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Maybelline New York Color Sensational® Stripped Nudes Lip Color Collection

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Maybelline New York Color Sensational® Stripped Nudes Lip Color Collection is a range of nude lipsticks. True naked pigments deliver an honest, smooth and velvety flesh tone colour and precious oils give lips a nourished feel. 

Available in six shades.


Maybelline New York Color Sensational® Stripped Nudes Lip Color Collection


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My husband bought me my first Maybelline Color Sensational Stripped Nudes lipstick, although he had no idea what he was buying.  It is in the shade of Sultry Sand and when I saw it I wondered how I was going to ever wear it because I usually wear more colour.  What I found when I applied the lipstick was that it was so conditioning and left my lips feeling so soft and supple.  The lipstick is very creamy and dries to a semi matte finish.  The shade is way too light for my liking and makes me look washed out, however I wear Sultry Sand nearly every day in either of two ways.  I use the lipstick as a nude lip liner, or to tone down any lipstick that might be too bright or too dark.  It is just amazing how I have extended the life of some lipsticks just by using Sultry Sand underneath them.  I am so impressed with the lipstick that I have since purchased the Maybelline Color Sensational Stripped Nudes in Tantalizing Taupe as well.  I can apply only one coat to my lips or I can build on these beautiful lipsticks.  I wouldn’t say these are long lasting lipsticks but that doesn’t bother me because I am used to re-applying my lipsticks throughout the day. 
I got this in "Totally Toffee" and got so many compliments for it! You can search online for swatches but it's a very beautiful nude colour that was only about one-two shades above my natural lip colour, so it just enhanced my lips to make it look healthier :) Has a beautiful sweet toffee scent. Very creamy, though not too long lasting because of that so you do have to reapply throughout the day. I highly recommend Totally Toffee. I've repurchased it a couple of times!
I purchased this lip colour to tone down a couple of too red lipsticks that I was given as a gift.  I apply it over the lipstick and it tones down the colour to just how I like it.  It goes on smooth even on already lipsticked lips and lasts all day.  I haven't used it as a stand alone lippie.  Affordable price too.
If you want totally kissable lips without leaving the evidence behind, the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Stripped Nudes Lip Color Collection is for you. It has all the benefits of the rich, velvety lipstick that you’d expect from Maybelline but without the colour intensity.  Perfect for the no-makeup-look.  I love it so much that I’m on my second tube.  I might try a different shade next to time mix things up.   
I bought this lipstick when I was going through a smokey-eye phase and wanted a little pigment on my lips, but not daring to go bare. I bought the shade 710- Sultry Sand which is a beige-nude. The lipstick has a sort of crayon-esque smell about it, which isn't overly strong. The lipstick applies really smooth and creamy, and leaves a matte colour on your lips. I normally have very dry lips so I generally wear a balm under or over my lipstick. This didn't affect the lipstick at all. I would say it lasts a few hours, depending on if your eating/drinking. As it is a creamy, more hydrating formula it will transfer onto glasses etc. I am a very pale gal so would say to test the colours if you can before you buy as I probably should have gone for a pinky-nude to compliment my skin tone and avoid looking washed out. Overall, because I like the look and feel of this lipstick I will return to purchase another but in a different shade.
Excellent product! Lasting colour and hydration. Smooth  texture that feels great on your lips, does not dry out!