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L’Oréal Paris Sugar Scrubs Glow Scrub

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L’Oréal Paris Sugar Scrubs Glow Scrub is a gentle and natural face and lip sugar scrub formulated with grapeseed oil that helps remove dirt, oil and impurities while gently polishing dull skin. The scrub contains three types of fine sugar to physically exfoliate and soften the skin, plus vitamin E to help brighten the skin, monoi oil to moisturise and combat dullness, and acai powder to refine the skin’s surface for a smoother-looking complexion. 


L’Oréal Paris Sugar Scrubs Glow Scrub


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I bought the L’Oreal Sugar Scrub Glow Scrub because I love scrubs and thought I’d give it a try based on the price.  It is not the best scrub I have used nor the worst. I love the packaging and colour of the product which is a rich golden colour however I’m not quite sure about the smell: it reminds me of an orange cake batter/ citrus smell. Also, once I’ve started rubbing the product on my skin it’s as if the sugar dissolves very quickly and I quite like a grainier texture when exfoliating as it gives me a stronger sense that I am actually removing dead skin cells. Having said that, my skin feels super smooth and soft once I’ve washed the product away which is a huge plus. I also follow its use with a facial oil meaning I do this on average twice a week. I do recommend this product to anyone who enjoys the type of scent I described and preferes a mild exfoliator which unfortunately is not my personal preference.
It is a great product! The best affordable scrub I've used so far. It has a citrus and honey like smell to it. It smells so good. It is honestly the best smelling affordable scrub I've used. It feels great when rubbing the product into the skin. After melting the sugar into the skin and washing the scrub off, I straight away can feel how soft my skin has become. My face seems to glow after as well. I find that it is perfect to use right before a mask; it doesn't give me a weird filmy feel to the skin. My skin feels cleansed and hydrated. The packaging also contains quite a lot of product. It is heavy as it is in a glass jar, I guess this packaging gives it a more luxurious feel to it. It is over all a clean and classic styled component. Really rub it into the skin, put some effort into the circular hand motions. Make sure to melt all the sugar on your face to get your money worth. Can also use as a lip scrub!
I love this scrub. It smells good enough to eat and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean with a glow. It is applied to dry skin with fingers before using some warm water to rub in circular motions on the skin until the sugar granules have dissolved. The sugar is a great exfoliant without damaging the sensitive facial skin and of course is more environmentally friendly. I have noticed my skin looking brighter. You can also apply to your lips which helped a great deal with dry chapped lips in the harsh winter. Recommend to everyone!