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Maybelline New York Baby Lips® Loves Color Lip Balm

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Maybelline New York Baby Lips® Loves Color Lip Balm is a tinted lip balm with SPF 16. Lips are moisturised for six hours and feel soft and more supple with a vibrant pop of colour. 

Available in four shades.


Maybelline New York Baby Lips® Loves Color Lip Balm


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Adds a pop of natural colour

The Maybelline New York Baby Lips Loves Color Lip Balm is very moisturising on my lips. I love applying this before bed so it has all night to work it's magic. It's also great for day wear as is has a light pink tint to it and just gives my lips a boost of colour. To use this lip balm you take the cap off and twist the bottom of the tube. My lips don't get dry and cracked when I use this lip balm. It also has a really light smell to it which is lovely and to me it doesn't have a taste. The packaging is also cute and catches the eye.
Baby Lips! What would I do without you? I have all of the flavours and keep a few backups of my favourite 'Berry Crush' in all my handbags. I just finished up a 'Mango Pie' and it was pretty dang tasty. I find these very hydrating and the tinted ones extremely flattering and would be devastatingly lost without them!
I love these lip balms. I have the peach light pink and deep pink. They are perfect when you want a hint of colour without having to use another product. Very moisturising and very easy to use. Compact to take with you anywhere. I don't need to reapply until I eat.
I'm absolutely in love with this product. The packaging is adorable and the scent is so nice. My lips are always so dry but when I use this product my lips feel so much better and moisturised. The balm adds a nice tint of colour, so I use it when I want to bring out some colour but I don't want to put a gloss or lipstick on. I have to keep it in my handbag, its a life saver. It's so simple, so cheap but so good, I think everyone needs a baby lips lip balm.
I used to use this religiously in high school for many years so it has a special place in my heart - brings back so much nostalgia. The formula is similar to the original Baby Lips, except a little thicker and with a lot more pigment. You can customise how you want to wear it - swipe a few times for a sheer wash of colour and a healthy glow on school days, or swipe even more for some pretty intense colour for the weekend! It's like a deep pink -lush colour that is super flattering.  It's so affoordable too, cheapest I've gotten it is around $2 on sale. I highly recommend it, especially for teens looking for a no-fuss lip product for school. I love that it has added SPF16 too for extra protection. The white letters on the outside do wear off over time from being thrown around in your backpack. TIP: I've used it as a cream blush before when I ran out of blush. Just tab a few dots on your cheeks and blend out. Has a nice sweet scent.
I love the baby lips lip balm! It gives my lips the perfect amount of natural colour without being over the top, its smooth to apply and lasts for hours! It doesn't have a taste and stays in place once applied. I use this product everyday because its just so easy to use and makes my lips pop!
I have this balm in the colour "Pink Lolita". It comes in a charming pink tube with white writing. The pink of the packaging is very similar to the pink of the actual product. The product winds up and down in the tube, which I personally love as it means that when I recap the product I don't accidentally make a mess. The product is scented a sweet candy like flavour, however I don't find it too sickly and I feel the scent fades as you wear it, which as someone sensitive to overly scented products I appreciate. The balm goes on very smoothly without any drag onto the lips. It feels very smooth and buttery on the lips, not waxy or sticky at all. The moisturising feel lasts for a long time for me. The lip balm is very shiney looking on the lips, however it doesn't have any glitter or shimmer. I really love the colour of this product. Its not overly different to my natural lip colour. So it's there and adds an extra pink hue without being over the top. It gives a gloriously shiney look to the lips. I love wearing it when I've popped on a natural makeup look and I don't want to wear a lipstick but need something on my lips to look "done". Its a great handbag staple too, as its really moisturising. So even if I do a heavier makeup look, its good to have on hand for when my lips inevitably dry out.  The price is very reasonable, and the fact that you can buy it at most supermarkets and pharmacies on sale quite regularly, there is no reason not to splurge on multiple. I definitely recommend this for anyone to give a go!
Moisturising lip balm with actually a nice finish and a pop of colour. Definitely one of the better tinted lip balms, I don't like the scent but it is quite moisturising and stays on for quite a few hours. I purchased the light pink colour and it suited my skin tone for a natural finish.  Good product for its price point, availability, moisturising and natural finish and for every day use especially for casual days out but would like a pop of colour. Would recommend to anyone. 
This balm feels like a balm, applies like a balm BUT the colour tint tricked me good. I applied like a balm blindly without a mirror, and it kept my lips moisturised. But the colour built up whenever I pressed my lips together and resulted in colour/balm all over the place! It looked like I had been making out with someone!!! not cool at work in front of clients.... I misjudged the amount of colour and its ability to build up after a few applications. Not a fan of this one, BUT if your more attentive than me, it felt light, kept my lips moisturised, great price, and handy lipbalm size tube.
I really like the baby lips lip balm. I think it's a really great product. You just role it up and apply it all over your lips. It's really great for uni days and just though out to the shops. Especially when you just want to look natural. It has a bit of a pinkish reddish tint that just looks really natural. This product is really good for keeping your lips hydrated especially in summer, when it tends to get really hot. It's not sticky like other lip balm products that I've tried before. I would recommend this to everyone and make sure to always to keep it in your handbag as my lips tend to get a little dry in the day. So I just usually apple my it whenever needed. And the great thing is you don't even need a mirror. Just glide it right on.
I have been using Maybelline New York Baby Lips Loves Colour lip balm for what feels like forever.  Its a cute little lip balm that that is really good for keeping your lips moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. Its tinted, so great if you want to add a bit of colour to your lips but don't want to wear a lipstick. Its creamy, and doesn't feel sticky. I usually have to apply this a few times throughout the day to keep my lips hydrated but it does a great job.  My favourite is Berry Crush - leaving a pretty hint of red of my lips. At such a bargain price its a great little tinted lip balm to buy and keep in your handbag. 
Since high school, I've gone through 3 tubes of cherry kiss baby lips, They're affordable, have a pleasant scent, moisturising and gives a very flattering flush to the lips. I like that they come in a decent range of shades that will suit anyone and you can purchase Maybelline in most places that stock cosmetics ~
I been buying these little baby's since they have been available in Australia. I just cant get enough of the Maybelline Baby Lips if I see them on special in store I always get 1 or 2 whether I use them, lose them or gift to a friend. The packaging is just so cute, great lip balm with fantastic value for money!
Love this lip balm! Kepps my lips moisturised all day with a lovely subtle stain of colour to the lip.