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The Manicare Velvety Microfibre Sponge is a reusable  sponge that is perfect for setting makeup with powder for a flawless finish. The microfibre material can be used in a multitude of ways, and is also suitable to use with liquid foundation. The velvet texture provides maximum product pickup and seamlessly blends and sets makeup for a streak-free, soft focus finish that lasts all day. 

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Manicare Velvety Microfibre Sponge


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Great for applying my foundation

I’ve been using a brush to apply my foundation and recently I decided to try using this Manicare Velvety Microfibre Sponge. This was in sale so I thought why not. I used some water to wet the sponge and apply my foundation. The application was a so easy and soo smooth. I love how even and smooth my face looked after applying the foundation. It’s great to apply concealer too. Overall it’s such a great find. Compared to other brands available, this is soo affordable and does a great job. I absolutely love it.

Applies foundation quick and easy

This is an easy to use makeup sponge. I have tried a lot of brands and this manicure one is great value for the price and applies all foundation really well. It has a great texture and picks up product really easily including liquid foundation and solid powder. I just dampen it and apply, too easy, it gives a really flawless even finish that looks quite professional and never thick or cakey, it spreads really evenly and is super easy to rinse clean then leave to dry. I love that it makes applying foundation so quick, it’s a winner for me
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good product

I have to admit, I've never used a sponge for a finishing products on my skin, as I would use a brush.. I loved trialing Manicare Velvety Microfibre Sponge. It has a velvety touch, I used the bigger part to apply on ma cheeks, forehead and neck. The pointy tip helped a lot while applying under the eyes and nose area. Overall I like the feel and the look that it gives to my skin. The skin is glowing, application is even and it is not flaking. Used a shampoo or hand wash to clean and air dry itt..
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A new fave

The sponge feel soft and bouncy on the skin. When you use it with liquid foundation, the sponge hardly feel wet when they actually are. So no product gets absorbed by the sponge, meaning you save money by applying for less 😉 The sponge provides a skin-like finish, but you will not get that dewy glow like you do with a wet regular sponge. When you use to apply your powder, the microfibers really pick it up, and you cannot tap the excess off. This means that you will get a heavy setting powder application, but it will make the skin appear to be blurred. I find it it gives long lasting look too. To clean the sponge, I use liquid hand wash with warm water and leave it dry. It’s a nice and affordable beauty tool to have in your collections.
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Velvet should not be on a makeup product

Unfortunately I’m one of those strange people that really doesn’t like the feeling or touch of velvet and as soon as I saw the name of the product I instantly knew this wasn’t for me. As much as I adore the brands other products and I’m sure it’s amazing, the velvet nature of the brand means I can barely bring myself to touch it. It does look like it would be great to use and I love the look of the shape, it has that great precision tip rather than a rounded one which makes it easy to get into corners
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Great feel product!

Loved using this sponge as it has a really nice feel and actually feels velvety. My make up was able to blend in really smoothly and loved that the sponge was decently firm and not too soft. As someone who usually blends with fingers and brushes and has never used a microfibre sponge to apply make up to my face, it makes me want to start using one for every application. The best thing is that it’s easy to use and makes the end make up result look nice and blended. Would definitely recommend for a lovely velvety make up finish.
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just another velvet sponge..

I received this as part of the review crew to trial. i had recently taken sponges out of my routine after using them for some time, and was finding that i was getting a better finish with a big fluffy brush. It's an ok Sponge and does what it claims to do, i don't think i would purchase over a more high end sponge that i have used in the past. But for the price point it is fine and does what it claims to do. easy to clean when you have the right product to do so, but honestly, it's a sponge, nothing special.
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5 Star product

Omg what a wonderful product it is, I simple Love love using this and have received various compliments on how good my skin appear. It applies really well once damp, easy & quick to apply, it surprise me how evenly it covered all areas of the face including nose, eyes and chin and didn't look caked on at all. And most importantly it leaves the skin look smooth, even without any visible streaks, it will defiantly give you a perfect finished look. I love this brand and their products, its simple worth getting this product and use it daily.
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Fantastic to use!

This makeup blender was fantastic to use. It's great for applying any liquid makeup product. The microfibre texture seems to prevent the sponge from absorbing too much product and it smooths out the finish of foundation really well. This sponge isn't biodegradable like Manicare's other new make-up blender but I think it's still a great addition to any make-up kit. I hope the price is reasonable because I would definitely purchase this again and again. I would also recommend this product to others.
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it is worth every penny!

I applied this when moist with the Manicare Biodegradable Makeup Blender. I therefore got many of remarks on how nice my skin looked. The rounded base of the foundation makes it easy to apply to the larger portions of the face, such the forehead and cheeks, while the triangular, pointed top makes it simple to apply to the easier-to-reach places, like the area around your nose and eyes. The cleanup required only a small amount of warm water and mild soap. This Manicare Velvety microfibre sponge is fantastic. It feels so beautiful to touch the velvet. Even after several cleanings, this sponge maintains its shape nicely. When pioneering companies like Manicare reinvent the wheel while keeping costs down, I'm always amazed! Really, it is worth every penny!
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big difference

This product feels super new to me even though i have used sponge blenders before. It left me in great awe as I glide it on my face with my foundation. I would dare anyone to not use a photo filter after using this product. It gives a skin like finish, almost like you have no makeup on. It is smooth to apply on the face you wouldnt even feel that it is wet sponge. You only need less of the makeup product you use as it absorb less or none of it. This product will make doing your makeup easier and fun especially to the beginners.It is also very easy to clean and dry. This little velvety sponge makes a lot of difference in my makeup routine. I highly recommend it. I would regret not having to try this product.
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Like a mouse

This thing is fuzzy like velvet which surprised me. The Manicare Velvety Microfibre Sponge is a surprising little creature. It's fuzzy and almost doubles in width when wet. It picks up alot of product that doesn't ever seem to wash out of the thing but I think the little bristles helped give product a more smooth and even finish. I only spot conceal on my face and it works wonders. If you don't mind that it feels like you are putting makeup on with a mouse the Manicare Velvety Microfibre Sponge is actually a good buy for people who are accidentally to heavy handed with product. Just remember to give the sponge a very thorough wetting before hand.
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If at first you don’t succeed try again!

The velvety microfibre sponge was a different but welcome addition to enhance my makeup routine. On first application I really didn’t like the product as I found it different blend my concealer nicely with my foundation and left the area looking patchy. I decided to give it another shot, this time wetting the sponge first which worked a treat! I much prefer brushes to apply my makeup but I found when using this with concealer it felt less cakey as the day went on. The sponge felt soft and I’d recommend it as a good budget friendly sponge option.
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Great accompany to any make up collection

The name says it all, this product is so velvety! Feels amazing!! Great it can be used with multiple products like liquid, powder and cream. Really nice feel! It feels good on your face and love the pretty purple colour. The shape is great to get all areas of your face and fits really well in any make up bag or case. I have used quite expensive sponges before and this pretty much stacks up. It does hold the product quite well so will need multiple washes if you want to use it with different products. So I suggest buying a few.
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Great for powder

I do love a good sponge blender for all of my makeup product applications so I was eager to try and review this. I wasn’t really a fan of using this for my foundation as I had to go back in with a brush and more product. BUT boy oh boy did I love it for my powder. Helped press it in all the right places with its shape and ensured I wasn’t using too much powder, which is a must when you’re late 30’s. I will definitely be using this again for powders over all my other sponges. 100% would buy again and recommend to someone.
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Really interesting tool for powder finish!

I was intrigued by this sponge as I’ve used make up blender singes before when applying my foundation but I’ve only ever used brushes to apply my powder, not a sponge, so this was something new. I use a mineral power and I found this worked well with the sponge. It was a different way of applying the powder but the end result was good and left a smooth finish. I actually really like it and also found it very easy to clean I’m between use. I used it with the manicare foundation sponge and both worked well together. I unfortunately it is not biodegradable like the foundation sponge but I guess you can’t have everything! All in all, I would recommend giving this sponge a try but don’t throw away your powder brush just yet as you probably want to keep both, depending on the effect you are aiming for in the end.
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Great finish

I’ve never used a microfibre sponge before this trial but now I can’t put my makeup on without it. I used it with the Manicare Biodegradable Makeup Blender. I tried this dry and also wet, depending on what coverage look you’re after. The foundation can be applied with ease to the bigger sections of the face, such as the forehead and cheeks, using the rounded base, for the easier-to-reach areas, around your nose and eyes, can be reached with ease thanks to the triangular, pointy top. Easy to clean after every use and dries very quickly. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
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So Soft!

I've never been a fan of sponge blenders as I've felt they've sucked up the product and not provided a clean coverage, however this sponge was completely different! It is soft and velvety but doesnt hold the product and disperses it nicely across the skin. I have dry patches, particularly across my forehead, however this seemed to help cover up the dry parts without making it flakey. I found wetting the sponge slightly helped with a more porcelain finish and it kept my makeup in place for a lot longer throughout the day.
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It didn't work for me

I have to say that this didn't do as well as l expected it to. After being so impressed with the Manicare Biodegradable Cleansing Mitt and the Manicare Biodegradable Make Up Blender, l was expecting to love this just as much. I was just so disappointed when l found that it didn't apply my make up in a way that l wanted it to. It might be that it just doesn't suit the type of products l use or it might be that l don't know how to use it correctly, but either way, l can't see myself buying it again. On a positive note, the Manicare Velvety Microfibre Sponge feels so good to hold. It's really not lying when it calls itself Velvety. I'm sure that some people will like it and they definitely won't be disappointed by the texture of it.
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Changing up my routine

I don’t usually apply my powder products with a sponge, but this product might change my mind! After completing my base makeup, I dampened this sponge and applied a light dusting of my usual pressed finishing powder to the areas I wanted to set. I found that the sponge enabled the powder to melt into my skin better than a brush, leaving a pretty flawless finish. I felt that the powder lasted longer, however this may be down to the method itself rather than this specific sponge. Overall, this is definitely a product I will use for my powder makeup going forward, it was great for setting my face well without sacrificing dewiness/glow.