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LUMA Illuminating Highlighter is an ultra-sheer cream highlighter formulated with crushed pearl to instantly enhance the complexion. The buildable formula creates a luminous, dewy finish and is suitable for use on face and body.

Available in three shades.


LUMA Illuminating Highlighter


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Skin Type: Oily, Sensitive, Redness   I fell in love with Luma 100% based on their packaging, then after spending about 20 minutes making every surface on my body glow testing their products, I bought about 6 of them all at once. I purchased two shades of the Illuminating highlighter and I LOVE it.  I am camp light coverage and always prefer dewy/glowy look to a full coverage matte one. These highlighters blend seamlessly into a liquid foundation base or BB cream for a really gentle healthy looking glow. I use them every day and have so many compliments on how "glowy" or "fresh" I look. I'll take that!  Added bonus for me is that they are reasonably natural and Australian owned!  I have experiences sensitivity with other LUMA products however so I would advise to patch test first.  
LUMA products are super luxe and underrated! This cream highlighter provides that beautiful "supermodel glow" - subtle, dewy and fresh. The formula is amazing and very creamy, and the packaging is just gorgeous. I can't fault this product at all. Would highly recommend it! For those that prefer a blinding or more intense highlight, this may not be for you. It's more of an every-day highlighter you can rely on for work or school etc.
I treated myself to this highlighter a few weeks ago from Priceline because I was curious about the Luma line from Jess Hart and after swatching the product in store I thought it would be right up my street! Here's my two cents... PRO'S: PIGMENTATION: This product is the perfect amount of pigment for me personally, however it is definitely a natural looking highlighter! If you are looking for a 'see you from space' highlighter, this will not be the one for you! The best thing about this product is that the shimmers in the highlighter are pretty much undetectable on the skin, it literally just looks like you have a glow. However, I have found that this product is very buildable and you can get more pigmented effect if you use fingers to apply the product along the cheekbones, brow bone, nose, etc. rather than a brush. It also looks lovely on the body as well! I also find that the highlighter isn't sticky and has a nice creamy, gel kind of texture which is great! However, the product does not completely dry down but at least your hair doesn't stick to your cheekbones haha! BLENDABILITY: The product blends in to the skin super easily. I have found it applies best with fingers as the warmth of your fingers can help meld the product with the skin. I also find it blends well both underneath and over the top of foundation and also just on the skin itself if you want an extra glow if you're having a no makeup day! PRICE: I think the price point for this product is great, because I feel like it's such a great quality highlighter, like something you would find from a higher end brand. Also, as the product is quite pigmented you don't need to use much with every use so this product would last ages before running out! COLOUR: I've got the shade moonlight ivory which is quite a light, champagne highlighter which is perfect for light to medium skin tones. I find that the highlighter doesn't leave a white cast on the skin and just adds that subtle glow. Unfortunately, there's only three shades in the line so hopefully eventually it is extended! CON'S: PACKAGING: I love everything about this highlighter except from the packaging! I am just not the biggest fan of pot products as your fingers get dirty as you place them in the pot and I also feel like it is quite unhygienic in general. Although, to be honest the packaging alone is not enough for me to stop using my favourite natural highlighter!
It can be difficult to find an illuminator which really works its magic but Luma Illuminating Highlighter is fantastic and has become one of my top five to date. Featuring a lovely lightweight creamy consistency, Illuminating Highlighter gives skin that natural glow from within. Personally I prefer to wear this product of an evening because I find illuminating products by day can appear harsh on skin and even artificial. When placed on the skin in the right areas and worn in the evening, Illuminating Highlighter enhances skin's appearance. It detracts from tired, sallow skin and gives radiance. Evening light is different to daylight hence why skin can benefit from a little extra glow. If you have not used a highlighting product before then remember the key rule: apply little by little. Using your ring finger gently press your finger into the product and then tap it on skin in the following areas: along cheekbones, the cupid's bow on upper lip, down the bridge of your nose and along the brow bone directly under your brow. While I prefer to wear this product over my foundation, it can be worn without makeup over moisturiser, or blended into your foundation to create a dewy glow. Available in the one shade to suit all skin types, Illuminating Highlighter is infused with a blend of mineral pigments as well as moisturising properties thanks to Candelila, Beeswax and Vitamin E. Made up of 85% natural ingredients, this highlighting formula is paraben free. Jessica Hart I applaud you on Luma Cosmetics because you have really nailed it with this one!
This was a new product for me as I had only tried one Luma product before. On the lookout for a highlighter, I was attracted this time by the pearly sheen and delicate pink of the shade "Luminous Light". An in-store swatch revealed a really pretty glow, that suited my skintone and subtly enhanced my cheekbones. It was neither too "white" or too dark. Dark highlighters can be an issue with my fair skin, and I have received samples in the past that I needed to wear as a blush, rather than a highlighter. In contrast, this is a highlighter I can reach for quite often. I like the fact that it is an Australian brand as I do try to support quality Australian cosmetics. I also like the price - $26.95 for something that looks luxurious and will last a long time, is quite reasonable. It is also naturally good for the skin, containing no parabens or sulfates, and most importantly cruelty-free. This seems to be a development from the model and beauty mentor Jess Hart with new products and more sophisticated packaging. As such it is certainly a welcome addition to my beauty purchases. I find that it works well on the jawline and temple, as well as on the collar bones and decollatege at night, and will certainly be using it this holiday season. I may even try one of the other shades to see if this "pops" a little more under lights!