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Marc Jacobs Daisy Body Lotion

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Body Lotion is a silky body moisturiser scented with Marc Jacob’s signature fragrance, Daisy. It features notes of wild strawberry, violet petals, gardenia and jasmine. The moisturiser helps soothe skin while adding a sensual daily fragrance.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Body Lotion


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This has the classic Daisy scent to it and there is lots of it so when I put it on I can smell it lots!  I love this scent and it's a favourite of mine.  This body lotion is white and creamy and sinks in easily leaving my skin feeling fully moisturised and hydrated.  It carries the soft and sweet Daisy scent for quite some time after application.  The cream has special little delicate sparkles in it! This large-looking 150m tube with metallic gold lid stands on my bedside-table.  The 'lid' twists but does not come off - in the centre of the 'lid' is a hole which opens and closes with a simple twist.  This is typical of the classiness of this product and makes it even more special to have.  Once twisted to 'open', a gentle squeeze is all that is needed to release some of this gloriously scented cream.  I love the white tube because that's the main colour in my bedroom and It has it's trademark pretty little daisies around the the tube in a ring around the nozzle end.  The writing is in gold and it has an overall luxurious look to it.