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Maybelline New York Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner

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Maybelline New York Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner is a gel eyeliner. The oil-free formula is highly pigmented and delivers an intense smudge-proof and waterproof eyeliner look for 24 hours. 


Maybelline New York Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner


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Gel pot eyeliners are my favourite to use, I don’t know what it is but I feel like I have so much more control when I use a gel eyeliner with an angled brush that I do using any liquid liners. It feels a lot less intimidating, and the fact that it’s a cream/gel formula means that if I do accidentally poke myself in the eye I won’t turn into a panda like I would using a liquid liner.  The formula is really pigmented and you get a nice solid black colour when using this. It is smooth and easy to apply, and just glides on without skipping when you run it along your lash line. You have enough time to play around with the formula, so if you wanted to smoke it out you don’t need to work too fast, but it does set in place after a few minutes and I’ve found it pretty long wearing and won’t smudge after it sets in place.  I didn’t love the brush that came with it, and much prefer using a small angled liner brush for more control. Angled liner brushes make doing wings heaps easier too.  It comes in a little pot, make sure to securely tightly close it otherwise you will start to notice the gel dries out and you will get cracks forming in it. I did have to chuck mine out as it started to dry out, and left flakes on my face when I wore it and became hard to apply. But I’ve had MAC gel eyeliners do the same, it’s just one of those products that doesn’t last forever unfortunately. But the Maybelline is so cheap that I don’t mind too much. 
This amazing gel eyeliner and brush saved my winged eye life. I love winged eyeliner, but I have always struggled with smudging - my ultimate makeup pet peeve. This product doesn't smudge under my eyes! Once it sets it stays in place. I can achieve my sharp lines and never worry about them throughout the day. Pros: -The colour is very black and opaque. -Doesn't smudge. -Affordable price -Comes with a brush! -Smooth -Can achieve a sharp and clean line
This eyeliner gets 5 stars from me, for its price, it’s lasting power and that it comes with a brush. The little pot of gel eyeliner lasts for ages, so it’s definitely great value for money. You can get a really thin and precise line and colour between the lashes with the small brush that comes with this eyeliner, but you can also quite easily draw in a thicker feline flick. Just make sure you wash the little brush between each use as the product dries on the brush and then it doesn’t work so well.
Hands down the best gel eyeliner I've ever used - and will ever use again.  I was first introduced to the world of gel eyeliner through a friend of mine who swore there was no better gel eyeliner than the Bobbi Brown one and boy was she wrong. After having to spend ridiculous amounts on money on replacing dried out Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner pots (why do they dry out so quickly?), I decided to take a break and try out a new product. I walked into my local drugstore with the intention of purchasing deodorant (and only deodorant), and walked out with a bag full of makeup including the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (and no deodorant). The one thing that first attracted me to the product, apart from the price, was the little brush that came with it. As soon as I got home, I decided to take it for a spin and I was certainly not disappointed. Firstly, even thought the texture is quite thick, it just glides right on and gives incredible flexibility yet utmost control when applying. The brush certainly helps and is a constant fixture in my makeup bag no matter where I go. Even though I still haven't perfected the perfect wing (I will get there one day dammit!) and am therefore by no means fantastic at applying eyeliner, I feel that this product along with the brush provided would be simple to use even for those who aren't overly makeup savvy. PROS: - The texture just glides on - Extremely long lasting  - Easy to remove with makeup wipes - Only a small amount needed - Awesome eyeliner brush included - Comes in a small glass jar convenient to travel with CONS: - Can never get through an entire jar without it drying it out (takes ages for it to dry out though) I honestly love this gel eyeliner and cannot recommend it enough.
Gel liner is really easy for me to apply. This gel liner is so good. the brush is amazing as well. so pigmented and I've never had a problem with it smudging or coming off. The product also lasted me years. it never dried out. I eventually threw it away because it was so old and seeing this reminds me that I need to buy a new one. Recommend so much!
Best Gel Eyeliner available! I am in love with this eyeliner, its matte black, goes on smoothly, stays put for hours, its so super easy to use and its super cheap!  The black "colour" is one of the blackest there is and when using lashes this hides the lash band beautifully.  You get a little brush, but I prefer my Zoeva winged eyeliner brush. It comes in the standard gel liner glass pot and the lid is perfect for warming it up and making sure that you get just the right amount on your brush.  I have never been able to finish an gel liner, regardless of the brand, they just dry out quickly which is another reason is this amazing. I always have a back up or two of these and stock up when its on sale. Its a ride or die! 
This is a superb quality gel eyeliner that comes with a fantastic little brush for application. . I have very oily eyelids, so like using gel eyeliners.  They tend to go on better and definitely last better than pencil counterparts. This eyeliner comes in a stylish glass jar, with a brush that is slimline, has a nice tip, and applies the product very smoothly & evenly.  I've found that with regular use, the product doesn't dry out  in the jar and is still as fresh as the day I bought it. The gel eyeliner is very easy to apply, and I love that it doesn't smudge during or after application.  Where I put it, it stays all day.. I haven't tested how waterproof it is i.e. by swimming with it on, but I have worn it in really hot weather & it's stayed put. Absolutely perfect in the hot Australian weather.  Highly recommend these, they deliver everything they promise and are great value for money too.
I wear eyeliner every day and always have done and yet managing the perfect wings is still usually beyond me. However I have to say that this eyeliner makes it a lot easier for me due to both the brush and the formula of the liner.   Starting with the brush! It's perfect for doing your upper lid. The bristles are short and strong and are well shaped so it is pretty easy to get a good clean line and a thin, even point of a wing. I have used it several times and have found the there is no shedding of the brush, none of the bristles have become misshapen in any way and it is still just as good as when I first used it.   The formula of the eyeliner is actually pretty good. It has a creamy gel like texture which allows for very smooth and easy application. There is also great pigmentation so you only have to do one application to get a deep colour.   I have found the wear to generally be very good, with no crumbling or transference. It will last all day for me which is great (I do use a primer though so I’m not sure how that would effect it). However, I have noticed that when it is really humid it can smudge slightly, mostly on the corners where your eyes become moister. Another thing that may be an issue is that this is not a great product to use on the waterline as it will fade very quickly. I tend to use this gel liner for myupper lid and a different pencil or pen for my waterline.   Other that those points I think it is a really good product that is very easy to use and would recommend it to anyone who is still trying to get that perfect winged liner!
This gel eyeliner delivers a really pigmented black line. I would disagree with it being 'lasting'.  My skin is fairly normal - not oily and even using a eye primer I find it still wears off. The only way I have got it to last so more than 4 hours is to then go over it with a black eyeshadow to 'set it'. The brush that comes with it is horrible - it is very hard and hurts my eye while trying to apply the product. In saying that, I have purchased this product 3 times now as I do like how pigmented it is, it is just a bit annoying that it doesnt last on me. I would also recommend using a different brush to the one that comes with this.
Best Gel eyeliner ever! doesn't smudge, stays in place and I get a perfect winged eyeliner everytime!