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Maybelline New York Eye Studio® Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner

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Maybelline New York Eye Studio® Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner is a glossy liquid eyeliner. The ultra-glossy formula is smudge-proof and waterproof and the flexible brush tip allows for an ultra thin application. 


Maybelline New York Eye Studio® Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner


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My favourite liquid liner by far!!!  I always prefer using a trusty liquid liner because it stays on for ages (depending on the product), the colour is super black and it applies much easier than a pencil. I used the kat von D tattoo liner for ages before finding the Maybelline glossy liner and I wish i switched soon because the tattoo liner is a bit pricey.  First things first, the application: super easy as it has a fine brush to get a precise line on the lid and makes it easy to get that perfect wing.  The formula is very smooth and glides on very easy. It doesn't smudge through out the day and doesn't move at all.  Colour: i usually use jet black, i prefer a matte liner, this one is glossy but it works really well for me as i use it almost everyday for a simple wing line.  I'm loving this product so far and definitely recommend it for a cheap drugstore liner that does a brilliant job.
I love this eyeliner! For years this was my go to eyeliner for dance concerts and does not disappoint. Like any liquid liner, it takes practice to get a nice sharp line so you can not fault it at all for application. I love the minimal packaging and the product does give a hyper glossy look even when dried. This is real value for money and I have recommended this product to my friends for years and will continue to do so. Never ever discontinue this eyeliner!
An eyeliner that I always seem to go back to! For someone with hooded eyes who always has problems with eyeliner transferring onto the upper lid (even waterproof ones) this is an amazing liquid eyeliner which keeps in place without any transferring onto that upper lid. However, sometimes it can stay on so well that there can be some stubborn bits of liner that can be tricky to wipe off.  It is easy to use once you get a handle of using the brush as the brush is thin and easy to control.  The only down side is that despite the liner staying on so well sometimes when it dries, small parts of the line that you have drawn on your eyelid may come off, but if you don’t rub your eyes you should be okay! 
A pretty good liner. I usually use a pencil or gel liner, so found it a little difficukt to use as the ink seemed to seep across my eye, but it was nice and shiny and stay put well.
Not a bad liner at all. This liner is nice and black and stays glossy as if it were freshly applied to the eyelid. The applicator is easy enough to use but it's no Maybelline Hyper Sharp.