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L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara

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L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara features the iconic Millioniser brush in an arched shape to fit the eyelid shape and capture all lashes. The mascara, which features argan oil and neo-black pigments, works to add intensity, definition and volume, creating a cat-eye effect.

Lift, curl, volume and intensity - all in one handy mascara!
Carli Alman
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L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara


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When it comes to Mascara I am really, really fussy. Mainly because I have awful lashes. They are short, mixed lengths and really fine. I had held off buying this for weeks after it first came out, but after reading great review after great view I had no choice but to buy it! And boy am I glad I did! There was something about how the brush curved that allowed for every lash to get picked up. It made my lashes incredibly long and the looked fuller because the wand pickup up the little lashes as well.  I was really surprised at the actual texture of the mascara itself. It was really light and didn't clump on my lashes at all. I could apply it in the morning and by the time I would get home from work it would still be perfect. Definitely worth checking out this mascara! 
I tried this mascara around three months ago based on a recommendation from a friend, and I have to say I've been using it happily ever since, here's my two cents... Pros:  Effect on lashes: this is one of those amazing and also rare mascaras that delivers on the big three- length, separation and volume. I would personally recommend this mascara to those looking for a fairly natural everyday mascara that lengthens the lashes without clumping. However, as I said this mascara also offers volume but you need to layer it up- I find two coats works well for providing enough drama for a smokey eye look. The best thing about this mascara is that it layers well without clumping  and works well from natural looks to more dramatic.  Formula: the formula is very densely pigmented and I find that it makes my lashes appear very black and helps them to stand out. Longevity: I was also so impressed with this Mascara as I find it looks the same 8 hours after I've originally applied it. I've even worn it in during those over thirty degree days and I've never had any issues with it smudging or flaking, even in the heat. So if you are looking for a long wearing mascara this might be one to check out. Packaging: I've never had any issues with the packaging- I've noticed I don't get product piling up  at the top of the tube which is a common problem for me.  Ease of use: I find this mascara very easy to use and the way the brush is shaped really helps you to coat all of the lashes in a couple of swipes. I find the wand very similar to the maybelline lash sensational if you've ever tried that one.  CONS: Formula: the main qualm I have with this product is that I didn't  really enjoy it when I initially opened the tube. I found it to be too 'wet' which caused the lashes to clump together and not build volume. I suggest leaving the tube open for a few days allowing the product to dry out slightly and then you will achieve the results that I have been talking about above. Hope this review helps xo
Have used this mascara for over a month. There is no clumping or smudging and feels light on the lashes. The brush shape is fantastic as it coats all the lashes giving them great length and definition. Fantastic product, will definitely recommend to friends.
This went on very easily and separated and lengthened the lashes beautifully. As a glass wearer I find some mascaras smudge this one didn't. 
In the first week of wearing the L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara I didn't like it. I found the formula very wet and messy as it does take a few minutes at least to dry, which can be a bit of a pain if your in a hurry and don't have a chance to double check your makeup before you leave for daily duties. After the first week or so the mascara did seem to be better to use however it's not so convenient when you buy a product and want to use it right away (as most makeup lovers do!). I didn't find the mascara added more volume to my lashes but did well in adding more length (which isn't the feature/selling point of the product).
absolutely loved this mascara.  easy to apply and loved the affect.  have recommended to friends and will buy again
From the moment I glided this product onto my lashes it had an immediate effect. The wand was quite ergonomic in a sense and the slight curve allows a smooth application.  The product just glided onto my lashes producing an almost immediate visible lengthening and thick evenly brushed and spaced lashes. Surprisingly there was no excess residue as the applicator distributed all that was required.  My lashes looked perfect and I was complimented on them. A stranger in the train asked where I have my extensions done. Although I already have long lashes it just enhanced then even more.  They provided a glossy healthy dense look. I am of European descent and this was very suitable for me as it definitely enhanced and lengthened my lashes.  The packaging is a little bulky than expected as I prefer a slimmer tubing but then the wand couldn't be curved and I really like that feature.
LOVE THIS MASCARA! Will definitely buy again. It goes on easy and the design in the brush means no clumping. I usually do 2-3 coats which helps with volume and lengthening.
This is fantastic everyday mascara which makes me look more awake thanks to the lift and curl it gives to the lashes.  Because the formula is really glossy and on the thinner side thanks to argan and camellia oil which conditions the lashes so you can rest assure that you won't have a hint of a crispy lash with this.Application was nice and easy and I managed to use the brush as advised and pack my outer lashes with product!  In terms of volume, I've definitely used mascaras that give more thickness and oomph to my lashes, but it gives lots of length, lift, curl and separation.  So much separation that after two coats there's still no clumping.  I couldn't get this to clump if I tried!   This is now the mascara I'll be reaching for when I want to look wide eyed and bushy tailed! 
Thank you to the beauty crew for allowing me to trial L'Oreals Feline Volume Million Lashes Mascara. The packaging is attractive with its metallic coating and clear labels. The mascara was fluid and glided easily over my lashes, the curved brush helped coat individual lashes especially at the edges of my eyes. It added volume to my lashes but required a few coats to achieve a thicker more dramatic appearance. Throughout the day the mascara stayed in place and didn't run or smug under my eyes. I think this mascara would be great for every day use, although it did not create as much volume to my lashes as i was expecting, my lashes were lengthen and defined with a long lasting colour and no clumping
i would call this one 'defining' rather than volumising. Clearly defined lashes without clumping - good wearage without the 'smudging' as the day wears on. It does fade after 8 hours but can just be reapplied over the top. Would buy again
Fantastic coverage, length and dream defying style. My lashes look fabulous
I liked the wand in this mascara as it allowed for a full thick lash to occur.  It took a while for me to become use to the different brush but it was worth the effort.  The mascara is non-clumping and after three months is still gliding on smoothly.  I was impressed with the water resistance of the mascara - it really worked.  I would recommend this mascara if you are looking for a full lash with minimum of ease.
The applicator brush is short, but the handle is a good shape, so not trouble getting to all my lashes. The colour is a nice, deep, black. Good coverage. Didn't run, wasn't clumpy. I really like this mascara. Was a little runny, but dried ok on my lashes.
Excellent product. Silk in a bottle :) Glided on effortlessly and clumpfree! Didn't make my eyes water and lasted a humid nightshift ! Thanks for the trial Beauty Crew
Long-lasting results, easy-to-use, lightweight applicator and beautiful ebony colour. It does have a bit of the after lunch flakies and will need to be re-applied if you're going out after work, but overall a good budget mascara.
This  is a great mascara for long lush lashes. The formula doesn't clump like so many mascaras and the wand created an uplifting curl. My lashes looked dark and thick and I love the price, a quality product that won't break the bank but delivers effective results.
I am loving this product at the moment!! My lashes look so long and it isn't clumpy so it defines my eyelashes perfectly and not in blobs, stays on, hard to come off. Thanks for a great product and definitely will keep using it in the future.
I was happy that there was no clumping, but for someone like myself who has quite short lashes I didn't find this mascara gave them a full and long effect. They still looked very short.
Beautiful mascara that was very easy to use.  The brush shape made application very simple to apply and the coverage was excellent without any clumping. A very long lasting mascara at an affordable price for everyday use. Highly recommended.