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Maybelline New York Great Lash® Mascara

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Maybelline New York Great Lash® Mascara is a mascara that conditions and thickens lashes. The formula glides on smoothly to deliver a full lash look without clumps. 

Available in two shades.


Maybelline New York Great Lash® Mascara


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Natural looking Lash

I brought this mascara as it was highly recommended by an American magazine, therefore I had great expectations. When I tried this mascara I was a bit disappointed, and maybe these expectations clouded my judgment a bit, as I was expecting the best lashes ever. In my experience this mascara was a bit ordinary, Maybelline makes fantastic mascaras but for me this wasn’t the best one. To be fair it didn’t clump, smudge or run and it did everything a mascara is supposed to do like darken and accentuate the lashes. I was just expecting great things from this classic mascara that has been around for a while. I found it didn’t deliver on impact, I was expecting length, volume and extreme blackness but what I got was a natural looking lash, so if that’s what your after this is the mascara for you.
I’ve been using the Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara in one formula or other forever, and no matter what other mascara I have at any given time I always have a tube of Great Lash on hand.    I find the Great Lash so easy to use.  I love the wand which suits my eye shape and lashes so well.  The wand seems to be a bit smaller than most mascara wands and I can’t take to some of the fancy shaped wands around at present.    I have quite reasonable length lashes and I don’t necessarily need to add a lot of volume to them.  I just need a mascara that coats my lashes and separates them without leaving clumps of mascara.  I usually apply one or two coats of the GreatLash which dries fairly quickly.  I don’t get any fallout.    I use blackest black and don’t have any trouble with cleaning off the mascara at night.  I either use micellar water or an eye makeup remover.    I think the Maybelline NewYork Great Lash Mascara is a super everyday mascara that has stood the test of time.  
This mascara is an affordable option and cult classic.I love the small wand as it gets right to the base of the lashes and coats them all. It spreads them really nicely and they do not clump at all. It gives my lashes the "natural but better" effect. I am lucky to have naturally long lashes, so I'm not that critical of most mascaras. It's cute packaging and really great to just throw into your bag for a quick retouch for long days. However, it does take a while to dry down so if you have a full face of makeup on and it smudges its gonna be difficult to remove. For that reason, I really only use it when I wear minimal makeup, just mascara and lip gloss because its easy to get rid of a little smudge when there is no concealer or foundation on your face. I would recommend this product to someone who doesn't care wear too much makeup and doesn't need to invest a lot in something they don't use often.
I found this mascara didn't do much for me at all - it didn't add much volume or length, and it smudged under my eyes after about an hour or so. There are definitely better mascaras from Maybelline (try Lash Sensational!), this one just doesn't hit the mark.
It's a cult classic. Pros - NO CLUMPS, perfect and even coverage, fans lashes out like a dream. The brush honestly works wonders. The colour is perfect black, flat and non glossy. It's build-able without being flaky, I find it last for a good 6 hours at least. Cons - Smudges easily, this is the kind of mascara where you don't want to accidentally rub your eye while wearing. Doesn't always last the full day, but if you're going out for a lunch with the girls or a dinner date, then it's perfect. Maybe try the waterproof option if smudging is a big issue for you. All in all, for the price, it's worth keeping as a back up option for when your fave runs out.
I got this mascara in a gift with purchase a while ago, and I was excited to try it - I'd heard so much about this product. But when I tried it, it was very wet and took forever to dry; it was still smudging at least half an hour later, and I ended up with mascara all over my lids - not a good look! Because it took so long to dry, it was very hard to build any volume, so I would not recommend it for anyone with short lashes. I was so disappointed with this product I didn't finish it, I tried it a few times and threw it out. Not a fan.
There's lot to like about this Maybelline staple, but unfortunately one persistent negative has had me eventually bin the one I purchased.  This was my first time returning to this cult classic for around 20 years. THE POSITIVES - I love the brush, it's on the small side, and I find it works beautifully at  thoroughly coating my lashes.  I can really get right into the corner lashes and I find it's great for both top and bottom lashes, the compact  brush being ideal to really find every single lash easily. Plus, yay, this stuff does NOT clump at all. That's a big positive in my books in any mascara formula. It leaves my lashes naturally separated, nicely lengthened & defined, it's a lot like my own lashes but better.   When I want a natural, defined look, this is the mascara I'd love to be reaching for. I also have eyes that have, in the past, reacted badly to a competitor mascara - very happy to report that I had no irritation of any sort with this mascara. However THE NEGATIVE - I'm not sure if it's the shade I bought (ie Blackest Black) or if it's the formula, but I had persistent issues with smudging every time I wore this mascara. I persisted for around 10 wears in the end, finding I had very noticeable panda eyes after a few hours every single time. At first I thought it may be the hot weather in Perth, but I've worn it on cooler days where weather won't affect it, and worn it in fully air conditioned buildings, homes and vehicles, with no improvement in the smudging issue. VERDICT - Disappointing - I remember using this in past years & finding it was a great product. The brush is great & my lashes look fabulous for a few hours, but I just could not resolve the smudging issue.  I won't be repurchasing or recommending unfortunately.
Maybelline is one of my go to brands for makeup that is affordable, effective and looks really pretty in my makeup bag and on my bathroom vanity. I know that this mascara is one of their most famous products of all, a cult product some might say. I have mixed feelings about this mascara. I like that it's $12.95, the pink and green colours of the tube and the wand itself is good at getting every single lash in one stroke. However, I don't think the mascara itself is all that impressive in it's finish, and unfortunately, I am yet to find a mascara from any brand, cheap or expensive, that doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin 5 minutes after application, and this was no exception. All in all, good points and bad points, I wouldn't buy this again, but I do recommend this brand and products to anyone out there for being affordable, effective and mostly being brilliant. With maybelline, you can make it happen.
A cult classic for a reason! Still the most economical mascara I've ever found that gives an equivalent effect as those 4 times the price. It's been in my makeup bag for 20 years and I'll keep in there for the next 20!