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Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation

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Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation is a long-lasting foundation with a matte finish and a formula that works to fit to your skin. It contains micro-powders to blur pores and control shine and its oil-free formula does not clog the skin. This product is dermatologist and allergy tested.

Available in 40 shades.


Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation


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Great foundation

I bought this Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation many years ago. Although I am not using this foundation anymore I still loved the coverage it gave me. I couldn’t find the shade that matched my tone exactly so I had to buy two shades. I mixed them and I got my perfect shade. For the price you pay this is an amazing foundation they have a really good range of shades and gives you flawless skin. It’s not only on your skin and gives a nice glow. Highly recommend this Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation

The hype is true!

It's matte, but not too matte. I think it's around $20 for a bottle, which is insanely cheap for a product that performs so well on my combo skin. I have an oily t-zone, but the rest of my skin is pretty normal. It's more of a satin finish, which looks really beautiful when you're going for more of a glam look. If you're on a budget and have normal to oily skin then this is definitely one to try. My only gripe is that this doesn't have a pump. Even if you're applying this with your fingers a pump is still so much better for dispensing the product.
Yet another product I'm late to the party in using. Better late than never, right? As the name suggests, the Maybelline Matte and Poreless foundation is formulated to keep oily skin at bay whilst giving the skin an airbrushed finish reducing the appearance of pores. The foundation is packaged in a 30 ml rectangle shaped bottle that is glass, so feels a little more prestige for the Maybelline price tag. The product has a thin consistency which is good because it _doesn't have a pump_. One of my pet hates is a foundation bottle without a pump, I just feel I waste too much product. Thankfully I can pour the foundation out fairly easily. The consistency is not too runny as to come out too quickly, yet isn't so thick as to need a pounding to tip out. Being a thin formula, I found it blended across my skin quickly and evenly. This foundation gives a medium coverage which can be built up. But for me personally, although it looks fine it feels like a drying mask on my skin. I am content with a medium coverage, anyway, I only applied an extra layer just to test it out. As expected, I get a matte finish, but it's not flat and cakey looking, more a velvet finish which I prefer on my combination, yet dehydrated skin. I do have large pores and they don't look so pronounced. Also, the foundation doesn't initially settle into my fine lines. A few minutes after application the foundation begins to set, which I like. I don't feel the need for a finishing powder. After wearing for many hours, I do notice that my lines start becoming more visible, however, my pores remain reduced in appearance. As I get older it's obvious that my lines are becoming more prominent, so I can't fault the foundation for that. I am very happy with the affordable Maybelline Matte and Flawless Foundation, but please include a pump!
My sister in law actually got me onto this product when I mentioned how flawless she looked. It is he same quality as Mac Studio fix I cannot rave about it enough. I did pick up the matte one by accident and I didn't like it but I love the dewy!
I quite like this foundation for my combination and sensitive skin. It does a good job covering imperfections, and evening out the skin tone. I wouldn’t exactly say it was matte and it has a somewhat ‘glowy’ appearance. Therefore I’m not sure it would be the best for super oily skin. However for me it did a great job. It is definitely better with a primer as I found that without it didn’t have much staying power at all unfortunately.
As a girl with really oily and acne prone skin, this foundation works well for me. I need extra coverage to even out my redness from breakouts and the matte formula helps to keep my oiliness at bay for the day. This works really well with my setting powder and does not look cakey. The only cons I have is that it often tends to break up on my nose, as it is the place where I have the worst oil, but if it is set properly it won't move. The other con is that it doesn't have a pump, but overall this foundation is one of the best drugstore foundations that I have tried and is my go to.
For a “drug store” foundation this is incredible!  I use this on a daily basis and it really does the job. It does seperate slightly around my nose but that is an oily area for me.  It can be annoying to apply as there is no pump bottle and you have to pour it out, I sometimes end up pouring to much but it’s easy enough to put back in the bottle.  The foundation does last the day and doesn’t have that cakey feeling. 
Really love this foundation for everyday wear. The formula is light and on the 'runny' side but it is buildable and doesnt dry to quickly, so you can take your time during application. The shade range is fantastic and the finish is flawless and fresh. Although its a great finish, depending on the weather, it can tend to transfer or move on the face. This is only bad for oily face touching people like myself.  It would be nice if the packaging had a pump as an opton but other than that, its a great product to work with. Especially for beginners!
Great product of oily or combination skin. I didn’t have high hopes as I have tried soooo many ‘matte’ products that don’t work which claim they do. This leaves a matte but not dry finish. I still get some oily shine after a while but it the best matte foundation I have used. Its fragrance free but the glass bottle is old school, leaving the product open for contamination every time you use. It's also well priced.
Okay wow! I usually am a high-end foundation kind of girl but after using this I don’t really see a need in spending the extra money! For a “drugstore” foundation, the packaging is really lovely and the component almost feels heavy as if it is expensive which is great attention to detail and presentation. There is no distinct chemical-y smell that I find is present with some drugstore foundations which is great! I have fairly oily skin so this foundation works really well for me in regard to oil control and minimising the appearance of enlarged pores. For the price, you really can’t complain for what you get.  PROS:  - PRICE!  - Great packaging - No chemical/strong smell  - Buildable coverage that lasts really well throughout the day/night  - Perfect for oily skin!  - Minimises the appearance of pores  CONS:  - No pump  - Not sure if this is really a con but if you are looking for really high coverage foundation it’s not that STRAIGHT off the bat, however it is very buildable. 
FINALLY found a great foundation that does what it says! :) A smooth, medium consistency formula :) Love that there is no smell and many available shades :) It's not AS full coverage, but is buildable and easy to blend  :) Creates a soft matte finish, but does not flake - which is so hard to find! :) Great for oily, combination skin and does well in humidity and happy to report that it is "sweatstache" proof  :) Very long lasting - only had to do a lunchtime nose powder once throughout a 8 hour work day to control shine :) Didn't cause any breakouts and didn't block my pores :( Even though a lot of product usually goes to waste in a pump lid, would have preferred a pump as it's hard to control amount of product * Would recommend!
Great price point. Has a lovely finish when first applied, but I find that it did separate and get a bit shiny towards the end of the day. It also settles a little in smile lines and on my chin. Its easy to work with when applying, but its not very good with touch ups, tried a couple of different techniques to try and combat the movement during the day but wasn't really satisfied with any of the results. I prefer the dewy version of this foundation as you know that your working with a dewy finish, rather than applying and looking matte and then slowly getting shiny/oily during the day.
Such an awesome drug store foundation and a great price point. This foundation provides medium coverage without looking cakey. Does not oxidized which I find happens a lot with drug store foundations. Provides your skin with a nice smooth look and helps cover the pesky pores!!! I would definitely recommend.
I have always had issues since I was a teenager with oil and complexion. Using such products is always a risk for me but I'm glad I tried this one. It's very friendly to my sensitive skin and I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome. Would definitely recommend this.
this is an amazing drug store foundation, it’s been a bit hard for me to find my shade in my local Priceline and I was delighted to get to use my exact colour. The consistency is runny and it gives me a flawless coverage. I’m able to build it up as well when I need a better coverage. Overall I highly reccomend this foundation for anyone needs a flawless Not to heavy makeup finish 
This foundation is a foundation that is at a good price point, one thing I loved was that the smell was not overpowering as recent makeup fad of Powerful peach or perfume scents in foundation/eyeshadow etc. As a patch test on my had it made my hand very smooth and did not enhance any texture. However, on the face the foundation collected in my scars and pores on my face with this test I used a smashbox primer. While I did not find this to be perfect I still did enjoy this foundation and it is at a good price point.
This is a great everyday wear foundation. A budget buy that I prefer to wear it to work daily. It comes in a bottle with a wide opening and no pump. So you have to be extra careful when using it so as not to spill it. I have combination skin and this foundation gives me that matte finish without looking too cakey or dry on my face. It also sets well around my oily areas ie nose and cheeks.. This foundation makes my skin look smooth and hides the pores. It lasts throughout the day without needing to touch-up. I love the thin consistency and it is very easy to blend this foundation. The best thing Maybelline has released some new shades and previously I had difficulty getting a shade match but now I can. I have tanned dark Indian skin tone and it is so easy to find my shade now. Thanks Maybelline. I buy this all the time because it works so well and looks great on my skin and is budget friendly.
This foundation is a classic for me and has been there through thick and thin. Years ago as a high school student I loved makeup and I would watch out for sales at priceline and chemist warehouse and would try every drugstore foundation on my skin and workout what was best for my skin! I wear this foundation nearly every day , if not I’m wearing the rimmel lasting finish foundation! I work in child care so I’m forever on the go and want something that doesn’t cost the universe and that stays on reasonably well for 8 hours. This foundation has medium coverage, goes on smoothly and you end up with a perfectly natural matte look! You can pick up this foundation from pricelineau or chemistwarehouseaus for $19.95! The maybelline Fit me will always be a must in my make up bag! I wear both shades 115 and 110
love maybelline products and this new york fit me matte poreless foundation is a winner. the foundation is lightweight and feels great to wear. I love the great matte texture and I felt it controlled oil really well. It gives a nice light coverage which I like, not heavy and cakey and it wont clog pores which is a huge bonus. You only need to use a little for a great result which makes it really  economical. I tend to have an oily t zone so this foundation was great for that, although I did resort to blotters at the end of the day. The packaging is nice, though I do like a pump for less mess. I love that this product comes in 40 great shades so its easy to find a match I would recommend using a great primer first for an even better result but overall a great foundation that i would absolutely recommend
This has to be one of the best matt formulas  for a foundation. It does a great job of controlling the shine by absorbing oil especially  the T zone. It is great for light to medium coverage. I personally like it mixed with my another favourite foundation to build up on coverage. I wear this everyday to work and get so many compliments about how good my skin looks with this foundation. Dedinately worth a try!