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L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster Eyeliner

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L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster Eyeliner is a marker eyeliner pen that helps create bold and graphic lines with control and precision. The black ink formula glides on smoothly and is long-lasting and smudgeproof.


L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster Eyeliner


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I bought this one during some sale for $5! Well, it couldn't hurt to get a L'oreal eyeliner for 5 bucks. And it is quite a good one too. It looks like a black marker, the felt tip looks pretty huge and thick but the very tip is slim and it is possible to go for a thin line too. However, Blackbuster eyeliner can give you a pretty fat/thick line too. What I like about this liner is the deep shade of black, the ease with which this eyeliner applies and the longevity of the product. It does not smuge, it stays put. I only notice it can get wrecked if I exercise hard and then the sweat melts away the flicks. Other than that, a great eye product.
This is exactly what I was looking for: a deep black liner with a thick felt tip! The thick tip makes it much easier to draw an accurate line with only a few strokes. The liquid consistency of the eyeliner is smooth, and glides easily along the skin. I love that the colour is a true black, so you only need one smooth stroke to achieve the perfect bold liner look. The eyeliner feels like a thick pen or crayon, and fits perfectly in your hand, so it is easy to use and master a precise line.  Because it is a felt tip pen, you don't need any other brushes to achieve the perfect liner look. The eyeliner is easy to carry with me on the go, when I want to achieve a more dramatic daytime to night time look. It is perfect for cat eyes and more dramatic looks.  Once applied, it lasts for hours without smudging or smearing across the top of my eyelid. It is waterproof, so I have been using micellar water or makeup wipes to remove the product at the end of the day.  Highly recommend! 
This is my go-to eyeliner for wings! It's absolutely amazing, the consistency is smooth and the colour is really black (darker than a lot of my other eyeliners). It takes a while to get used to, going from a thin line to a thick line in the same stroke, but if you practice you can get your wings right within 60 seconds every morning - it's made my life so much easier! It's also super easy to remove, it comes off with just water, just make sure you don't rub your eyes during the day. Can't imagine my life without it.
A super eyeliner for bold, blockbuster eyes. Firstly, the packaging captures attention. It looks like a Crayola marker and the gold font is gorgeous. Then to open it and discover the great product inside. A liner with an ink formula and a very thick tip, but it is still very easy to get anything from the thinnest of lines to a thick winged eye. The first time I used it I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly and accurately it glided on, in such a quick amount of time, making it perfect when having to rush. A lot less time-consuming than pencil or gel eyeliners. I was also impressed at the intensity of the colour. The blackest of black pigments. You only need to use a bit of this liner to greatly showcase your eyes. This smudgeproof liner lasts super long, staying perfect through tears and rain. How ideal! When it comes time to remove it I find that a quick swipe with micellar water does the job. The only negative about this liner is it dries almost immediately so if you do make any errors you have to work quickly to fix them. However, this liner is very intuitive and pretty much mistake-proof, making it perfect for first time eyeliner users. Superstar SuperLiner.