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Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Nudes Lip Color

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Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Nudes Lip Color is a matte lipstick infused with warm matte pigments, honey, emollient waxes and vitamin E to  a long-lasting, highly pigmented colour, while softening and conditioning lips. 

Available in eight shades.

"Eight shades of delightfully creamy nudes that feel as good as they look."
Carli Alman
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Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Nudes Lip Color


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Pros - smells like vanilla - comes in a range of pretty nude shades Cons - slippery on lips - kept getting on my teeth every time I talked - did not last an hour after applying - constant reapplying - came broken along the sides and I had to fix it myself - the bullet wobbles around when you are trying to put the product on making it harder to do so
I am a makeup junkie and love to collect lipsticks in my vanity. I was looking a for a matching nude colour for my pigmented lips for a long time. It was hard for me to get a perfect nude for my yellow undertone skin ( MAC NC42) as well. However, I got to know about Maybelline nudes from one of my friend. Well, to be honest, the colour 570 "Toasted Truffle' really suits me well. I like the pigmentation of this lip colour. It does cover my upper lip pigmentation. Besides, application is smooth, it glides on my lips easily. It has a bit creamy texture but matte finish. However, it doesn't dry out my lips. Anyway, I don't like the staying power of this particular lip product. It can not sustain any meal or snack and starts to fade from middle of my lip. Staying power is around 2 hours. Overall, I am not entirely satisfied with this lipstick as I am looking for long lasing pinking nude colour for my skin tone but I would recommend others if they are looking for a cheaper nude lippy.
I bought this in #565 Almond Rose and it was a great autumn/winter shade.  It swatches a deep pinky nude on my wrist but on my lips it changes to a warmer reddish/brown type of pink, perfect for the cooler weather and when wearing warmer tones on my eyes.  I really love this formula, it glides on easily, no dragging or pulling and feels almost creamy when you apply.  It is a lovely velvety matte finish and it feels comfortable on the lips and doesn't dry them out - just remember to exfoliate and apply some lip balm first as you would with any matte lipstick.  It has a lovely scent and taste, kind of vanilla or cookies?  It easily lasts a good few hours for me before needing to reapply, but it fades evenly and stains the lips so it wears well even when not touched up.  Looks really pretty with a bit of lip bling over it too, it's a very versatile product and I love the formula.
A woman can never have enough lipsticks... and this is a great one to add to any collection. Super easy to apply and i really have been enjoying the range of colours. There is something for most skin complexions. I am currently loving the Almond Rose.  It feels really great going on and I got lots of compliments when I was wearing it. I absolutely would recommend this to anyone wanting to add to their lipstick range .. a great mid priced lipstick.
I won some if these lipsticks in a recent Beauty Crew competition and was thrilled because I  am a bit of a lipstick junkie.  I did give one to a friend because I  thought the colour would suit her better than me and kept Purely Nude (535) and Beige Babe (545) all to myself. So how did I  find them?  I love nude shades as a rule and wear them every day so these were my cup of tea in terms of colour.  I tried Purely Nude first but was surprised to find that it turned my lips practically white!  And I'm  the palest of the pale.   It did have a nice feel on my lips -it's  quite creamy and certainly matte but it goes on like a skin toned concealer rather than a lipstick.   I was disappointed really.  So I  turned my attention to Beige Babe.  This one seems more nude than Purely Nude to me.  It's a nice shade somewhat darker than Purely Nude but complimentary to my skin tone.  It is creamy too which is nice in a matte lipstick which can be drying. This one will probably get a lot of use - and I'll try mixing the Purely Nude with a darker shade lipstick and see how that goes. Thanks BC for sending me these lipsticks!
This is such a beautiful colour. It's well pigmented and suits dark skin tones as well. Stayed on my lips for a reasonable amount of time and looked great. It's a matte lipstick but this didn't make my lips more dry, actually it moistured my lips well.
I have been using the ‘Touch of Spice’, which is a lovely mauve colour. The lipstick is really creamy and smooth to apply. The colour is richly pigmented, so I can use it alone or with lip liner underneath for a deeper look. It has a subtle sweet scent.   The matte finish looks amazing. It does transfer a little bit after eating, but otherwise can last for hours without needing to touch up. I would recommend either using lip balm underneath or exfoliating your lips beforehand, because I did find that it was a little bit drying.   The price is affordable for lipstick, so I am definitely looking forward to trying out the other colours. 
I adore nude lipsticks and love the matt variety and these maybelline lipsticks are some of the best. The pigment is lovely and they are so smooth and creamy, they glide on really well and have true staying power, i didnt need to reapply for hours. I love maybelline products and these lipsticks do not disappoint. I used toasted truffle, number 570 and it was divine, gorgeous colour,and not at all drying as some matt lipsticks can be which was a nice surprise. The packaging also feels really luxe, like that of a more expensive brand so it feels like a treat. I applied two coats with blotting in between for longer lasting colour. I loved this lipstick and would buy it again, I recommend it for anyone who loves a nude colour that does not dry lips out
I liked the lipsticks both the formulation and colours. If you have super dry lips they may emphasise your dry patches however they are comfortable to wear and look really pretty. All the colours suited my pale complexion which i was both surprised and pleased about.  I would recommend these
The formula of these lipsticks was lovely, and it went on creamy and matte, but after a couple hours wear, my lips were peeling despite exfoliating them beforehand. They were not transfer-proof and came off easily with eating/drinking. The pigmentation was fair also but could have been better.
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Replying to Kimberley V.From Maybelline New York: Thank you for your review Kimberley. We are disappointed to hear that you haven’t enjoyed the Color Sensational Matte Nudes range and would like to offer our apologies. Consumer feedback is really important to us, so it would be great to speak with you further so that we can capture all of the details for our reporting and of course and so that we can suggest some alternative products from another one of our ranges. Our contact details are 1300 369 327, we look forward to speaking to you soon.
The lipsticks were amazing! So buttery, easy to apply and were not drying on the lips but somewhat moisturising. I LOVED the darker colours of the 4, the were very matte and so pigmented. I found the lighter shades a bit streaky and and chalky, and you do have to reapply throughout the day. The packaging is very plain and you do have to read the label to know what colour is what.
I love these lipsticks. They have rapidly become my go-to for everyday and special occasions. They are matte and opaque with one application without being drying as the formula feels moisturising and creamy. They fade nicely throughout the day and probably only need one touch up after a meal to last the rest of the day. The shade range is great for a variety of skin tones but the darker shades I found to be a bit more wearable.
These lipsticks come in a great colour range with perfect nudes for a variety of skin colours. I found the formula to be long wearing, fairly pigmented and easy to apply. However I did find that the formula did dry out my lips a bit, I have dry skin and tend to get chapped lips far more easily in the winter (the time I was testing this product). I definitely will wear this again but I will make sure to use a lip scrub and moisturise my lips before and after application.
These lipsticks are ab absolute dream - smoothly, opaque, creamy and matte. Colours are super wearable and can be worn to work or on a night out. My favourite is Toasted Truffle - gave a nice wash of colour without being too bold. The only con for my was the longevity and how it wore throughout the day. I found that it faded on my inner lips and created a 'circle' affect but luckily for me these lipsticks are easy to apply so touch up is not too hard!
I absolutely love matte lipsticks but I am always reluctant to try new products as I know they can differ in constancy. I was so surprised with these as they glide on beautifully and stay on your lips for song long without drying out !!! Definitely recommend !! My favourite shade is 570 it works so well with my Olive complection and mousy blonde hair.
I had the opportunity to try all 4 colours and my absolute favourite was 545. Because I've got quite a pale skin tone during winter, the 535 shade didn't suit me because it blended in with my skin tone. I think it'll look gorgeous on medium to dark skin tones though! However, the consistency of the lipsticks are very good (smooth and moisturising) and it lasted when I had meals, The 565 and 570 shades also looked flattering on fair skin tones as well! These lipsticks are very affordable and I would highly recommend them!
I got to trial Beige Babe , Almond Rose , Purely Nude and Toasted Truffle . All of the lipsticks were long lasting and didn't dry my lips out like other matte lipsticks  . My favourite one has to be Almond Rose which was a gorgeous nude pink . The only one I didn't like was Toasted Truffle which I felt was too dark for my skin tone
I trialed the 4 different shades and was impressed with the range. Being matte lipsticks, I expected them to dry out my lips/become flaky quickly. Surprisingly they lasted better than I expected, however would still recommend priming your lips with a balm before applying to keep your lips moist, especially with the lighter shades. The darker shades outlasted the lighter shades, and were smoother and creamier on application.  Overall, would recommend the darker shades for every day wear. Lighter shades could be improved. 
Most matte lipsticks I have tried dry out my lips and can get uncomfortable to wear but this product was different as it was comfortable, hydrating and smooth. Before application I used a hydrating balm, which helped to keep my lips extra smooth, but the product reacted well to this and was perfect to wear in an everyday sense. The colours suited different styles, although I much preferred the colours of the darker two out of the four tested. If wearing in an everyday sense I had to reapply several times but overall it stayed on quite well.
ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THESE LIPPIES ! The colours is what caught my attention, it comes in different shades  of matte nudes. The packaging is very simple, elegant, cute and easy to use.  The texture of the product when applied tothe lips is very creamy and soft, i like how it glides onto my lips smoothly. The product did not dry out my lips, in fact it nourished my lips whilst giving my lips some colour. My lips looked full after the application and I was very surprised because these lip products lasted a while for me, basically the whole day including drinking and eating. Sometimes the colour might rub off a bit depends on what i eat but it still left some sort of colour on my lips so i was not concerned about that problem. This lipstick has everything that i look for in a lipstick which covers colour, nourishment, packaging, labels and price was affordable. I receieved 4 lippies (colours; 535,545,565,570) for trial & i absolutely loved them ! Would definately purchase more in the future when i run out of these. Yes i would definately recommend these products to everyone, young or old females will be able to use this product & can choose from a variety of colours.  Skin tone: Fair  Hair colour: Black Nationality: Asian, Vietnamese Colour that suited my skin tone: 565 Almond Rose ! I swear by this colour ! Note:  - Lips must be moisturised and nourished either with lip balm or ointment - exfoliate lips to ensure it is free from any dead skin for smooth application Application: - Can use a lip brush to apply or use the lipstick to apply straight to lips