Lumiere Hypnotic Haze Candle

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Lumiere Hypnotic Haze Candle is a fragrant soy candle that combines soothing notes of bamboo, lily, white musk and jasmine.


Lumiere Hypnotic Haze Candle


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scented candles are my passion, I burn them at home all the time and this one is a winner. I love the exotic black canister, so elegant and classy, the lumiere range is really high quality and the scent of this candle lasts for hours even after the candle has gone out. It burns for ages and lasts well so is great value. The soy candle is high quality and the scent itself is so exotic and sexy with notes of lilly, white musk and jasmine, its pretty and elegant. This makes my home smell amazing and I would highly recommend this gorgeous candle, I could not find a downside to it. It also makes a great gift.