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Mavala Switzerland Mini Color is a nail polish that delivers long-lasting colour and shine. The formula is free from toluene, formaldehyde, collophane, parabens and camphor. It also contains no animal ingredients and no added rosin or nickel.

Available in 200+ shades.


Mavala Switzerland Mini Color


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I got the color Black Knight . The color is not pitch black and looks lovely on. You need to apply at least a few coats to get a nice effect. The black has got some green iridescent shine to it. It is easy to apply, the brush is nice and steady. the disappointing part is my nails chipped on the second day. Love the small cute bottle.
One of my favourite nail polish formulas it is free of nasties and is long wearing, with a large range of beautiful colours to choose from. I love that it is well priced and affordable at $8.50 and they come in mini bottles. I can never use up the larger nail polish bottles and this allows me to purchase and try a range of different colours . The lasting power of the formula is a stand out and I can wear it on my nails for a week chip free. Application is also easy and the formula is streak free and self levelling so that you get nice even coverage. I prefer to apply two coats for an even opaque coat of colour. My favourite shade in the range is "Paris" which is a classic red.
Blink and you will miss these gorgeous little bottles of dazzling rainbow colors. Mavala polishes are only in selected stockiest and I came across them while waiting for a prescription in a Pharmacy many years ago. I love the price as you can always spoil yourself with a new shade and the size of the bottle is excellent no waste and perfect to throw in your bag for a touch-up or for travel. The color range is amazing and my absolute favorite for summer this year is 182 Fresh Melon its creamy and looks delicious, fresh and fruity! Mavala are known for being toxic free, cruelty free, worry free and allow your nails to breath so you can wear polish all the time without damaging your nails. There are a fabulous selection of colors and finishes so you can find a gorgeous colour for every occasion. The polish dries quickly and is streak free so 2 coats and your done. I do pop on a clear top coat to give that extra salon look finish. enjoy Xx  PS they also make great stocking stuffers at this time of year!
At first sight, I really loved the look of these little mini 5ml bottles of nail varnish and was attracted to checking out their display in the shop.  The display is easy to look at and easy to check the colours out on my nails because there is a 'tester' with each colour where you hold your nail behind the nail tester.  It makes it so easy to see how the colour looks against my skin before buying the product.   Both easy to travel with or just use at home, they take up less room because they are smaller.  My favourite is the colour Cyber Blush, no. 995, which is a very metallic rose gold shimmery shade.  Though the lids are little they are still very easy to grip because of their octagonal shape and that is important to me because I have a strange weak right hand.  Application is easy - the brush is so easy to apply the varnish with - it is very well designed and holds just the right amount of varnish to do each nail without a hassle.  I especially love that there is no nasties in this modern nail varnish - free of the old bad ingredients that used to be in nail varnishes.  I feel assured that when I use this I am not damaging my body and the fumes are not anywhere near as strong as what the varnishes of the past used to smell like.  Instantly, when I put this nail varnish on, my nails are transformed into a very glamorous state!   I often only put one coat of this on because this shiny rose gold metallic varnish packs such a big punch.  It makes me feel like my hands are groomed and party-worthy but also ready to be put on show for just everyday as well.   To say the very least, I feel my hands appear very presentable! I am also extremely impressed at how fast this varnish dries.  The product doesn't even claim to be a fast drying formula but it is exactly that.  Within five minutes of application I can be out the door and with no fear of smudging my nails.  This is by far one of the best pro's about this nail polish. Two coats of this gives this nail varnish excellent endurance and I find that using a top coat makes it last even longer.  I'm pretty active with my hands and it is a long-lasting formula yet the colour stays shiny for days.  I can highly recommend this nail varnish for all the pro's I've mentioned and also for the fact that while I am wearing it my nails feel stronger and protected.  I cannot think of any cons.  Even the price is fair and very affordable.  There are so many colours to choose from too - from beautiful creamy colours to metallics like Cyber Blush, my favourite stunning rose gold super shiny metallic colour.   I personally find Mavala Mini Colour nail polishes exciting, very cute and very high quality and am looking forward to adding more of them to my nail polish collection.
I love the Mavala mini nail polish because the smaller bottle means the product stays fresh till the last drop. It also means I can experiment with other colours guilt-free at an affordable price. The colours range from nudes to vibrant brights and I want one of each! It applies a little streaky but dries quickly into a smooth, shiny, hardened surface. There is no streaking, or bubbling in the dried nail polish. The pigmentation is impressive; I got the desired colour with just one coat but for some colours/formulas you'd probably get better results with two coats.  The mini nail bottle comes with a mini nail polish brush. It might feel awkward using the brush initially, but with practice I got the hang of it. But I also have small nail beds so that might be something to consider. The fresh coat lasts about 3-4 days without chipping on my hands and about a week or so on my toes. The longevity is typical of classic style nail polish for most brands in this price range. 
There are so many reasons that I love Mavala’s entire range of nail polish. If I could give this product ten stars out of five, I would!   I discovered their range of polishes last year via a recommendation from a friend who works in the beauty industry. I was looking to switch to a brand that is free from toxic ingredients, so she suggested that I give Mavala a try.   I had previously been using a rather expensive nail polish brand, and the results usually looked quite good, so I had come to expect a lot from my nail polish, and honestly wasn’t going to make a swap too easily! However,when I tried Mavala (my first shade was Rose 328, a really charming pearl colour), I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not only much more affordable than my previous nail polish brand, but I can say with confidence that it really does consistently outperform it as well.   The formula is seriously long lasting and does not chip easily. It is glorious to work with. It goes on smoothly, and the brush doesn’t leave any streaks or bubbles. Plus, the cute 5ml bottle is very convenient, and means that you don’t get the waste that you usually do with larger formats.   Another big plus for me is the huge range of colours, and I mean huge. I don’t need to get my nails professionally done anymore, even for special occasions, because there is a nail colour to suit every season and event in my calendar. The shades are very well pigmented, and the colour range has a perfect blend of classic staples and trendy must-haves. The colours also look exactly like they do in the bottle. This is really important for me,because in the past, I used to avoid bolder nail colours, as I felt that they didn’t really suit me and always looked different when I applied them to my nails. However, since I’ve been using Mavala, I’m now able to wear those striking colours, because they still look elegant. My collection of colours continues to grow, and I’m really keen to try the gel effect fixator next, to achieve that gel look without needing to use a UV lamp.   What I found was also fantastic was the line of products like top coats and base coats that can be used alongside the colour formulas to enhance their wear and performance, not to mention the nail polish remover,which is effective but has virtually no odour. Hands down, this has become my favourite brand of polish.
I have used Mavala nail products now for around 40 years, beginning back in the 1970s with their fabulous Scientific nail hardener, I'm a longterm fan of Mavala. I was thrilled to see they have extended their range to nail colours among other nail products. I now have around 30 colour selections in my personal arsenal. If I had to choose my favourites, I'd say 398 Pink, 288 Ginza, and 166 Khaki Vintage. The colours glide on easily, with a thin coat, I'm able to cover my nail well on the 1st coat then only need a 2nd coat to finish off. The 5ml size of the nail colours is a bonus, with the great price it means I can have a decent range of colours for every occasion. I find the sparkle colours - 1 that comes to mind is 391 Pink Cosmic, does tend to go on a little thick and can get gluggy faster than the cream colours, but to combat this, I use Mavala's nail polish Thinner, a few drops when the sparkle polish becomes gluggy and you're all set. I can highly recommend all Mavala products, but if you're looking for a great colour range that you can rely on, you can't go past this product. 55 y.o. natural nails, tend to be brittle
the 'Mavala Switzerland Mini Color' are a fantatsic range of carefully crafted nail polishes! i have struggled for a while to find a nail polish wellworth my money and i have finally found the one! these nail polishes are cruelty free, toxic free, and you never have to worry about damaging your nails! Mavala Switzerland have launched 4 different collections, all very unique from each other. The collections are: "The Basics" which includes the very best base, top and clear coats in the business! "Cream colours" a range with over 61 shades! this is by far my favourite collection to date. it has the most beautiful pale pinks, nudes and basically every colour of the rainbow! "Pearl Colours" which is a range containing over 30 shades, ranging from whites, to pinks, to purples, to greys and so much more! "Sparkle Colours" a range made of gorgeous sparkly shades! My favourite shades out of the whole range are " 97 WICHITA" (pale pink), "2 MADRID" (bright red) and "49 WHITE" if you are in the market and looking for your next go to nail polish, I highly recommend trying these gals out! With OVER 200 shades, you are sure to find the perfect shade! The nail polsihes are around $8.50 AUD each,and last so so well! a BIG thumbs up from me!
I have only ever used Mavala hand and nail products and their nail polishes are great quality, with a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from. There is always a limited edition or new collection of shades available, however my favourite is the Mavala Classics and I have several nail polishes in both the Cream and Pearl finishes. I have used Mavala nail polish for over 10 years and it’s a brand that’s easily accessible from my local chemist, plus I love that there is a huge, varying range of colours to choose from; that is your classic nudes, reds and pinks, to metallic blues and greys. The nail polish comes in a small 5ml glass bottle, with a gold lid and small but dense brush to give you quick, easy and even coverage. The small bottle is handy in that each nail polish is less likely to dry out and it gives you the option to try more than one colour at once. The size is probably half the size of your average nail polish, but I do like that the formula doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and doesn’t have that strong nail polish scent. I also really like the fact that these nail polishes are vegan and not tested on animals, which is another bonus for me! The colours are beautiful, pigmented and give a glossy, shiny finish. Two coats are all you really need for full pigmented coverage, that lasts up to 7 days without chipping. The brush provides precise application and I like that it’s not huge or wide to give a smooth clean application. It dries well, and you don’t even need to apply a topcoat to get that glossy gel finish, but I would recommend using one to extend the overall staying power. This nail polish also doesn’t stain or damage my nails like some other brands I’ve tried in the past. The Mavala polishes are easily removed with a good quality nail polish remover and your regular cotton pads. My tip is to use the Mavala Protective Base Coat if you have dry, flaky nails that tend to peel as this really helps give you even, smooth long wearing colour, and the Minute Quick Finish Top Coat helps your nail polish dry quickly and I find it keeps nails chip free for at least 5 days. The small bottle makes it handy for travelling and on the go. The price is average, I wouldn’t say it’s cheap for the amount you get but I guess it’s Swiss made and the quality is pretty good overall. I will continue using Mavala nail polishes and nail treatments, because they are effective and deliver great results. I recommend these nail polishes to anyone who wants a quick and easy to use polish that lasts pretty well too, is toxic/cruelty free and has a huge range of colours to suit really you can’t go wrong!
One lovely Sunday afternoon I was lucky to walk into a chemist and noticed these beautiful gems- of course as a beauty addict- I just had to have one to try! Having never discovered this brand before, I was on a discovery to the best and most superb quality nail polish I have ever tried. I purchased the beautiful 'Victoria,' which is a rich beautiful coral pink. Victoria is just divine- she suits my fair skin, and makes me glow- plus she matches my love of beautiful reds and pink lipsticks.Victoria was soon joined by Sapporo a subtle pink nude - perfect for work days, and Motenvideo a gorgeous rich mulberry - perfect for nights out. The thing I love the most about these colors that I now proudly own is that they are all so feminine and yet perfect for all occasions; they are shinny, feminine yet not over the top. After my initial purchases I now own- Berlin, a beautiful steel grey that surprising looks amazing on short cropped nails. It really is a unique and different colour- allowing those who prefer lighter shades to venture into something unknown and unique. The colour is rich and vibrant- looks so professional. The bottles are beautiful, looking pretty in the bathroom, with its gold lid and mini size. While the brush is good quality applying easily and thoroughly. The price is amazing- while you may think that 5mls is not much- let me tell you the nail polish is very thick, and its only $8.50 I personally think that these sizes are so much better than the standard size of bigger nail polishes as I like different colours and usually they become difficult to use before becoming too thick. It's easy to apply two coats without it smudging and all of the colours leave a great vibrant shade. The nail polish applies quick thick but it dries super quickly, and it wont rub or stick off when applying.Very pigmented but looks super smooth. The brush is easy to use. The quality is superb, it lasts a good 7 plus days without chipping or coming off. It also removes easily with nail polish remover and doesn't damage your nails. Great quality nail polishes and thanks to my Sunday afternoon I know have discovered the most feminine, affordable and amazing nail polishes ever- my cupboard is now full of these gems!
i had never heard of mavala so decided to try this polish. i love the opi range and this looked similar. i am happy to report that this is a really high quality polish. it goes on easily with no streaking and it dried super fast, a huge bonus. the polish gives my nails a lovely shine and i found it lasted a whole week with no chipping, cracking or splitting. i would recommend using two coats for great results. The bottle is small but it means it wont dry out before i finish the bottle. with 200 great shades its so much fun choosing colours and i love that this range is cruelty free and free from any nasties, a bonus as i love a natural product. This swiss brand is great value at under $10.00 a bottle so i can afford a few. i really loved this polish and would absolutely buy more and would recommend it.
These mini polishes from the Swiss brand Mavala, one that was  new to me, are adorable. Small enough to hide in the palm of my hand, they still pack a punch in the depth of their colour and the streak-free formula. They are a similar size to mini OPI but with their own unique shape with a metallic octagonal lid, and are obviously a cinch for travel. I was so happy to discover that they are also cruelty-free, vegan and contain no formaldehyde, as there are only a few cruelty-free polishes I have come across. Mavala's main ingredient is nitrocellulose, a natural wood resin and the lack of toxins actually allows nails to breathe even with polish, causing less damage such as brittleness and yellowing. For one who regularly ends up with dry, peeling nails this is great news.  Mavala applies smoothly in a few strokes and even pale colours are streak-free - the finish is pigmented, consistent and shiny. Even a single coat seemed like enough, but I applied two to ensure a lasting manicure. Mavala has a huge array of colours and is so affordable - at $8.50 each - that  it's easy to stock up on several. I chose Iris, a deep lilac, and Lilac Orchid, a pastel, musk-pink shade (think OPI Mod About You). They both applied beautifully and I achieved non-streaky, pastel smoothness in only two coats, something that never happened with Mod About You, to be honest. The tiny price is fair for bottles that contain only 5 mls, but considering the wastage with most 15 ml bottles this seems by far the best way to try out different shades. Really, who has actually finished a full bottle of nail polish before it turned gluggy? I can't wait to try my next batch of Mavala colours  and I'm so happy I've located this brand!