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M.A.C Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious

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M.A.C Lip Scrubtious is a sugar-based exfoliator that gently buffs away dry and flaky skin.


M.A.C Cosmetics Lip Scrubtious


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Smoothes dry lips perfectly

I tried this after reading a great review of it and because I needed a solution to my dry flaky lips and it’s amazing. Over winter my lips had become really dry and flaky and lipstick was looking awful, highlighting the problem. I love Mac and the products always work for me so I gave it a go. It’s easy to use, just scoop a bit out and rub it into lips to exfoliate and then wipe off or rinse, whichever you prefer. Almost immediately my lips felt smoother and dry dead skin was gone, it really works. My lipstick and gloss looked better and my lips no longer felt rough. It has a really pleasant smell and taste so it’s a pleasure to use. This lip scrubtious from Mac is a great product I would buy again and recommend for dry flaky lips

I have the Candied Nectar flavour

Candied Nectar Lip Scrubtious is an exfoliator for the lips which effectively and gently removes dry and flaky skin. To use the scrub you just scoop a little bit out and apply it to the lips like you would a lip balm and then wipe off with a tissue or makeup remover pad. Can also rinse with water if you like. The results are soft and hydrated lips that are ever so smooth which makes the application of lipstick look so good. It has a very subtle scent and taste which I do like. The scrub itself isn't harsh on my lips at all. It's feels just like a lip oil with a bit of sugar in it but is super gentle and caring. Love it and can't wait to try the other flavours.