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L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Superstar

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L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Superstar is a black liquid eyeliner with a flexible tip to easily follow the natural contours of the eyes. The formula has been designed to create a pigmented line in one even stroke and has a shiny finish.


L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Superstar


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Like its namesake this eyeliner will be the SUPERSTAR of your makeup bag!! I have been trying to master the perfect winged eyeliner for forever and a day and this is such a great value for money product that is high quality and helps me to achieve the results I have been yearning for!! WHAT I LOVE: - it has a very black, pigmented matte finish in just one stroke so there is no tugging / dragging on the sensitive eyelid area - it is easy to control, well designed and gives you a clean line, which you can draw thicker for a more dramatic look, or get a precise sharp wing depending on your mood! - affordable, great quality and great value for money (also widely available at Priceline, chemists, department stores and L'oreal stockists) - even for beginners, the design of the felt tip means it is easy to use to get a "pro" liquid liner finish - I have sensitive eyes and this product wasn't irritating at all, it also didn't run or smudge during the day - the lasting power is excellent (8 hours) and it didn't fade or flake during the day - No problems removing, using an everyday eye make-up remover CONS - the product does run out quite quickly, however for the price I can't complain! - I found that it does dry out at the tip, however a trick to avoid this, is to keep it store upright (I stand it together with my brushes, with the tip pointed down) - It does take a little while to set once applied...which is a minor con unless I'm trying to hold back a sneeze!! Any inadvertent transfer can be easily fixed with a cotton tip! Overall a great product that has helped to boost my winged eyeliner skills. Definitely worth trying out for yourself! 
This eye liner is so easy to apply and also fix you make a mistake... BUT I can FINALLY do winged eye liner now thanks to this product which is even better!!! Am on my second one and will most definitely be going back for another, maybe even two more!
There are many different types of eyeliners out there in the market and they all range in prices. This eyeliner by L’Oréal is super easy to use. It’s exactly like a pen and so it’s easy to draw it on. It has a fine tip so I can achieve precision even though I am not that great at putting on eye makeup. Once the liquid dries, the eyeliner is long-lasting. It lasts for hours and hours and I do not need to reapply it on, nor does it smudge and give me panda eyes. Best of all, it’s affordable so it won’t break the bank.
This is a super easy eyeliner to use, it is so precise and beautifully pigmented to sweep across my lid without smudging or bleeding. I can get a nice fine precise line with this with ease and it will last all day without smudging but still was off with ease when I'm ready. I absolutely adore L'Oréal products, this French house always delivers high quality and this product is no exception. The black pigment is lovely and gives a really silky line without dragging. The firm felt tip is easy to control, my only complaint is it does take a while to dry. At under $25.00 I think it's great value as it's really high quality and lasts. I love this and would recommend it. Pros Easy to use Highly pigmented Precise result Great value Waterproof and won't smudge Cons Takes a little while to dry.
L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Superstar. Hands up for loves eyeliner for defining my eyes. ME ME ME!   The LOreal liner makes it Super easy to apply thick or thin eyeliner. The tip of this eyeliner is super flexible, and tapered allowing clean lines and wings to be draw on easily. No more faffing about for ages trying to achieve the perfect wing.   The eyeliner doesn’t bleed or drag on the skin. And for those who want black as black eyeliner, this one is very pigmented!!   The liner stays on for most of the day, and washes off very easily at the end of the day.                                                    The only drawback is that you do have to wait a while for this eyeliner to dry or it will transfer onto the lids.   Pros Easy to use and allows for precise lines. Thick or thin ae achievable. Pigmented.   Cons: Expensive when there are similar cheaper eyeliners around. Takes a while to dry.
I bought this eyeliner quite recently as I was in the market for one, and my favourite YouTuber is always raving on about this one, so I thought I'd give it a go...here's my two cents... EASE OF USE: I bought this eyeliner to change up my makeup game a little and I had not had much experience with liquid eyeliner before. I found that this pen was much easier to use then the pot and brush alternatives that I had tried in the past. The pen was easy to hold and the nib itself is very soft and reasonably flexible (but not too much so- which I personally prefer as I am less likely to make a mistake). However, if you like a really flexible, bendy nib on your eyeliner pens I would not necessarily recommend this one for you. I also found that with the pen I could only get a medium-thickness line and not a thin line as the nib is still reasonably wide. However, I just use a cotton tip to fix up any mistakes and make the line thinner and more precise. FORMULA: The standout of this product is most definitely the formula of the eyeliner itself. I find that the product is rich, dark and pigmented. I also find that you have quite a bit of play time when doing your eyeliner- the formula is quite wet so if you go back to intensify your liner/fix certain parts it doesn't bunch up. I find that after a minute or so the liner also dries down fully matte. STAYING POWER: The liner drying down matte really must help with the staying power of this eyeliner as I have found on me the liner lasts around 8 hours without smudging or fading, which is honestly really great, particularly from a drugstore brand. PACKAGING: I like the packaging, it is very simple and sleek (easy to carry around in your handbag for any on-the-go touch-ups). I have had no issues with the product spilling or breaking. AFFORDABILITY: I think the product is at a reasonable god price point (I always buy these products from the pharmacy when you can grab a 30-50% discount, meaning it becomes quite a god deal!). The only major qualm I have with this product is that it dries out quite fast. I have found that my pen only lasted around 4-5 months before drying out- and for me personally, eyeliner isn't part of my everyday makeup look so its not worth the investment for me. However, if you do wear eyeliner on a regular basis I would recommend you check this one out.
L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Superstar, surprised me with how easy it was to apply. It wore well throughout the day, and gave my eyes the definition that enhanced a subtle dramatic look. It didn't smudge.  I think it would be great if this product could be available in dark charcoal or dark brown, as for the 50 + ladies, the black can be harsh unless used very carefully.  I would definitely use this product again.
I am not a black eyeluner wearer as I am 50+ and fair but I gave it a go.I agree with others that it was a chakkenge to use but with practice became easier.This eye liner is for those that like a dramatic look and is fairly easy to use.I will be looking to see if it comes in a brown as this would be a softer look for me.
Loved this liner!! It didn't give that wet shiny finish that I've disliked in the past, instead it was natural and best of all, it stayed put! No smudging or cracking..the pen like applicator also makes drawing the perfect wing a breeze! Overall really happy with this liner!
L'Oreal Paris Superliner Superstar! What a great name for a great product .So easy to get precise lines that are nice and dark with the tip of the pen being really gentle on your eye area. I would highly recommend  this product, great for beginners so easy to use.
I love this eyeliner, I don't usually use this type of product, but with some practice i have now been converted. The tip is fine which made it easy to apply giving you a smooth clean smudge free line that last all day. I have already recommended it to my friends.
Lovely to use and easy to get a nice boarder close to my eyelashes, was able to smudge it before it dried to soften the look, much better than crayon. however the  black is too hard on an oldie like me(50+) . I would love to try it in a brown or grey if they bring it out
Love this, love this, love this.  As easy to use as colouring in.  First time I havent had to go over lines to get them to look even and right.  Was so easy to use, inspired me to try a few different looks and now I'm hooked.  Great pigmentation, great staying power, great impact, great look and great price.  Will purchase in the future.
LÓreal know how to make a great liner, this liner makes even the beginner look like a pro. The fear of liquid liner is gone as you glide the first stroke of  pure black, glossy color across the eye line, giving the confidence to pull off a sharp, edgey line to enhance your eyes.With a lasting coat of beauty, you can dance the night away without smudge marks down your cheek. This definitely a secret weapon for the make up bag.
Loved this liner. Super easy to use and glides on thick the first time without having to go over and over the line again. The precision tip is also a great addition as it makes it simple to achieve the trending 'cat eye' look even for an amateur like me. Try it!!
The L'Oreal Super Liner Superstar is an absolute winner in my eye! I am absolutely hopeless when applying eyeliner, but did it with ease using this product.It didn't smudge and lasted all day, with no need for touch ups. It was also easy to remove. A winner.
A great new liquid pen liner on the market. The soft and flexible felt tip makes it easy to apply gliding with precision.  It was quick to dry, smudge proof and removed easily with micellar water. This product is a must try for your next liquid liner buy. Do yourself a favour and invest in the new L'OREAL SUPERLINER SUPERSTAR.
I don't usually wear eyeliner anymore but was interested tl try this. With a bit of practice this product was very easy to apply along my top lash line. It glided on smoothly, the line was quite fine with a nice colour but probably a little too intense for everyday wea for mer. I liked that it stayed on my lash line and didn't smudge onto the top of my eyelid like other liners can do. I recommend this product.
I felt like a make up pro using this product! I'm usually one to shy away from the liquid liner so I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the liner was to use and the great results. The line is a bit more dramatic than what I would wear day to day, but perfect if you are looking for something a bit more glam for a night out or something special. I'll certainly use this again and would recommend to anyone who is thinking about giving a liquid liner a try but a bit nervous :)
The L'oreal superliner has a long thin felt pen tip applicator that applies quite thinly, but build-able if a thicker line is preferred. Its jet black in colour and takes a little while to dry. On my eye shape/type this liquid liner looks a bit harsh and can tend to end up either looking wonky OR very thick (due to 'fixing' the wonky application!). I prefer to use a pencil/gel eyeliner or apply with a brush - it gives me a lot more precision and far less smudging. I'd be interested to see if there are other color options to choose from beyond black, I'd considering buying another color to try out!