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Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball is a body oil scented with Marc Jacob’s Daisy fragrance. The fresh and feminine scent features top notes of strawberry and violet leaves, heart notes of violet petals and jasmine, and base notes of musk and vanilla. The travel-friendly design makes it easy to carry in your handbag and reapply throughout the day.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Rollerball


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I purchased the full size of this product from Priceline during one of their 40% off fragrance sales.  The feminine, fruity, sweet and playful scent was a welcome change to my usually woody scent.  This scent has tones of strawberry, violet, gardenia and jasmine but isn't overly sickly sweet.  This roller ball version is mixed with body oil and is the perfect size to be in your bag or wallet.  Pros; not overly sweet  can be purchased cheap on regular sales and is often a gift with purchase with the full size product small enough to fit in your bag or wallet cons; as a body oil the scent doesn't last long
I love things that smell nice.I like to smell nice. Unfortunately with most perfumes all I can ever really smell is harsh chemicals and alcohol that are headache inducing so I can't wear perfume a lot and generally don't even come across many I like anyway. I got this particular fragrance in a gift set of 3 Marc Jacobs fragrances .It was packaged in a slim easily portable glass tube that seemed quite sturdy and had very pretty white flowers on the bottle. The lid is an elegant gold and it has a rollerball applicator,As soon as I applied some to my wrist-I was immediately in love with this pretty floral scent. There was no waiting for the overwhelming scent of alcohol to disappear like with most fragrances,It just  smelt like fragrant fresh flowers! This perfume reminds me of Spring. Pretty, floral, light and feminine. A very subtle scent that is quite innocent and would pretty much be liked by anyone who smelt it. Id recommend this to anyone who likes a mild floral scent that is quite long lasting and doesn't have the artificial smell a lot of other perfumes have.
Love, love, love Marc Jacobs Daisy. So fresh.  Reminds me of sun-kissed, carefree days wearing light, summer dresses, bare feet, the smell of blossom in the air, windswept hair, feeling warm, happy and free.  The roller ball is ideal for travelling light, or putting into your purse for an evening out. The price is just right and means that I can buy more than one! Ideal for Christmas stocking stuffers or Kris Kringle gifts and perfect for treating yourself without blowing the budget. 
I still remember when I first purchased my first bottle of Daisy - I wore it everyday whilst sailing in the Greek Islands - and to this day whenever I wear it I am taken straight back there. But I digress...the rollerball is perfect for your clutch on a night out once you have done the whole layering this at home first. I also keep one in my desk at work to use before meetings etc and also once in my makeup bag.
I purchased this product last time I went travelling because I didn't want to take my large and heavy bottles of my favourite perfume on a long haul flight and travelling overseas. In saying that, this product is not just fit for travelling, but it is suitable for any woman on the go, or someone who just wants a bit of a fragrance refresher throughout the day. Of course, Daisy is by far one of Marc Jacob's most popular and iconic fragrances, and its so identifiable that people are always asking me "Are you wearing Daisy?" whenever I am wearing it. So it's a real no-brainer that the company have created this product which is not only awesome for people on the go and travelling, but also for people who cannot afford to buy the full-sized bottle and just want to try it out before committing to a larger bottle. In that way, this product is damn convenient and accessible! Packaging: Its small and compact packaging make it awesome for stuffing into your everyday handbag, and even smaller hip bags. Something I was really worried about with these types of packaging was perfume leaking out, which I have experienced before with cheaper alternatives, but I found it never happens with this particular one. I guess they put a lot more effort into their packaging. Also, the inclusion of the white petals on the tube give it that 'Daisy touch' and authenticity, not to mention its awfully cute! And I am a real sucker for cute packaging. Scent: It is a floral-woody fragrance that smells so delicate. Its feminine and fresh, and reminds me of Spring time. Any floral fragrance will do that for me! For some reason I always picture a young girl with curls in a white dress standing a field of white daisies on a sunny Spring day. Weird- I know! But to me a good perfume is one that sends you on not only a smelling experience, but also a visual and tactile sensory experience. The opening notes of strawberry, the earthy green of the violet leaves and the sparkly grapefruit can be smelled immediately and seem to dance in your nose, while the dry down notes are powdery soft and delicate, composed of vanilla and musk. Usually I like sweet perfumes, however this is not as sweet as I would usually go for but I still love it. Sillage/longevity: The scent trail left by this is a really subtle soft trai. I would say its sillage is very light. People only seem to smell it if I am in close vicinity to them, and it's not a perfume that you can begin to smell once someone who wears it walks into a room. On my skin type, this fragrance doesn't actually last very long, I find I have to reapply it approximately every 2 hours to keep the scent up. So while it smells beautiful and leaves a delicate trail, it doesn't last long enough for my liking. Final verdict: I think this is a great affordable option for those people who really want to wear Daisy but don't want to commit to purchasing a large bottle. At $25 it really is an affordable and convenient solution also for travelling or for just touching up during the day. I really love the smell of this perfume, however, the longevity on my skin lets this product down for me if I want my fragrance to remain fresh for a long time.
I love this scent! It's so fresh and clean and versatile. This roller pack is a perfect addition to my make-up bag and makes an amazing "just because" gift! LOVE!
For those that are always on the go, like myself, you want perfume that you can take with you.  Something small and lightweight because carrying your 100ml glass perfume bottle in your purse is not a viable option.  I saw these cute rollerball perfumes as I was browsing in the shops and I just loved how practical it was! I used to have rollerball perfumes back in the day but they aren't around as much. Glad to see that they're making a comeback! The cute packaging with the white daisies, pale yellow colour and gold cap make it look luxurious and fun at the same time.  I just roll it on my pulse points and let the aroma linger.  I find myself smelling my wrists constantly throughout the day because I love it that much. It's like a warm, summer breeze in a bottle. It's fruity and floral without being overdone, making it a safe fragrance for just about any occasion.
I have a mixed opinion on this particular perfume . On one hand it is very nice and light however you would definitely have to be a fan of floral feminine dainty scents to wear this scent. I also find that I tend to only wear this perfume during the summer  months but the rollerball size is perfect because it's all you need to get you through the summer as well as being convenient for chucking in your bag. Unfortuantly I have also found this perfume does not have particularly good lasting power and I find it rubs off on me personally after a few hours. Also I would recommend this scent to a younger customer just because I find it is suited better to a younger age group.
Great scent and defiantly not overpowering. great to travel with cause it easy to chuck in your purse if your heading out. The oil makes it super easy to apply and helps it go on evenly
A soft, romantic and floral scent in a rollerball that is perfect for traveling and in the handbag for a quick spritz.
Daisy is a wonderful fragrance - youthful, feminine and pleasantly floral. It is very suited to younger girls/women. This rollerball is ideal for travelling, when you don't want to take a large spray bottle with you - it fits perfectly in a handbag and doesn't take up room at all! After using this product for several weeks, I have had so many compliments from people around me about my scent! Would definitely recommend this rollerball, as well as the perfume itself, to any younger girl who would like a playful fruity floral (but not overpowering) perfume.
One of my favourite perfumes, Daisy is perfect for any event. It’s light and floral and smells so pretty. I wear it nearly everyday and the roller-ball edition makes it easy to re-apply on the go. It lasts pretty well and gives off a nice subtle fragrance throughout the day. An all time favourite.
I already loved the scent but found the roller applicator great for travel.
My husband bought this for me as part of a pack at Christmas 2 years ago. I really really loved the scent and how convenient it was to have in my hand bag everyday. A big fan of this product!!
Gorgeous , the fragrance is fresh and feminine , just perfect on a spring day and also throughout winter to cheer me up xx
Perfect scent for a summer day, Love it!
Marc Jacobs is my favourite go-to daily perfume. Especially Daisy. I wear this to work and it lasts all day and the scent is gorgeous and great for day use.
I love all Marc Jabobs fragrances, and daisy is such a classic, and is so light that it would suit the majority of women. I find this roller ball applicator so convient for in my handbag or car, and it's quite discreet if you need a freshen up.
Marc Jacobs daisy is a wonderful scent that is fruity and floral and even better in a rollerball format! I love to keep it in my purse or when I am travelling and don't want to bring my huge sized bottle. I use it on my pulse points and instantly I can smell the violet, blood grapefruit and strawberry notes. It's feminine and a great scent for everyday!