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L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Brow Artist Shaper

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L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Brow Artist Shaper is a complete brow kit in one pencil that includes a soft-coloured pencil on one end to tint and define, a clear wax-based pencil on the other to shape, and a brush on the eyeliner lid for grooming brows. 

Available in three shades.


L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Brow Artist Shaper


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Having my brows on point is made easy with the L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Brow Artist Shaper pencil in my corner! It is so simple to use, simply brush your brows into place, gently fill in your brows and set in place with the wax end! BAM all in one brow pencil delivers on bangin' brows! TIP - use your hairdryer to gently warm the pencil - you will find drawing on those super fine strokes is a thousand times easier!
I absolutely love this eyebrow pencil especially for the price. I have found that it is really easy to use as it glides really well, especially for someone that struggles with doing eye makeup. I have fair skin and complexion and I use the blonde which comes out as a light brown shade. The white end is perfect to use to shape your eyebrows is excellent at holding down those stray hairs. I would definitely recommend this product to others.