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Maybelline New York Matte Maker Powder

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Maybelline New York Matte Maker Powder is a mattifying powder. Lightweight blotting spheres attract and absorb excess oil and set foundation while micro-absorbing sponges blend seamlessly for a matte finish. 

Available in two shades.


Maybelline New York Matte Maker Powder


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Great little product to use when putting your makeup on for the day, or for touching up during the day! It gives a lovely matte look that is subtle and offers a smooth finish. Very affordable price as well which is always a bonus for makeup these days! Wonderful product.
This powder rivals my Mac powder. It creates a matte finish without changing the colour of your foundation. It lasts well, and is super affordable. The container is easy to store in your bag if you need a touch up through out the day, and because it’s a pressed powder you don’t get tiny powder particles all through your bag. The only thing that I would suggest to improve this powder is to have more colours but I still give it 5 stars because the colour is right for my skin tone.
This powder is excellent. It's cheap and does exactly what a powder should. I use the lightest shade which is close to translucent. I set my foundation and concealer with this and it does not budge throughout the day. If you have darker skin tones it could be used to set and add a highlighted effect. Highly recommend this product.
I used to use this mattifying powder everyday to help keep the shine to a minimum, and I found the product to go on smoothly and help set my makeup for the day. This powder is quite good value for money, however applying too much can definitely give a 'caked' on appearance. I've noticed wearing too much can really emphasise my pores and pimples, so I recommend using this powder sparingly and will still provide pretty excellent coverage.  As a person with more of an oilier skin tone, I love matte everything, while this powder keeps the shine away initially, within a couple of hours I find myself having to blot my skin.I recommend instead of reapplying more of the powder when you feel too shiny, use a blotting paper to avoid looking 'cakey'.  Another tip I can say is be sure to replace this powder regularly, I find that using the same powder for any more than a few months can definitely cause breakouts, so please be careful! The packaging itself is quite flimsy and I've had many lids snap on me from being dropped, so I find myself ending up having to replace this powder regularly anyway. So just a heads up, do take care when handling the lid, very very breakable.    There are quite a few skin tones available, and the ivory is incredibly pale which is really good for very fair skinned people, I think these tones can suit a huge variety of people, but try first if you can, to avoid picking a wrong shade. I think this powder could suit all skin types because it really does help to set your makeup, with the exception of people with very dry or very greasy skin. My advice to people with very greasy skin types is whilst I think there are better mattifying powders on the market, if budget is a constraint this product will certainly do you justice, just know you will be seeing shine again in a couple of hours.
Works well. Keeps shine off forehead and nose. I am using the Natural Beige. Does what is says. Recommended
I bought the Maybelline Matte Maker Powder when I had run out my usual powder and this one was on sale. It comes in two shades, Natural beige and classic Ivory. I have the classic Ivory. My skin is pale, and I tend to have a very oily nose by the end of the day. Maybelline recommends that you apply the powder by using gentle downward strokes. I’m guessing as to not encourage that ‘fuzzy’ look some powders can give you. I recommend you use this powder before you do your contour/blush because the product pressed directly on the skin will somewhat ‘whiten’ the area and no one wants to ruin all that hard work! This product does make your skin matte, with the exception of my super oily nose, (but that’s only after about 6 hours so that's nothing to complain about.) The thing I have noticed about this product though is that it does seem to emphasise all those little white hairs! Not a good look.What it does function well as though, is a highlighter/concealer setting powder.I will keep using it because it does work pretty well to keep my skin matte, doesn't settle into any of my acne scars, and lasts pretty much all day, but I think I will check out a different brand once this one runs out.
My face is extremely oily, especially around the T-Zone.  I would be lost without this product!  It controls oil and shine all day, even when the weather is stinking hot - without settling into fine lines or caking. It doesn't cost the earth and lasts a long time.  Don't be fooled by the packaging (it looks quite ordinary) because for me, it truly is a superior makeup necessity.
This isn't my favourite powder, for some reason no matter how little I put on, it never looks good, I feel it just sits on top of my skin and gives me a powdery, chalky look no matter how I buff it.  I'm not a big fan of the packaging, the lids quite cheap and looks like it could crack easily if I kept it in my handbag. Even though the price is good, I just think there's better drug store powders out there.
This little gem is amazing. I've switched from Napoleon Camera Finish pressed powder to this - it's way better!! I've even converted a few friends to make the switch. Smooth and velvety on the skin. Lasts all day and easy to remove. Doesn't clog my pores and lasts a really long time - I use mine everyday and haven't had to replace it in 7 months. Give it a go!
I have borrowed this from a friend and I loved it! It helps keep my face matte and not shiny, especially after a hot day. It feels light on your face and doesn't look cakey or thick. I can't wait to buy this product!
This product works wonders. Great to keep in your bag when you are out and about to keep your face looking matte, especially during the summer months. It doesn't leave your face looking cakey. The only complaint I have about this product is the packaging, it feels a bit cheap but I think considering the price point I can definitely overlook that