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LUMA Beyond The Brow is a tinted brow gel that helps fluff, fill and enhance brows. The buildable formula works to deliver a long-lasting and natural look while setting brows in place.

Available in two shades.


LUMA Beyond The Brow


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Fantastic little brow gel! I’ve been trying brow gels from all different types of brands, from Essence to Benefit, in my quest to find a brow gel I love. I loved Benefit’s Gimmie Brow, but found that it dried out too quickly for the price. A few months ago, I spotted this brow gel amongst Luma’s revamped line and decided to give it a whirl.  I picked it up in the darkest colour, as my eyebrows are a dark brown (almost black). I found that it was a perfect colour match - it is  a dark neutral brown which I think would match majority of dark brows. I think this is because the colour is semi-sheer, and the tone is neutral so it can suit both cool and warm toned hair. The semi-sheer colour meant that I could add real-looking depth to the front of my eyebrows, where they are sparse. The effect is natural but noticeable - my eyebrows look more defined and filled in, but look 100% natural. This is great because I for one, prefer a natural brow, and two, I can use it no matter how much or little makeup I wear. I find that brow pomades can look too intense on the face unless I have a full face of makeup on, but this Luma brow gel gives me the freedom to choose how made up I want to be on each given day. The hold of the gel is stellar - I have long eyebrow hairs that tend to shift throughout the day, making my brows look scraggly. This locks them into place, even with a new fringe brushing against them all day. The best part about the high level of hold of this gel is that it doesn’t make my brows crunchy or shiny in the light. A lot of brow gels give my eyebrows a hard, crunchy, layer that reflects light - making them look very un-natural and unpleasant feeling to touch. This Luma brow gel doesn’t do that - my brows remain soft, yet in place with it. The brush itself is perfect for my small to medium size brows. I think you may struggle with this brow gel if you have really thin brows. The brush is very small, with soft bristles arranged in a cone shape (like a tapered mascara wand). I much prefer this brush to the spiky ball style brushes some other brands have come out with. The density of the bristles make it really easy for my to neaten my brow hairs and get them into the position I want, while the small size of the brush means I don’t accidentally smear tinted gel above and below my brow.  Overall, it is an excellent product with a well thought out applicator. With this brow gel I can create real-looking depth to my brows and fool people into thinking I have naturally goregous brows! It also lasts wuite a long time for the price - mine lasted 4 months with daily use!
This definitely helps "fluff" the brows up. It adds more volume and dimension to the brows, giving it a fuller look. You can use it alone to quickly fill in sparse areas, or on top of a brow colour to set it, prolong its wear and add dimension. Packaging is absolutely gorgeous too! Highly recommend. I got the tinted version and the clear version and use both interchangeably. I'll use the clear one on top of a brow colour or sweep the tinted one on bare brows on more natural days, and apply the tinted one over a brow colour on days where I want a more dramatc look. Love both!
I recently used the luma clear brow gel with excellent results so when I spied the same product in a tinted variety I was keen to try it. This is a great product, the tinted gel is easy to use, just light feathery strokes to fill brows, deposit just the right amount of colour to frame my face and the gel grooms brows and keeps them in place beautifully. Using a tinted gel eliminates the step of using a brow pencil first so this product saves time, therefore I think I prefer this tinted version of the gel over the clear version. This product enhances my brows, adds volume and I love that it is buildable to enable me to achieve a natural finish. The container is pretty and at just under $17.00 I found it was good value. It comes in two shades so there is a match for blondes and brunettes, I could actually find no fault with this product and for those who have never tried luma products before I suggest starting with this. I highly recommend it.