a matte finish. The liquid lipstick utilises ultra-thin film technology and an oil-in-water formula for a breathable and wearable finish with long-lasting colour.

Available in 12 shades.


L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Ink


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Love this lipstick!!! This is the type of lipstick I have been waiting for for a long time. It is a thin a very wearable formula. Colours are plenty and can be worn as a tint or a full luscious shade.  What I love most about it is it doesnt feel heavy on the lips after application. Its not sticky nor drying. This is a must have in your lipstick collection or a back up for your hand bag in case you need to add a little pop of colour for that mid day touch up / after work drinks.
This is an awesome lipstick that I really love. I adore loreal products and this was a real winner for me.Firstly the pointed applicator makes the product super easy to use, its a great design. The lip ink itself is thin and dries to a lovely matte finish that never makes my lips feel dry like some matte lipsticks can, its actually quite hydrating. It lasts for ages, even after eating, I didnt have to reapply for ages. it comes in 12 shades, I wish there were more. I love the nude, so pretty, the pigment is amazing. Its packaged beautifully and is great value for money. I absolutely loved this product and would purchase it again.
love love love!!!! the packaging is super cute and the colours that I tried were the perfect tone for my skin type. They had a great consistency and easy to apply with the shape of the wand, I think the most impressive thing was the colour pigment and they way in which in lasted on my lips, unlike some other long lasting liquid lips I have tried these were not drying on the lips, lasted well and when they did fade, faded out nicely and didn't leave an un-even look on the lip! They have reacquainted my love of a red lip and it's constantly been on rotation.
I've always been a fan of liquid lipsticks - especially those with a matte finish - so I was really excited to try the L'Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Ink! Unlike traditional liquid lipsticks, this one has an incredibly lightweight feel and a thin, yet pigmented consistency, which means it can be worn sheer or built up/layered to full opacity. I like that they dried down matte but didn't look flat or chalky, and wore off evenly to reveal a light wash of colour. The shades I tried were stunning (I Am Worth It, I Empower, and I Rule) and all very flattering, however the standout was definitely the bold red shade - I Am Worth It. The hero of this product is the pointed doe foot applicator which lines the lips and provides the easiest, most perfect application - genius! For those with deeper lines in their lips, I'd suggest using a lip plumping or moisturising product to prime the lips prior to application as the thin formula can emphasise lines. Overall, I'm really impressed!
Wow what a great long wearing lippy!! I loved this lippy.  A long wearing colour that didn’t dry out my lips, didn’t flake off, didn’t feel sticky and was very lightweight!! The applicator is a really nice shape which made it extremely easy to apply - the best applicator I’ve ever used.  The colour lasted pretty much all day.  Very impressed. 
I trialed the I Rule, I Empower and I Am Worth It shades of the L'Oreal Signature Lip Ink. The nude shade didn't suit my skin tone, though the pigment of the pink and red was so striking! I was very surprised at how light and moisturising the texture of the liquid was when applied to the lips, however it doesn't dry too quickly meaning its easily smudged. The doe foot applicator is really smooth and flexible, allowing you to easily trace around your lip line. Doesn't dry out your lips which is amazing! Great product - would recommend!
Luckily I got to review this product as part of the review team And at first glance I noticed that it was very chic looking. This sort of little wand applicator seems to be a trend now as I’ve purchased other ones. It was a really nice and flattering colour and highly pigmented. I was also impressed with its long lasting formula for several hours and  I didn’t need to  reapply. It just means you need to be careful that it is a bit harder to take off. A winner all around! 
found the product thin, watery, it separated easily and clumped, caused my lips to dry out and crack and the colours were not suited to all skin tones, they would have been good as a thin top sheen over already moisture filled lips and the colours could be more pigmented and the formula adjusted to limit clumping
I was quite impressed with this product. It’s super light weight and not sticky at all, but the pigment is really good. It does bleed a little initially, especially in the corners of the mouth and being a matte product it is drying, but it wears well, I found it quite comfortable to wear and it doesn’t transfer as much as lipsticks.
Loreal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Ink Comes in a sleek tube packing. The tube is frosted and these shades look lighter in tube but they are actually dark. I highly recommend swatching them before purchasing any shade. It has easy to use doe foot applicator with narrow tip. I got three shades, I Rule - mauve pink, I Empower- Nude peach and I worth it- Red with pink undertone.  Loreal Paris Lip Ink has light formula which is very easy to apply. It is highly pigmented, not watery or too liquid. It takes some time to dry and gives perfect matte finish. I feel that formula is not very drying nor hydrating. This product is extremely long lasting and not transfer much which I love.  I always look for long lasting lipsticks and I am glad I find one. In addition, when it began to fad it leaves a pretty stain. It does not look patchy or feathered.  I feel that the shades I got are perfect for all skin tones, especially Tan or Olive skin beauties can find a perfect lipstick in this range. Overall, I am really happy with these lip Ink, I am using "I empower" regularly and it is my go to lippie now. I highly recommend preparing your lips before application, like scrubbing or moisturising.
I tried out three shades and found them to highly pigmented that they stained my lips and skin. Very hard to get off. The nude colour (Empower) is definitely not the colour for everyone I’d say only  someone super fair could pull it off. The bright red is definitely a favourite colour though for me out of three.
I was lucky enough to try out 3 of the shades from the L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Ink. The shades I got was I Rule-Mauve/pink, I Empower-Nude/beige and I am worth it-vibrant red. You gotta love those empowering names. I use a range of different lip products depending on my mood but I like to choose easy and quick options so I was excited to try the lip ink thinking it would be like a lip stain. The pointed applicator is easy to use and the consistency is like a liquid lipstick so it goes on easily, maybe a little too easily. It takes a little bit of time to dry down to a matte finish but once it does the finish is quite nice and it doesn't dry my lips out like other lipsticks can. Unfortunately their is still a bit of transfer with eating etc but it lasts a bit longer if you use a lip liner but this takes away from the ease of use that other stains have. Overall it is a decent lip product but its not perfect and definitely not long lasting.
I was lucky enough to try this via the review crew.  I use a lot of matt lipsticks! A LOT. Finding a good one is a kink for me. I have dark lips to pigmentation is a key component and I have big lips, so if they dry my lips out, it ain't gonna look great. Unfortunately, This product was not my jam. It was runny and not very pigmented. It also kinda dried out my lips. The colour range given didnt really suite my skin tone either. :( I think if you have light to olive skin tone and you like the colours it may be a good product for you.
I adore the rich colours and gorgeous matte finish of these lip inks! They are also surprisingly moisturising, and easy to clean off (no more scrubbing and sore lips at the end of the day!) I do wish that these lasted a bit longer and were more resistant to eating / drinking. Inevitably they still have medium to high transfer after hours of wear, so aren't on the level of a true lip stain. However the rich pigmented colours almost make up for that!
When I first saw this Loreal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Inks, I was immediately really excited for it! Somehow it reminds me of the YSL Lip Stains. The packaging: Sleek, simple clear plastic tube and a black cap with a little gold accent. The applicator: Slanted and pointy, almond shaped, fluffy doe-foot applicator with a little few contours/reservoir. The texture: Smooth, light and liquidy. It definitely feels more like a tint rather than a matte, mousse-y liquid lipstick. The finish: At first, it has a little shine then eventually sets into a soft, matte and weightless finish. I got to try out 3 shades (I love all their names!!!): 105 I RULE - Cool tone, muted mauve-y, purple-ish pink. 110 I EMPOWER - Warm tone, nude-y peach-y beige. 115 I AM WORTH IT - This one looks like a chilli red in the tube (which made me really excited about it), but turned out to be a cool tone, pink undertone red instead. The pros: I love how light-weight it feels on the lips. They go the lips smoothly and since they take a little while to set to a matte finish, you can easily smudge it out for a gradient lip look. For me, I personally love mixing the colours! Since the nude-y beige 110 I EMPOWER is a little light on me, I love using it as a base colour then pop the red or purple-ish pink shade in the center of the lips. Even though this is a matte liquid lipstick, it didn't feel very drying even on my sensitive lips. The name lip ink is definitely accurate because once the lip ink faded, the brighter colours left a stain on the lips (which I love). They are affordable and there are 12 shades in the Rouge Signature lip Ink range, so I'm sure you'll be able to find a shade that suits you. The cons: The lighter nude-y beige 110 I EMPOWER shade goes on a little streaky on the lips but I didn't have any issues with the other 2 shades. Since it is a matte lip ink, it does settle a little into the fine lines on my lips. It definitely looks better on when I've exfoliated and moisturised before hand. I wore them to work and realised that the lip ink spreads outside of my lip line making the whole look messy by the end of my morning (which is why I docked a star from my ratings), and it definitely still transfers even after it sets into the matte finish. So you definitely need to use a lip liner to keep the lip ink in the lips and if you are a fan of matte lipsticks that dries down and doesn't transfer, this is not the product for you. All in all, I actually really enjoyed them! I think this is another lovely lip collection that Loreal launched, I am a fan of most of their lip products. If you like lip stains and love a matte finish, definitely give them a go.
I’m relatively new to the liquid lip bandwagon so I was curious to try L’Oreal’s take on it. Of the three shades I was given to trial I Am Worth It (a striking red) and I Rule (a dark mauve pink) were my favourites. I Empower (a nude) just did not suit my pale skin tone and left me looking rather dead...  Whilst I had to be a bit more careful in my application as I am used to the more traditional creamy “bullet” style lipsticks, I was pleasantly surprised by how precise I could be due to the Lip Ink’s pointed - almost arrow head shaped - applicator. It was so much easier to apply compared to the more common doe foot applicators. I loved the fact it was super pigmented, a little really does go a long way, and I liked the lightweight matte formula. It felt barely there when dried and I found it did not dry out my lips, a common issue for me with other liquid lipsticks. On the downside, and the reason it didn’t score higher, was that it did not wear well. The colour payoff is great, but I found it transferred onto everything no matter how long I left it to dry. The red shade was the worst of the three, the pink didn’t transfer as much but it was noticeable. It didn’t last the day, I have tried other liquid formulas that have amazing longevity - but this isn’t one of them. After lunch I usually had to reapply my lip colour. My other criticism is that the pink shade in particular was incredibly hard to remove and stained my lips for two days afterwards! This was even after I used L’Oreal’s own oil based makeup remover as their website recommended. 
I unfortunately wasn't a massive fan of this product. It has everything you would probably want in a lip colour, except that it transfers so easily. It glides on smoothly, and is so lightweight, which is surprising for how highly pigmented it is! But for me I found it quite a messy formula. It dries down from liquid to matte, but I found (especially with the red) I was getting red all over my hands. Somehow I kept finding smudges of red pigment eeeeeverywhere, even though I am always so careful not to touch my face at all during the day. Somehow where there is a will there's a way, and this lipstick made its way onto my hands, my clothes, and anything I touched. Which is a massive shame for all the other great things this product has going for it!!
This is a great lipstick for those that are interested in longer-wearing, low fuss formulas but can't tolerate drying, super-matte liquid lipsticks that have been popular of late.  These are a thin liquid that sets well without fully drying which means there is some transfer and wearing (but nowhere near traditional lipsticks) but remains comfortable and does not dry out the lips, crack or flake.  They are well pigmented, however, because the formula is so thin it does take a small amount of practice to build to full colour without streaks.  Saving the best thing for last - the applicator. I am in love with this applicator which is a small pointed-leaf shape. It holds a good amount of product and distributes it well and evenly, but the shape is really what makes it for me. Finally, this applicator give me the control and detail I need to do a quick but crisp line with liquid.  I would buy this product for the applicator alone.
I received this product to trial from the Beauty Crew. I loved the color options and found the packaging to be different from other brands of liquid lipsticks on the market. The formula is watery and very lightweight so it does take a few layers to get a good even coverage and color. The shade “Empower” is the shade I enjoyed most as it is a great everyday nude shade that suits just about any look. Would repurchase as an everyday liquid lipstick!
I was really excited up to review this product as I love wearing lipstick every day. The range of colours suited my skin type perfectly, the formula was light weight and was very easy to apply. For the lighter shades, I recommend 2 coats. I loved the pointed tip of the applicator and found it very easy to apply to my top lip. My only concern is that the product was not long lasting and I had to reapply after meals. This didn’t bother me though.  Overall, I would invest in this lipstick and look forward to telling my friends about it.