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Dr. LeWinn’s Daily Polishing Powder is a mild amino-based powder cleanser that contains physical and chemical exfoliants to instantly polish and resurface skin. Gentle enough for everyday use, it contains niacinamide to visibly brighten and even out skin tone, restore moisture and soften fine lines and salicylic acid to dissolve deeper into the pores and exfoliate dead skin cells.  

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Dr. LeWinn’s Daily Polishing Powder


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Powder cleanser that contains exfoliant

I purchased this cleanser on sale at Priceline. It's a powder cleanser that contains physical and chemical exfoliants. I wet my face and hands and tip some powder into my hands and then massage this into my skin on my face. It has no fragrance which I actually like and lathers nicely. After I rinse this off my skin feels soft and clean and has a wonderful bright glow. There is no discomfort when using this cleanser and it doesn't cause my skin to feel tight or stripped. To be honest I haven't really noticed that my skin is exfoliated but I'd purchase this again as it's a very nice cleanser that works well with my combination skin.
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Daily polishing powder

The concept was cool however quite messy and inconvenient to use. It does what it claims to do and smells nice, however for the price, I would prefer to purchase another product for cheaper that can give me the same results with also less mess. There is no strong scent to it which I like. It is also gentle enough to be used daily. I like how it feels on my skin, however it's just too messy and hard to use compared to other products that I have tried. It has good ingredients in it so I know I'm not using anything too harsh on my skin which is a plus.
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not that convenient to use

This product comes in a powder form that transforms into a cleansing agent when you work it between your hands. It boasts a number of benefits and does leave the skin feeling refreshed. However, it didn't quite hit the mark for me. I found the powder format to be a bit inconvenient and overly complicated. Its scent was a mix of clean, fresh, and somewhat soapy tones. The product required some time and effort to reach a texture that I found satisfactory. While my skin did feel nice after using it, the overall experience was not particularly enjoyable for me. In conclusion, this won't be a repeat purchase for me, but I can understand why others might be drawn to it. I can see the appeal of this product especially for travel-not being limited to a certain number of mls in your carry on.
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Awesome product

I have not used a product like this Dr Lewinn’s Daily Polishing Powder. As it was something new to me I have nothing similar to compare it to. The way in which you apply this product is quite interesting and unique. I believe it did a great job exfoliating my skin and left it feeling very smooth. Dr Lewinn’s Daily Polishing Powder gave my skin a new lease on life! My initial reaction to my skin was refreshed and rejuvenated. I have quite bumpy skin and after use it left my skin tone much more even and the appearance of bumps was more minimal. Dr Lewinn’s Daily Polishing Powder is a great way to feel like a little scientist whilst doing your skin care routine. Emulsifying the powder with water made me feel very special. As you mix it with mater it becomes a completely customisable exfoliant as it is up to you what consistency you want. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone .
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Loved Trying

I had the fantastic opportunity of trialling this product as part of the beauty crew this past month! This cleanser is really effective and gentle and still leaves my skin feeling fresh. I really enjoyed it over a few weeks of use and have been able to see some results already. I always make sure to moisturise a lot after cleansing as I do occasionally have quite sensitive skin and that can help a lot but I didn’t run into any issues with this product which was brilliant. I only cleanse once a day but I could definitely still see results. My only issue is that it’s a little bit inconvenient to use on a daily basis. At first I quite enjoyed mixing the powder up before using it but it can end up being a little inconsistent with the formula I make. The product still works just as well but can be difficult to use if it’s slightly too watery etc.
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A truly innovative cleanser

Wow, what a great product! I hadn’t ever tried a powder cleanser before but this was wonderful and fitted really well into my routine. You simply mix the powder with a small amount of water and massage onto the face before rinsing with water. It has a light and fresh scent reminiscent of eucalyptus and leaves your skin feeling fresh and revitalised without being dry. It has an almost fizzy texture which is really unique and feels as though it gives the skin a very thorough clean. My sister borrowed mine and loved it so much she’s already purchased her own! You only need a small amount of the product so I think price wise it’s very good value. It also pairs perfectly with a balm cleanser for times you need a double cleanse. This is a truly innovative product and a pleasure to use- I will definitely continue to repurchase in future.
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Wasn’t sure to start with, but I really liked it!

I really wasn’t sure how I would feel about this one, I’d never used a powder cleanser and I didn’t think I would like it at all. BUT I was really pleasantly surprised, first off this was kind of fun to use- fun to turn it from powder to a liquid cleanser but then it felt really nice on my skin while using it. My skin afterwards felt super squeaky clean but not that too clean its dry type of clean. I also liked the smell, it wasn’t too over powering but was a nice refreshing scent. I’ll definitely continue to use it!.
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Really unique product!

I hadn’t ever used an exfoliator in this form before, so it was something that really intrigued me. I poured out a little bit of product, mixed it together with water and found it to provide a super gentle bit effective exfoliation! It is definitely a product that works best with consistent use, and I noticed the best results after using the product for days in a row. It’s a very interesting and unique format, but the packaging is really convenient and ensures that no additional product spills or leaks out of the bottle.
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Great polishing powder

I didn't know what to expect with a polishing powder! It comes in a cylinder container with a flick up lid at the top. I found this really handy for dispensing just the right amount. To use, you flip the lid and dispense a small amount of the powder into wet hands. You then rub your hands together and the powder and water turn into a creamy mixture that you rub over your face. There's no real noticeable smell which is a positive for me. After using, you rinse off with water and I found that my skin felt really smooth and soft. It's the product I didn't know I was missing as I'm not a fan of the very harsh scrubs. I'll definitely continue using this one.
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New addition to my daily skincare routine!

I been using Dr Lewinn's Daily Polishing Powder for the last two weeks as part of the Review Crew Trial and I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it is. I was initially worried about using it daily as I have sensitive skin and only exfoliate weekly, but I was pleasantly surprised at how finely grinded the powder is! The product comes in a flip top bottle which is so easy to extract without making a mess and the powder is very fine which is delicate on your skin! You just tip a little on your hands and activate it with water! After 2 weeks of using it, I noticed that my complexion is brighter and significantly reduced this tiny sunspot I had over the summer. Last but not least, I brought this polishing powder with me when I went on a trip, I have to say this is the perfect travel companion when you are going overseas. No more worrying about packing liquid-based cleanser and making a mess! This product is now officially part my daily skincare routine and I will definitely be going back to the shops to repurchase once I've emptied it!
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Good polishing powder

Although I am an avid gel cleanser user, I would purchase the Dr. LeWinn’s Daily Polishing Powder. The product does not contain water and only powder, which means you're getting your money's worth, as the user is required to mix the product with water themself. I would recommend this cleanser for the morning routine. Although I did not like the texture of the product, the cleanser did not form suds, which can be a benefit. The product was very easy to apply and would recommend this to those who don't mind mixing the product with water.
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Clean and fresh without stripping the skin!

The Daily Polishing Cleanser was a winner for me - it left my skin feeling so fresh and clean but without stripping it and leaving me feeling dry! I loved the texture due to it being quite a fine powder, and not overly chunky or exfoliating. Once mixed with water it lathered up to a nice texture without being too foamy. This is a great daily cleanser and I will definitely be recommending it to anyone who asks! The only reason this gets 4 stars (instead of 5) is because I find the packaging a little tricky. If any water gets into the powder inside the packaging, it becomes thick and hard to get out of the container - not ideal for someone who leaves their cleanser in the shower! So while I love the product, I can see why some people would hesitate due to the packaging.
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Such a unique and amazing product!

I didn't know that this was a product I needed in my skincare routine! I have never used a polishing powder before, so was skeptical, but after using the Dr. LeWinn’s Daily Polishing Powder for a few weeks, I am pleasantly surprised. I used it once per day in conjunction with my other skincare products. It starts off in powder form and is activated using warm water. The product itself was easy to use, although a little messy at times. The cylindrical packaging makes the powder easy to dispense into the hands. The texture is nice and smooth, and there is no overpowering scent which is nice! I would definitely use this product again, and would pair it with my current skincare routine. Highly recommend!
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Didn't know I needed this

I haven't used a product like this before so I was very excited to try this. I appreciate that it comes with a flip top lid which makes it so much easier to use and less messy when you've got wet hands. The powder is white and to use this I just wet my hands and do 1 tip of the bottle into the palm of my hand and the perfect amount of powder comes out. I then rub my hands together and sometimes need a little extra few drops of water to thin it out slightly and then cleanse my face with it. It turns into a smooth cleanser that's not grainy. It has the slightest fresh scent which is barely noticeable and does not sting or irritate my skin. It lathers and lightly foams and I massage my face for 1 minute before rinsing. I absolutely love that this is an exfoliator and cleanser in 1 which saves me money and time and this can also be used daily. It is formulated with both physical and chemical exfoliants and over the course of this trial I have really noticed how my blocked pores have become less blocked and the amount of breakouts and oil filled pores haven't drastically minimised. I use this daily and it has not caused any irritation or dryness. My skin always looks bright and shiny (without feeling greasy) and feels incredibly smooth and soft. I've noticed such a change in my skin and I am loving it. Makeup applies smoother and looks so much nicer too. I didn't know I needed a product like this and I am so lucky to have trialled this. I recommend this and will be a repeat purchaser forever. This is amazing. I love it.
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Would definitely recommend

I was fortunate enough to receive the Dr. LeWinn’s Daily Polishing Powder as part of Review Crew. I love the smell of the product and the fact that it is so gentle that it is suitable for my sensitive skin and I am able to use it every day without irritating my skin. This product is very easy to use and immediately leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. I haven't noticed a massive improvement in my skin texture or tone however, I have only been using it for a few weeks. But I will continue to use this product and hopefully with prolonged use, I will notice an overall improvement. I would definitely recommend this to other people with similar skin types as me.
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It's like a magic trick for your face

I hadn't used a powder for a long time and I was pleasantly surprised by this one! It especially came in handy because the cleansing balm broke me out quite a lot. I definitely noticed my skin started to look a bit clearer and more 'refreshed' I guess? Not sure if it actually made a real difference to my pores, but they did look smaller immediately after use. I don't think this will replace my every day cleanser, but it has become my backup cleanser. I definitely would recommend it to try out. Also I do enjoy how much it made me feel like a little magician, turning the powder into a milky cleanser.
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Best daily polishing powder!

This product is such a good product. It is just as good as more expensive brands if not even better. This product makes my skin feel so smooth without any irritation an I have sensitive skin. Also, love how you can mix it with water to get what ever consistency you want. Product is not gritty at all, leaves skin clean and so smooth, not dry or tight at all. I have been using Dr. Lewinn's daily polishing powder for 3 weeks now and I can say that I will continue to use it on daily basis as a part of my nighttime routine!
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Good Polishing Powder

This polishing powder is easy to apply. Once mixed with water the powder forms a nice, creamy consistency. There was no noticeable scent. I have quite sensitive skin so I wouldn’t recommend using the polish every day, but I do find this powder to be much gentler than the Dermalogica equivalent. The packaging is convenient and makes it simple to open, use and close with a single hand. If I was looking for a physical exfoliant I would consider purchasing this product again. After use, my skin felt clean, smooth, and not overly stripped.
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Not my favourite

This product is a power which becomes a cleaner once you rub it in your hands. While it seems to have many benefits and leaves the skin feeling nice, it wasn't my favourite product or way to wash my face. Personally, I found the power format messy and unnecessarily complicated. The scent was clean and fresh but with some soapy notes. It took time before it became a texture I liked. My skin felt good after using it but I didn't enjoy the experience. Overall, I wouldn't use this again but can see why it would appeal to some people.
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Easy to use once instructions are understood

I’ve never used anything like the Dr. LeWinn’s Daily Polishing Powder to cleanse my face before, so I was really curious to try it and see how effective it was. The packaging is gorgeous and streamlined, however beware: the powder is very very fine, and can go everywhere if you’re not super careful when opening the container. I was pleasantly surprised by how effective and easy it was to use, when using the powder to cleanse and exfoliate, but I would strongly suggest reading the instructions carefully before using, just to make sure it is used as intended. This would be a good one to take on a plane or where liquid product volumes are restricted.