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L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Perfect Slim Eyeliner

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L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Perfect Slim Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner that features a 0.04mm brush tip for precise application to help create an intense cat eye look.

The fine tip paired with the flexible nip and pigmented formula make for the easiest winged liner ever.
Carli Alman
Beauty Crew

L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Perfect Slim Eyeliner


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I wasn’t super thrilled with this eyeliner. The one good thing about this eyeliner is the shape of the felt tip, it does allow to get a super slim line as the name suggests. As for its other attributes, I was a bit disappointed. I found that the line didn’t last the day on my eyes as it smudged easily if my eyes got watery. Also the intensity of the black wasn’t the darkest that I’ve tried. Another disappointment for me was the eyeliner didn’t last too long, as the contents of the pen faded to a faint grey line rather quickly. I would only recommend this eyeliner to someone that really wants a super slim and subtle line.
I have always been afraid of liquid eyeliners but once I tried this product that changed- This is honestly the easiest and best eye-liner I have ever used. The liquid sponge tipped pen makes it so easy to glide on to your eyelids leaving you with a perfect dark line on your eyes. It has a pointy edge making application a breeze leaving mistakes a thing on the past. It is easy to hold meaning you can create a fine line or a super bold line. The colour/ ink is highly pigmented and lasts all days. The extra benefit is once it dries it stays put and doesnt smudge! I love it because it makes my eyes stand out! Another fantastic product from loreal!
Thank you beauty crew for allowing me to trial L'Oreal Super Liner perfect slim, the product is a good size with stylish packaging. The tapered section of the brush makes handling the brush easier, I dont normally use a liquid eyeliner with a brush tip, so after a bit of practice the eyeliner was easy to apply. It created a smooth dramatic cat eye look, with an intense black colour. The fine tip helped to create an even line on each eye while allowing me to create  a number of diffrent looks, the liner was fluid, but took a minute to dry completely, the colour lasted all day and didnt smudge.
I found this product really easy to use. The application is extremely smooth and it lasts well once applied.
I haven't used a liquid eyeliner for a while however I found this eyeliner relatively easy to apply & the colour was a lovely rich black however I found I needed to give it time to dry otherwise I ended up with eyeliner on the crease of my eye. Overall a great eyeliner
Flimsy tip, hard to work with. Not black enough. Really this is the most disappointing product I have received to review. It was extremely hard to draw line with it, would bot recommend to anyone.
While not a regular eyeliner user, I found the L'Oreal fairly easy to use. I liked the thin brush and it was easy to apply and most importantly for me, easy to remove. I would recommend this product.
I was sent this liner as a surprise with a L'oreal mascara, and I always love surprises! Thank you Beauty Crew! This liner was great for me when I wanted something nice and tight to my lashline.. slow and steady though (unless you a a liquid liner veteran ) The staying power is excellent and no smudges!!
Excellent eyeliner that I would recommend to all ages. Application is very easy and ideal for any beginner wanting to experiment with this product. Loved the smooth silky feel of the tip and the colour is perfect. Great product and price, Well done L'Oreal.
I regularly use liquid liner - but one with more of a felt tip pen end rather than a longer fine more flexible paintbrush end like the L'Oreal liner.  This meant it took me a few times to get the technique right without accidentally drawing it everywhere.   The pigment is fantastic, and once you get the hang of it, the flexible brush makes the cat-eye look easy to achieve.  It also dries quickly which is fantastic for when you get the application down pat - but not so good for novices.
I received this liquid liner to review and was not expecting it, thought I was just receiving the Loreal Feline Voluminous Lash Mascara. Anyway having never used liquid liner I can say a lot more practice is required ☺ I thought it was a nice liner with a fine point. Would recommend it but think I will stick to the more traditional pencil that can be smudged out.
I received this as part of the Beauty Crew to trial with the L'Oreal Million Lashes mascara. Firstly, I'm not great at eyeliner and have used an array of products to get better at it (gel, liquid, cream, etc) but nothing has seemed to help me perfect it. Whilst I didn't perfect the technique using this L'Oreal Super Liner, I was able to practice more with it and I think that with more practise, this product might become a staple in my makeup bag. I like how truly black it comes out and the finish isn't too shiny or matte. It glides on smoothly on the lid when doing a super thin line but takes work getting a precise sharp line when doing the wing (this may also be back my eye fold is a bit weird). I would recommend this to people who tend to do thin and not 'over the top' cat eyes - I think Alexa Chung would approve of this product.
I was sent this as apart of the Beauty Crew trial team with a L'Oreal mascara. I normally don't use liquid eyeliner as I find gel liner easier to use but I found this L'Oreal eyeliner really easy to use. The applicator is quite thin and creates sharp lines which is perfect for my small eyes. I normally find it's easier to do small strokes when I use a gel liner with an angled liner brush, but with this pen I found that I could easily do one sweep to create the line. If you're not confident with liquid liner I would suggest this liner, as it's foolproof.
Firstly, thank you to Beauty Crew for giving me a chance to trial the L'Oreal SuperLiner Perfect Slim Eyeliner. I should start this review by saying that I tend to wear gel liner, applied with an angled brush. Generally speaking, I find that combo the easiest to apply. I've gone back and forth between gel and pen-style liners, and I always end up back at gel. ... This product, however, might change that.  This liner exceeded my expectations - the pen is easy to hold and use, so I managed to get my eyeliner even very quickly, and the pigment is quite dark, giving a beautiful finish.  Having used several similar products previously, this one stood out for me as it is a quality, easy to use product at a decent price-point. I found the product didn't smudge and lasted all day (note: I always use primer on my lids/lashline when wearing eyeliner), so I'm very happy with the product overall, and will definitely consider buying it in the future. I would happily recommend this product to novices and gurus alike.
Comes in a lovely large tube. The fine tip makes it super easy and precise to apply. Almost instantly dries and does not smudge. Applying eyeliner is usually the most trickiest part of my make-up routine well not anymore!.
Let me just say first I hardly ever wear eyeliner mostly because I'm so bad at putting it on and I'm usually racing to get out the door. This product is great though. It's really easy to hold and angle and it goes only really smoothly with minimal contact from the brush. I did find it was a little difficult to fix errors as it dries really quickly but it did stay in place really well.  I think with more practice it will be fantastic and quick and easy to apply. I also think it would be great to do the cat eye with (will try to master a straight line first though). 
This is a great liquid liner. The tip is very fine which makes it easy to build up a nice line and wing, even for beginners. Did not smudge and result looks fantastic, colour looked great and dark. The liner held up throughout the day well and easy to remove afterwards.
Upon receiving the L’Oréal Paris SuperLiner Perfect Slim Eyeliner to trial I was excited as I don't often wear eyeliner. I found the packaging to be very lovely, as well as the texture of the product. The colour is quite intense, and ensures that you notice it when it's on. Application was much easier than I expected, it glided on on to allow great precision, especially for a novice in the eye liner department like myself. I thought it would end up messy and everywhere, however, I found it stayed put. While I liked this product, it has not converted me to include eyeliner into my make up routine. I do however recommend it for others who use eye liner frequently.
I don't normally use eyeliner, let alone liquid eyeliner, but I was impressed with this product. I had some help from a friend to use it correctly and after a few attempts I find it amazing. It was very easy to use and glides on beautifully and seamlessly.  The consistency of the brush was picture perfect after the application.  Very easy to use and slime line packaging allows for easy travel, however, I didn't have to reapply as it was long wearing.  It was quick to dry as well and did not leave any smudging.   
I was really impressed with how easy this eyeliner was to apply. I found the flexible tip made it effortless in achieving the perfect wing. I found the colour pay off was good and I didn't experience any smudging. The eyeliner was very easy to remove at the end of the day which I always appreciate in a liquid eyeliner! This product is great value for money and I would recommend.