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Maybelline New York Brow Satin Define & Fill Duo

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Maybelline New York Brow Satin Define & Fill Duo is a dual ended brow pencil for creating defined, fuller brows. The 0.2mm pencil defines brows while the soft filling powder disguises gaps for a fuller brow look with a soft matte finish. 

Available in three shades.


Maybelline New York Brow Satin Define & Fill Duo


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Freya product

I was using a different eyebrow pencil but I saw this Maybelline New York Brow Satin Define & Fill Duo sale and I decided to go for it. I absolutely love the eyebrow pencil it gives me a really nice full brow look. It’s creamy and I can draw my brows in without a hassle. I used the powder side to sort of fill in and blend in the brush strokes. I also use the old Maybelline New York Brow Satin Define & Fill Duo I have, the powder side is now finished to create Aeogo sal effect Uber my eye area. Love it
This is actually one of the best affordable eyebrow pencils! I picked it up one day at the supermarkets when I didn't have time to go and replace my ABH one, and then I ended up using this daily! It's a nice pencil that's not too dry or too waxy, just the perfect consistency. Reminds me of the ABH pencils, though the tip is not as thin. Makes your brows look defined and natural. I don't really use the sponge/powder side though, but it's still very pigmented and would be good if you prefer a fluffier/fuller brow look to fill in sparse areas instead of a defined look.
This is fantastic for filling in the brows in a rush. The pencil is not as thin as some pencils I've tried, which makes it really easy to fill in the brows quickly. It has good pigmentation (without being too heavy). It's easy to make hair-like strokes. The powder side is good for after you've used the pencil and just want to make everything more uniform. The only thing missing, as it already has two sides of product, is a brow brush. It's easy to do a natural look with this, although you can build it up more if you so desire. I'd highly recommend it.
This is my favourite brow product at the moment. On one side there is a pencil great fir outlining and filling. Then on the other side there is the powder with sponge applicator. Fills  brows without looking too bold, giving a more natural look. Powder seems to be a bit fibrous mimicking brow hairs.
I love this product. As someone who naturally has thick, dark brows, I find I don't often need the plethora of products on the market to shape, fill and colour, I just need something simple. The sponge-powder applicator on this duo is unlike any other product on the market I have come across, and is perfect for my needs. For everyday use, I just run the powder through the top of my brows to give a little bit of shape and the fill the gaps.  I love the spongue as it's impossible to use too much product, as I've often done with the pomade/brush route.The powder stays put, but more importantly never gives me the look of 'done' brows, or looks unnatural. I also use the fine end for more intense or structured shape for special occasions, it's great to have both in the one product. As with all Maybelline, it's easy to pick up, and is a great bargain when on sale. I've bought this for friends struggling with eyebrows as it's fool-proof. The colour range is great too - I use the medium brown in this one, but find the light-brown works for most too. 
I really like this brow pencil, as it fills in the gaps in my brows really well. I am able to easily color match to suit my brows, and having the two different types of application is really handy. Sometimes i only need to use the softer smudge side, as it already has brow pencil on it, meaning the actual pencil side last a lot longer and i get more use out of it. Because i am able to color match, you cant really tell I have brow pencil on, so it still gives me that natural look, while my brows look fuller. I would highly recommend this product.
Creates a subtle brow look which works great with the brow trends of the moment. I start with the pencil first and then use the powder to blend the pencil and add extra definition. I also brush my brows after applying to make a more natural look. Will purchase again.
This is an amazing product from Maybelline. Everyone these days is loving a brow, but as there are so many brow products out there it's hard to find the right one.  The crayon end glides on without being to sharp(no block brow). Soft enough to apply feather strokes. The sponge end is great for filling in areas that you may being lacking. Nice and natural.
Maybelline does have some fantastic products and this is one of them. I use the pencil end to define the shape I want for the day and fill in with the powder. The powder can be a little too intense so I usually smear some off before applying. The pencil is not so soft that it breaks or melts on application. I like the colour light blond and it goes with my newly colour slade/grey coloured hair at the moment. I won't be buying the expensive brands anymore, I'll stick to this for a while.
I picked this product up on a Priceline sale and bought it in the shade Medium Brown.  It consists of two sides with one end having a mechanical, retractable pencil and the other having a sponge applicator with product to fill in your brows.  Upon first inspection after applying it, I feel no difference to my brows than with other products.  It is simple to use however it does not give as defined a brow as some may like, I tend to use the Maybelline Browsatin when I want a softer look.   After using it for a while, I've realised that it is not that long lasting for me.  I'd recommend do not wind up the pencil too far as I accidentally did and then it snapped a bit of the top off when I tried to apply it. The pencil formula is versatile as it can also be used for doing bottom eye eyeliner.  One pro about this is that it's around 13 centimetres long and is thin so it's compact and hence convenient for travel. Con's are that in my experience it is not waterproof and rubs off easily.  I'd also rather prefer to have a spoolie instead of the sponge but in saying that, the sponge is good for filling in bald spots. Also I'm not sure if it was just me but on the sponge applicator the product has built up on top of it and it dries hard leaving a layer of thick substance on top which means I have to constantly wipe it.  I'd recommend this for beginners as it is extremely straightforward to use, not expensive and it's very hard to go wrong with this.
I use this brush duo everyday! It is subtle, but can be built up as desired! The pencil side does not require much pressure to transfer onto brows/skin, and matches ash blonde to dark blonde hairs. The sponge end is fantastic for lightly colouring hairs and filling in gaps between them, creating a filled and natural brow look! I absolutely love this duo and think it is really wonderful for beginners to experiment with and it is easy to remove or blend into brows too! :)
I use this product combined with the Maybelline New York Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara for my brows and it is the perfect combination! Sometimes I just use the smudging end then with the brow mascara for a more natural look - it is quite versatile in the level of intensity you can end up with depending on what look you are going for.