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Marc Jacobs Daisy Shower Gel

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Shower Gel is luxurious shower gel that lathers up to cleanse skin and leave it scented with Marc Jacob’s signature fragrance, Daisy. The perfume features notes of wild strawberry, violet petals, gardenia and jasmine .


Marc Jacobs Daisy Shower Gel


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I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a die-hard Daisy girl. This delightful Marc Jacobs fragrance embodies everything I envision youth to be: fun, fresh, flirty, delicate and every shade of pretty found in a sunny field of daisies in Spring. The light fruity floral scent is my go-to fragrance when I need a pick-me-up, and each spritz is like a little sprinkle of joy. When I realised I could purchase this scent as a shower gel, I jumped at the chance to give it a try, and it proved to be everything I hoped it would be. The silky gel is soft like goat's milk and lathers easily into a mass of perfumed bubbles that envelop you like a warm hug, and fill your senses with wonderful thoughts of Spring blooms and cascading flower petals. The gel cleanses your skin gently, leaving it soft and smooth and smelling insanely good. In the warm shower steam, the fragrance disperses into the air and lingers long after you finish showering. The effect is similar to burning a Daisy scented candle, and I love how refreshed it makes me feel. Admitted, like most shower gels, the scent isn't designed to last, but it will lend a pleasant fragrance to your pyjamas if you use it at night. Or, if you're a morning shower person like me, a spritz of the Daisy eau de parfum before you leave the house will accentuate the fragrance, making it stronger and increasing its longevity. If your skin is easily irritated by scented products, I'd advise caution. Try to do a skin test before you buy to make sure you can use it, because this sits at quite a high price point for shower gels. For fellow Daisy girls, this is a must try. I don't use it everyday, simply because it's quite expensive and I have more moisturising shower lotions, but on the mornings I do use it, it always fills me with exuberance and makes me excited to face the day ahead.