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L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva’brow is a two-in-one tinted brow gel for filling in and volumising eyebrows to create buildable, natural brows that can also be intensified for a bolder look. The formula is long-wearing, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and waterproof. The fast-drying eyebrow gel sets in 90 seconds but can be easily removed with makeup remover or wipes. 

Available in three shades.

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L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva’brow


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More suitable for a stronger brow look

I bought Unbelieva’brow in the shade Cool Blonde. This shade did not look cool-toned on my fair skin. It was neutral or warm-toned. I would have preferred a cooler undertone, but the product blended in well because it wasn’t too dark. Unbelieva’brow has a doe foot applicator, but I applied it with my own brow brush so that I could create a softer brow look. I had to be careful to apply the product with a light touch because it had an opaque and highly pigmented formula. If I was not careful, I ended up with a heavier brow look which is not for me. The product had really good longevity. I did not reach for Unbelieva’brow very often so I forgot about it. I recently rediscovered the product and it had not dried up after I first started using it a year ago.

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This is more of a thin liquid than what I am used to. Use a thin eyebrow brush to apply exterior lines and blend with a clean spoolie, then fill in with a thicker brush and blend again. I always finish with some hairspray on the spoolie and comb up for a full brow effect. (This works incredibly well!) This product is amazing if you are familiar with how to apply properly. I noticed that if I wash with face soap, my brows stay on, but easily remove with micellar water. Also, very little is needed and I imagine that this tube will last a very long time! My new favorite brow filler!
I bought L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva’brow as an alternative to another Loreal brow brush mascara. This is definitely a bold gel colour for filling in brows not necessarily a natural look. The formula is smudge proof which I liked but if you apply too much product it can be annoying. Having the spare brush was a little random as it can be easily lost and the product is pointless without it. Could have a click connector or some other way to attach product and brush in one to prevent losing the brush. The gel is thicker and more dramatic than I like for a day look. It's perfect for an evening glam look though. Unless you are wearing medium to full makeup this product would look too bold.  Pros High definition of brows Glam look A little goes a long way Budget friendly Precise application quick drying Cons Limited shades Thick gel Hard to remove Easily to lose the brush
I tried this L'Oreal Brow gel and found the application to be not so easy to use. This has a doe foot applicator and comes with a separate brow brush (as shown in the picture). You could easily lose the brush or it might be dirty after a while due to exposure to dust. I found the pigmentation to be nice but you to be careful as is it very easy to have very harsh lines. I barely touched the product on my brows and spread all over for a natural look.
I normally use a pencil to fill my brows in and always have. Mine don't suit powders or pomades - as my brows are super fine, a dark blonde shade and I just don't suit really bold brows - I also find the pencil I currently use stays on very well (Maybelline Total Temptation), and it's almost waterproof the way I apply it. However I've always been curious about trying a different brow product. I watched a few YouTube tutorials on applying Unbeliva'brow, and thought it was an interesting idea really suited some people. The product wasn't as difficult to apply as I initially thought. Though I'm glad it came with that extra slanted brush, because applying it straight with the applicator from the tube - resulted in way too much product and a mess. So I had to just use the slanted brush to apply the product especially on my arch and the ends of my brows which are too short and I usually have to draw on. I chose dark brunette as I prefer a darker brow, and this colour was cool toned like my pencil. If you make a mistake, keep one of those cotton bud makeup applicators on hand to quickly wipe off any excess before it sets. The end result were very nicely shaped, very bold brows, but just way too unnatural looking for me! I wouldn't even be able to pull off such brows with a face full of makeup. They reminded me of the typical "Instagram eyebrows" which is not a look that suits me. Interesting product but not for me. If you like the really bold brow look then give it a go - but I'll be sticking with my brow pencils! It also easily removes with micellar water or makeup remover - I was expecting the product to stay on like those "brow tattoo" products, but luckily for me it was easy to remove.
The application of this product took a bit of practice to master as it comes on thick and the main applicator is quite big. But once on and dry, it stays! It doesn’t smudge or transfer and is waterproof. It’s staying power is better than most eyeliners and liquid lipsticks. 
I've only recently started using brow products, mainly a pencil to fill in uneven areas. As a newbie I found this product really easy to use and far better than my effect using a pencil! Colour 102 was spot on for my light brown/bronde hair. I was worried about it rubbing off but it had great staying power and came off easily using face wash at the end of the day. Perfect!
I have used quite a few different brow products so I have a pretty good idea of what I do and don’t like. I will say that I liked this product. The colour I got (dark blonde) was nice and best of all this product is incredibly long lasting. It is very easy to apply and I loved that as well. The only downside was that it isn’t quite as precise as other brow products. It’s not as easy to draw little hairs and things like that.
I unfortunately didn't love this product - I found that the product was too difficult to apply and the consistency of the product meant the colour often looked uneven/darker on parts. Having to use a separate brush that wasn't a part of the actual product packaging was also difficult as I felt I was often losing it in my make up bag!
I usually use powder or a pencil for my brows so I wasn't sure how a liquid would go but I got sent one to trial.  I surprisingly loved it, it was super quick to use and easy.  You do have to make sure you don't use a lot of it though, I kind wiped the sponge before putting it near my brow and use the brush and spoolie to help shape it.  It was also really pigmented and darker then I thought which I liked.  It lasts all day and will definitely become a regular in my makeup routine.
I generally use a brow pencil everyday so I was super interested in trying out a new form of brow product.  You only need a small amount of product to leave your brows looking full, however it takes a bit of time to get it looking good. Unfortunately the colour was slightly to light for me but the next shade was a bit too dark.  I did really like the finished look of the product when combined with a brow pencil and would use this if I have time to get ready or when I have a full face of makeup on.
I love a good brow product so I was really excited to try this!  Firstly, I highly recommend using as little as possible when applying. This product will probably last a while as a little goes a long way, however it's very difficult to apply with a doe foot applicator. I found using the spoolieand applying a little product on there was easier as it spread throug the brow evenly. The product has great staying power! However from what I saw, the shade range available was limited. Overall, not a bad product but there are easier brow products on the market to use.
Different to what I'm normally used to (ABH eyebrow pencil) this product made my brows full and bold - which did feel a bit full on and less natural due to the colour. I got the colour 109 Ebony, which looked too light on the outside of the bottle but warmed up quite nicely on the skin. Still a bit too light for my liking (I have completely black eyebrows) so would have much preferred a much darker shade. Rather than putting the applicator straight onto my brows, I dabbed a small amount of product onto the angled brush and filled in my eyebrows, giving some more control of the gel - it does dry very quickly so you need to be quick swift in your filling. I then used the spoolie to brush out the brows. The gel lasted throughout the day and but can be easily removed with some micellar water and a qtip. Not a bad item, but I much prefer the traditional pencil.
I have quite sparse brows and to be honest don't like the very dramatic block style of brow, so really need a product that can give me a natural look if that's what I choose. I was quite impressed with this product ! Be light handed if you prefer a more natural look however , for a more intense brow if you go in a little heavier you will get the look you desire . Long lasting and the colour match was great . All in all , I found this product to be easy to use , well priced and a definitely worth a try if you want great , long lasting brows with minimal effort.
I was curious about how this type of product would work, I have some pros and cons. I panicked when I first put it on as the gel was very dark and solid. However, when I used the spoolie, the product spread easily into a nice natural brow. Spreading the product with the spoolie also meant it is very quick to apply, quicker than drawing on brows. It stayed all day and kept my brows in place. Negatives are the packaging and applicator. I felt the product applicator was tricky to use, and often I made a bit of a mess. Ot would also be great to build the spoolie into the main packaging, I can imagine something so small would easily get lost in a makeup bag. Overall a good product and would probably continue to use.
I’m a daily user of brow products to fill in my sparse brows and as a result I tend to enjoy simple products that are quick and easy to use.  But I didn’t really enjoy this one for that reason. It was an application process which I felt like had too many steps to perfect the brows and make them look natural and filled in. The colour matched me really well and the finished product was really nice, however it wasn’t a ‘no-fuss’ product and demands some extra work to apply.
I was excited to try the brow gel as I usually use a gel for my eyebrows. As soon as I saw that there was different brushes, I knew I had to lower my expectations. I was hoping for something quick and easy and this was anything but. For those who want something for on the go, this is not it
This colour was a little too light for my brows, but I noticed that a light hand is key to applying this product, otherwise you will end up with gloopy stiff brows. The gel texture is long lasting and being water-proof is an added bonus. I also did like the brow brush and liner that came with the product.
As a sparsely-browed lady, it has been a lifelong quest to find a product to make my brows look thick, but natural. Of all of the products I’ve tried, Unbelieva’brow stands out as being one of the most unique formulations I’ve tried. I use the shade Cool Blonde, which matches my light brown eyebrows perfectly and is actually cool-toned, making it look really natural. It is easier to apply than it looks, but you need a very small amount of product and it can be difficult not to over-apply as the applicator is quite large.  The brand’s claim of this product being long lasting is absolutely accurate! I tried to remove it with a Face Halo and cleanser and it barely budged, easily outlasting ABH DipBrow.  In short, this is an exceptional product that is an absolute steal for the price. I have converted multiple friends, who all love Unbelieva’brow as much as I do. I will definitely repurchase! 
I was so excited to try this L’Oréal Paris unbelieva’brow gel as my eyebrows never seem to grow full.  I use a brow pencil/powder everyday which always needs touching up so this product sounded amazing. Pros: The product itself is really easy to use. I applied a small amount (key is, less is definitely more)and then using  the small blending brush and wand I shaped and filled in my sparse brows. I found that I was left with full looking, dramatic brows and they almost looked like I had undergone brow tattoo procedure. I received the 108 colour as I have almost black hair, but for my taste, I think it was a little too dark, so if I was to purchase the product, I would go a shade lighter so my brows don’t look too dramatic. Once the gel dried, which took no time at all, there was no transference or lightening. I even exercised after using it and not a smudge in site. Cons: you really need to use a small amount as the liquid drys really quickly so I found (after the third try) that working in a small area then applying more worked better for me. I found it a little difficult to remove the product and really needed to get in with make removing wipes which in turn pulled out a few of my already sparse eyebrows. Overall, good product for long lasting dramatic eyebrows and very easy to use but definitely need to apply less is more technique when applying. I would purchase the product but in a lighter shade.