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Content Producer / April 29 2024

Have you ever coated your lashes in such a gloriously perfect amount of mascara that you dream of waking up with such luscious lashes naturally? Well your dream could become a reality. No, we’re not talking lash extensions here (even though we love ‘em); the extension upkeep (and fallout) can be too real

We’re here to reintroduce you to the simplistic lash saviour: a lash lift. Like us, you probably ditched the lift in favour of extensions years ago. But it’s easy to maintain, it’s time-saving, and it’s time to bring it back. This (way) more nourishing alternative to extensions is set to give you lashes that make you feel like a goddess.

To find out more (and put our lashes on the line) we headed down to Beaches Lash Co to speak to Salon Owner Sophie Wilson and Senior Beauty Therapist Shannon Thorpe to find out once and for all: can you put mascara on a lash lift?

What is a lash lift?

It’s pretty rare in the beauty world that what you get is exactly what it says on the tin. But a lash lift is precisely that: a lift (and curl) of your natural lashes. And while the solution they apply is technically a perming solution, it’s definitely not your nana’s ‘80s perm. 

All in all, the process is pretty simple. Your lash technician will apply the (much gentler) solution straight onto your lashes that have been carefully laid over a (suitably-sized) silicone bar. From there it’s a waiting game. And the end result is structured, defined and volumised lashes. PSA: they’re even more wow-worthy with an added lash tint. 

Lash Lift With and Without Mascara

Lash Lift With and Without Mascara

How long does a lash lift last?

If you’re used to the constant upkeep of lash extensions, then we’ve got some good news for you. Lash lifts don’t really require any upkeep and they last for the entire duration of your lash cycle (i.e six to eight weeks). 

For Wilson and her team, maintaining healthy lashes (and brows) is key. With a focus on ensuring you're nourishing your lashes – which get dehydrated through the lifting process – she strongly recommends only coming once fresh lashes have turned over and are then ready for the lifting process again. 

Now onto the question you’ve all been wondering about… 

Can you put mascara on a lash lift?

Okay, so simple answer. Yes, definitely. In fact, if you happen to apply it carefully and with (non-clumping) precision, it can actually help to set your lift in place. But the main thing that the team at Beaches Lash Co wants us all to know, is that in the first 24 hours, mascara is a major no no. Why? Because like Elle Woods so eloquently put, “it’s the first cardinal rule of perm maintenance that you’re forbidden to wet your hair (lashes in our case) for at least 24 hours after getting a perm at risk of deactivating the solution”. Okay fine, we’re paraphrasing.

So, if you don’t want Elle Woods to be totally disappointed in you, mascara (and its subsequent washing off) is off the table for the first day. But after that go for it! The only suggestion that Wilson and Thorpe both made was to avoid waterproof mascara (honestly generally). Because it’s tougher and rougher to get off your lashes, and will likely involve using an oil-based cleanser that weighs down your lashes. And the only real con to adding mascara onto your lifted lashes is that they’re so perfectly curled from the process that any extra mascara will end with your lashes hitting your brow bone leaving a black mark – it’s basically a blessing in disguise. 

What’s the best way to remove mascara from a lash lift?

Okay, so we’ve got the go ahead to layer our luscious lashes up with (ideally a tubing) mascara. But we know we need to be gentle around the area. So, what's the best way to remove mascara from a lash lift? 

Basically, most cleansers get the go ahead to use. However there’s one key common ingredient that needs to be left out (and it’ll exclude your favourite cleansing balm from the approved list). Oil. Yep, like we said, oil-based cleansers are too heavy and cling to your lashes, which over time will relax them far quicker. Wilson and Thorpe recommended using a gentle eye makeup remover, or even micellar water (our fave is: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Soothing Micellar Water Cleanser $32.99 at Priceline). 

Do you have any top tips to maintain your lash lift?

The top two takeaways for maintaining, prolonging and looking after your lash lift were how important it is to condition your lashes and ensuring you’re gentle with your eye area. Now being careful with your eye area seems like a no-brainer. But rubbing and scrubbing your lashes can cause them to prematurely fall out, and generally is damaging to your lashes. 

Conditioning your lash lift is probably one of those things that you’d never thought to do, but boy does it make a difference. Because of how drying the perming solution is on your lashes, ensuring you’re adding a conditioner to your lash routine will help to keep your lashes strong and nourished. Thorpe likened it to adding a hit of nourishing oil to your hair, but for your lashes. And honestly it makes sense. The Beaches Lash Co team recommends the Elleebana Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare Formula For Lash Lift ($33.95 at Beautopia)

The other important thing to note before getting a lash lift is to go in with a totally cleansed eye area. Because while the technician can (and will) cleanse your lashes, if you’ve gone in with heavy makeup it can be tricky to completely remove and may impact the quality of your lash lift. 

So, keep it in mind if you’ve got an important event coming up. If you want to get your lashes lifted, do it a few days in advance so you can apply mascara without consequences. And it’s worth noting, if you’re an avid false lash fan, the weight of a strip lash can cause the lift to be weighed down. But all in all, getting a lash lift means there’s one less step to your already lengthy beauty routine. 

Main Image Credit: @casswood

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