matrix Unbreak My Blonde Reviving Leave-In Treatment

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matrix Unbreak My Blonde Reviving Leave-In Treatment  is infused with citric acid to provide additional softness and shine. Key benefits:

  • Revives all types of hair & textures from chemical damage
  • Reinforces weakened bonds
  • Leaves hair soft, shiny and stronger
  • Revives bleached hair

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matrix Unbreak My Blonde Reviving Leave-In Treatment


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The foot solider of the team

This right here is the worker bee and back bone of the system. Thr Matrix Unbreak My Blonde Reviving Leave-In Treatment is the make or break in the trio. I tried the system both with and without the treatment. Without its good, a visable touchable change in my hair. With it it's a game changer. Less tangles because happier ends. The product is so lightweight my hair didn't just turn ick 24 hours after washing it. And it smells simply devine. If nothing else this is a must have! I strongly recommend using the trio as the products seem to actually work together with purpose. I've a long history of sets as well as mismatched hair care and this one is definitely way up my list of must haves
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The invisible treatment

I have blonde highlights and quite dry damaged hair. My hair has been feeling bouncy, healthy, soft and shiny lately using the whole unbreak my blonde set. I use this treatment after the shampoo and conditioner and it sinks in super easily, it's not even noticeable. I still use a hydrating product on my hair after this though as it's not sufficient as a sealant for dry ends What I love about this product is it doesn't feel weighed down or greasy. It's the invisible treatment! It does it's work in the background but it's absolutely necessary. My hair rarely breaks on brushing these days. I get less fair fall. I recommend the set together.
Incentivized Review

Fantastic Leave In Treatment at a Great Price!

I trialled the Leave In Treatment alongside the Matrix Unbreak My Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner and I must say, of the three products, the treatment was by fair my favourite and the most impactful. I have brittle, frizzy hair that I try to limit heat exposure to. In leaving my hair to air dry, regardless of which products I used in the past, I found it frizzed excessively but this was not the case with this one! After showering, I scrunched a small amount of the product through my hair and left it over night. I found my hair required little styling the next day and was left feeling refreshed and tamed. It definitely repairs and assisted with reviving my hair. I am not sure about how this will go long term but for now, it's a great fix!
Incentivized Review

Purp Leave In Saviour!

Thanks beautycrew and matrix for allowing me to trial this range. I usually use purple shampoos and have noticed them to work wonders in keeping the brass away, but had never used a leave in treatment for specifically blonde/bleached hair so was excited to use this. I love a leave in treatment, as it is great and hard to forget to include in my haircare routine (like I tend to do with masks- they require a little more thought/planning). I used a 20cent size amount and really focused on the ends of my hair and smoothing it through. I'm overdue for a haircut, but I have found this treatment has made my hair far more manageable, shiny and it feels healthy after use.
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A great leave in treatment option

It is definitely important to have a solid and effective leave in treatment if your hair is lightened or bleached. The matrix unbreak my blonde treatment is one to consider. While I wouldn't say that it the most effective leave in treatment that I have used to reduce the brassiness or yellow tones in my hair, it does feel like it helped with damage, and it left my hair silky and more manageable. It has a nice pleasant smell and my hair did not feel too heavy after use. Overall I would recommend this product.
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Winner Leave in Treatment!

If your hair is extremely dry like mine then you need a leave in treatment that is super moisturising. Matrix Reviving Leave in Treatment has 100 percent done it for me. My hair is feeling silkier, less dry and overall it is looking stronger. The scent is pleasant and the packaging is modern and easy to use. You only need a little bit as the product is quite thick and rich and goes a long way. If you use too much you can end up with greasy ends as I experienced. I cant wait to see more results from this product in the next 3 weeks and the improved condition of my dry hair. Matrix you have a winner on your hands in this product!
Incentivized Review

Love this leave in conditioner!

This product is the leave in conditioner used as the final step after the 'matrix' Unbreak my blonde shampoo & conditioner. Firstly it smells great which is always a big plus & secondly really moisturises the hair. I felt the 'matrix' Unbreak my blonde conditioner did not really do much so this product was essential in making my hair manageable. My hair is quite long so i used 2 squeezes the size of 20 cents coins and from there used this product to comb and detangle my hair. i found it left hair nourished without looking greasy and left me with great results. I would recommend this product when buying other matrix products from the range to ensure you get best results.
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Haircare for the long term not the short term.

I was sampled this product as part of beauty crews review crew campaign! I have used a lot of hair care products for blondes as I’ve bleached my hair for the last 12 years. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t love the smell of this product, the shampoo lathered well and left a squeaky clean feeling but the conditioner didn’t leave my hair feeling silky soft which I was hoping for. I’m guessing because it has the active ingredients it’s a product that repairs over time rather than an instant conditioned result which isn’t always good long-term. I’m going to continue to use the product to see if my hair feels healthier over time! Thanks Beauty Crew!
Incentivized Review

Top quality

I was given the opportunity to trial this product along with the shampoo and conditioner. Having long blonde bleached hair I’m a huge fan of leave in conditioners or treatments to tame the constant knots and dryness I constantly get with my hair. The consistency is really smooth, and I definitely felt that my hair was softer after blow waving. Again I think this product would need to be trialled over a long period of time before I could make a definite decision as to if this product is assisting with less breakage of my bleached damaged hair. But this is a product I would recommend given the results of shiny softer hair.
Incentivized Review

Not for me

This leave-in treatment was just a little too heavy for my very fine hair. I only used a very small amount and only through the mid section to ends because I know what my hair is like and although my hair did feel soft and I'm sure it did great things for the actual condition and health of my hair, I could feel a slight greasiness to my hair where I had put it which I didn't love. The packaging is cute and it's easy to use. It has only the very slightest of scents which is pleasant but I would've liked it to be stronger. I'm sure for most people it would be a great product to restore damaged hair but for now i'll be sticking with the shampoo and conditioner and passing the leave-in to a friend.
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Standout leave-in conditioner

The Matrix "Unbreak My Blonde" Reviving Leave-in Treatment is part of a three step system for toning and strengthening blonde hair and is the clear standout of the three products. This treatment requires only a tiny amount, smells great and has visible benefits. I love the idea of a specially-formulated leave-in treatment for blondes as we have quite specific hair issues, particularly the brittleness which can be a struggle with a standard leave in product. I'm a big fan and will be incorporating this treatment into my routine
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Hero product of the range for me

This is the hero product of the range for me. My hair is so damaged that I do not let my hair dry without a leave-in product. The product left my hair feeling silky smooth and tangle-free and I love that it is helping to strengthen and protect my fragile strands. I tried the product with a natural air dry and a blow-dry. It felt like an extra defence against the heat and reduced flyaways. A little bit of product went a long way but you do not need to use too much otherwise it weighs down your hair and makes it look like it needs a wash. This product feels like a big refreshing drink for my dry damaged hair.
Incentivized Review

Great Product!

Great leave in treatment for damaged bleach blonde hair! I have bleached blonde hair with damage from the bleaching process and I honestly love this product. I have been using it in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner and after the first wash my hair quality was greatly improved. My hair was softer, smoother and tangled less. The cream is thick and not watered down like other brands so it's better value for money. The packaging is nice and the treatment didn't make my hair greasy, just soft. So very impressed with this product and will continue to use as I have tried many other brands and never had a treatment that left my hair healthier
Incentivized Review

Gorgeous leave in treatment!

I have used the matrix Unbreak My Blonde Reviving Leave-In Treatment a few times now and I am so impressed with this product. I found my hair was left so clean, soft, shiny and so strong! The fragrance of this product is a very subtle citrus smell which I enjoyed. I found it refreshing to use a hair product that isn't heavily fragranced. The consistency of this product is very thick and creamy but found it still easy to distribute throughout the hair. The first time I used a little too much and found my hair a touch oily but the next time round I used less and it left my hair much more manageable and soft and silky. I would definitely recommend and will be repurchasing!
Incentivized Review

So soft and shiny

I do recommend the matrix Unbreak My Blonde Strengthening Shampoo together with the conditioner and leave in treatment. Although I have only been trialing this product for 2 weeks I can’t say that I’ve noticed it to have strengthened my hair but it certainly does leave the hair soft and shiny. The shampoo leathers up quite nicely with minimal amount needed for my thick hair. It has a lovely soft subtle smell that I really liked. The conditioner wasn’t as surprising quality as the shampoo but it was also nice and smooth applying to the hair. The leave in treatment enhanced the quality of this product when used all together. I was amazed by the softness my hair was after using this product. I have coarse hair and some shampoos can make it seem worse and fuzzy but this product left my hair feeling so soft and shinning and not fuzzy at all. I’m enjoying this shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment. If you have thick coarse hair like me, I recommend giving this a try.
Incentivized Review

Incredible for damaged blondes!

AMAZING PRODUCT! This leave in treatment has literally exceeded my expectation of every leave in I have EVER used. I have previously used matrix products but wasn’t a fan… but this…. This I am going to repurchase when I finish the product it is that good!! It leaves my platinum blond hair shiny, soft, feels stronger and just overall healthier and less frizzy and brittle. It also doesn’t look/ feel like it had a leave in product in which is great! A little goes a long way with this product aswell though! The first night I used it, I blow dried and straightened my hair and it looked like I had walked out of the salon. I was so amazed. And it actually stayed straight for more then the day!!! The scent smells nice. It smells like the previous Matrix product I used, a subtle luxe scent. The packaging is purple so I kind of assumed the product inside would be purple to tone blonde hair but it unfortunately didn’t, but that’s not the end of the world. But if it did that- that would be freaking amazing!!! Overall I am OBSESSED with this product and have told all my blond friends about it! HIGHLY recommend to any not-so-natural blondies out there!
Incentivized Review

Nice fresh scent

I trialled this Shampoo along with the accompanying Conditioner and leave-in treatment. I used it for about 3 washes. I usually use something more natural, however i found these products to be very nice. After using all three together, my hair felt soft, smooth and detangled. I really enjoyed the scent of the treatment, smelling of fresh citrus, wasn't too strong but left my hair smelling lovely. I liked this product after an adjustment as I usually use spray leave in treatments but found it didn't leave my hair feeling heavy. I would be hesitant to keep using due to the silicone content. I have recommended it to a friend with hair breakage issues too.
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I was going through reviewing the whole range. I love the shampoo and conditioner. I did not love this. I found it really thick and heavy for my bleached blonde hair. It left it looking limp and dirty and no amount of dry shampoo can offset the goodness (smell and stopping my ends from being crunch). I assumed I used too much so adjusted how much product I used but then felt I didn't get the coverage. If I just apply to the ends I didn't mind it but I've used other creams and sprays which I would prefer.
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Absolute winner!

This product is amazing!!! I was so lucky enough to be able to use the whole range and it is just incredible, my hair felt like silk! I’ve been hairdressing for over 16 years and this is definitely a product I would recommend to customers, family and friends! I will definitely be purchasing this range again, I have had nothing but high praise and positive things to say about it since first using it! Love the fact that it’s not a violet toning range for blondes, not all blondes want or need toning or want to be icy so this allows the great products and repair that blondes need without having the toning effects!
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Combing got easier!

The leave in treatment is my fave out of the trio. It has made combing through my hair a much smoother process and has left my hair feeling nourished. I put this on after semi-towel-drying my hair, leaving it a little damp, then massaging from the middle down through the ends. I then proceed to combing my hair using a wide tooth comb and let me tell you how much this has changed my life. it glides through without tugging and pulling so what was a 10 minute job cut down to literally 3 minutes. Smells good too!