LUMA Tinted Beauty Balm

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LUMA Tinted Beauty Balm is a skin-perfecting BB cream formulated with crushed pearl to even out skin tone and enhance the skin’s natural glow. 

Available in three shades.


LUMA Tinted Beauty Balm


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Skin Type: Oily, Sensitive, Redness My skin has been really clear and even of late so I thought I would switch to a BB cream to hopefully continue to improve it and show it off! I fell in love with Luma 100% based on their packaging, then after spending about 20 minutes making every surface on my body glow testing their products, I bought about 6 of them all at once.  When I got this product I absolutely fell in love. It adds a gorgeous radiance and blurs imperfections without harsh coverage and it feels really healthy on the skin. I also found it quite buildable and more than enough coverage for my day to day (I like quite light coverage). But after day two I discovered I am VERY allergic to something in this product and cannot use it. It started with itching, then unfortunately very serious skin peeling, and burning.  I feel three stars is quite harsh rating for something I really did love. But unfortunately this is not a product I can use. Patch test first!
I bought this at Priceline after reading reviews on it. I love that it’s a tinted balm and made with natural ingredients that don’t irritate my skin. I bought the lightest shade but found it to still be a little dark on my fairer skin. It would be better for summer time more so than winter. I also found it to be a little heavier than other tinted balms I’ve used, but overall a nice product.
This is a lovely beauty balm that blends in well and provides a natural glow. As I like heavier coverage I wear it below foundation and it provides a great base. Although it is a little expensive it lasts quite a long time as its easy to squeeze out the desired amount. This product would suit all skin types- I have oily skin and found it hydrating, but not so much that it made my skin or makeup look more oily.
This is a simply gorgeous bn that not only hydrated it gives my skin a beautiful glow. Formulated with crushed pear this gives skin a radiance and iridescence that looks like my skin is lit from within. The packaging is so pretty and this cream smells lovely too. This tinted cream evens out my skin tone and hides imperfections including minimising pores and fine lines. I love that this product feels so light to wear and lasts all day with a natural look and no shine, I only need a bit of blush for extra colour. At just under $27.00 I think it's good value as I don't need to use a lot, it glides on beautifully and sinks in for a Dewey finish. I absolutely love this and see no negatives, great product and I highly recommend it.
Love this BB cream.  It provides even lightweight coverage on my face, is easy to use and it really does give my face a glow!  My skin feels so silky soft too.  The only downside is that it doesn't have an SPF factor.  I know I can apply sunscreen underneath this product but I tend to get lazy.
I have been wearing BB  creams instead of foundation for a few months now. My skin has improved and I don't get as many breakouts.  LUMA is the latest BB cream I have been wearing.  My skin is pale to medium and I tan easily. I used the inside of my hand to pick the right shade and decided on the Medium. It's a nice colour that gives a nice glow. Even if you are pale I would recommend the medium as it isn't too dark and goes well on most skin tones. I have underlying redness and it does a great job of masking it.   LUMA has little to no scent, it's very light and blends easily into the skin. It gives a medium coverage that gives enough cover.  It also has a glow, but not an oily glow.  The product warms up easily in the fingers and blends all over the skin.  You only need a few squeezes of the product to do my whole face.  I find that it lasts the whole day and I don't have to reapply. It gives a great base for a bronzer or highlighter.  The package is modern with the rose gold highlighting and the plastic tube is flexible and easy to squeeze out the product.  I love that it's made in Australia and also not tested on animals. The 50ml of product will last quite some time.  I will definitely repurchase this BB cream it's a stand out for me and as good if not better than some high end designer brands.  In winter time I plan to buy the light and the medium and mix together. I have done this with other BB creams and it seems to work well when I am quite pale.  You won't be disappointed with LUMA. I plan to buy other products from the range.