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Maybelline New York Total Temptation Brow Definer

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Maybelline New York Total Temptation Brow Definer is a richly-pigmented mechanical brow pencil for giving eyebrows more definition. The teardrop-shaped tip allows for a precise application of the cream-to-powder formula while the spoolie end shapes and fluffs the eyebrows.

Available in three shades.


Maybelline New York Total Temptation Brow Definer


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I swear by this brow pencil!! Any other brow product always smudges off easily and I have to use too much product for my brows to be defined. My Maybelline brow definer will stay on all day even without a brow gel and perfectly shapes my brows with its pointed tip. LOVE IT!
I found the brow definer to be good but not a standout. The colour selection matched perfectly with my skin and hair and overall looked really natural. The main issue I had was with the application. I found that the shape and the dullness of the crayon made it hard to apply the product. It did not go on as easily or as thinly as I had anticipated, plus it takes a longer amount of time to apply. Overall, this is a good product I would just prefer either an eyeshadow or pomade. 
i loved the moisture and color. packaging was extremely pretty. The formula is quite soft and creamy which is easily applied, but it wears and blends in nicely without looking heavy but can actually be built up for a bolder look! It wears throughout the whole day without fading, smudging on transferring onto any other contact (example towels or paper towels on massage tables where you head is pressed against it
I Absolutely love this product! I usually use a gel for my brows but I’ll be sticking with this one. The colour matches perfectly and can be built it to as dark as i like. Affordable, convenient and easy to use.. ticks all of the busy women’s boxes
Until I received this product I had never thought about defining my brows let alone actually tried to do it. I wasn’t sure that how it would go but it was super easy to use. I’m not sure that defining my eyebrows will make it into my daily routine as I don’t think the defined brow look is for me but the product works well.
I am a natural brunette, who has light brown eyebrows. So I either tint my eyebrows, or use products to define & add depth of colour to them.   Usually I use tinted eyebrow gel, this is actually the first mechanical brow pencil I've used. I tried the Deep Brown shade, which is a perfect match to my hair shade. The product is a clever design - it has a thin mechanical brow pencil one end & a tidy size spoolie on the other.  Both lids fit snuggly on their respective ends.  It is simple & quick to use. The pencil adds colour over existing brow hair & allows me to finely draw additional hair-like strokes over sparse areas.   Then I quickly swipe the spoolie over both brows to define their shape and blend the colour & pencil strokes evenly.  The whole process takes under a minute for both brows. I have been truly delighted with the results, now retiring my usual eyebrow gel! This fabulous product defines, shapes & colours my eyebrows much better than what I was using, and I'll be buying this repeatedly in the future. Highly recommended.
This is one of the best brow products I have used. Easy to control and apply to the brow and the brush was soft and not harsh on the skin around the brow. The colour match was perfect and could be made darker with additional layers applied. Really good value for money!
I was super excited when I received this product. I am always interested in trying new brow products. I was not disappointed with this at all. it has a nice small precise tip that is quite sharp and fine initially but becomes a little smoother and easy to use after a couple of uses. the colour was perfect for my hair colour not too warm toned. the only bad thing I have to say is that it's not great if you're in a rush, as it is such a fine tip it does take a while to fill in, however, I was definitely continue to use this product!
I thought the colour of this eyebrow pencil was too dark for my dark blonde brows. While it glided on easily, the shape of the pencil made it difficult to use, and the spoolie at the end was too small to be much use. It did come off quite easily with a little cream cleanser, however. Perhaps this product might be better for people with darker brows, and perhaps those a little more skilled at doing their brows than I am.
I must admit I was a bit scared when I saw this brow defined with a spool thing at the end. I’ve never used a brow pencil or the like before so this was my first time. The crayon applied easily to my brows and enhanced the colour and fullness somewhat. I think mostly it filled the tiny gaps making my brows look more consistent.
Maybelline brows products are amazing! And this one, I'm not sure if it is but it seems waterproof to me. Stays all day and it is slaying my brows. I love it. It's almost similar to their brow satin, but this deep brown colour is best suited for my brows. Will purchase the next one  :')  Once again cute packaging and easy to apply. Would recommend to every girls out there who wants to have fleeky brows! Can even make it bold or feather brows. 
Love this eyebrow pencil!! I’ve tried and tested many over the years and this is by far the best (and most affordable!) one that I’ve come across! It glides on like a breeze, and stays on all day! Colour is really natural too! Will definitely be repurchasing this one.
I absolutely loved this product. I have blonde hair / dark blonde/light brown eyebrows and the colour was perfect (sometimes the blonde eyebrow pencils can either look grey or orange... and this one it neither).  Easy and quick to apply... it's great that it includes a brush but the only criticism is that it is slightly too small to use easily.  Thank you to Maybelline and Beauty Crew for allowing me to trial Maybelline New York Total Temptation Brow Definer!
LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I’m so impressed with this magical little eye brow product. I’ve been using ABHs eye brow products for the last few years but now I’m completely converted. The wind up pencil is thin enough to mimic real hair and allows get definition. The spoolie on the end is the perfect size also
I don’t regularly fill in my brows but this pencil made it so easy! The shape of the pencil made it so easy to use and looked amazing when applied. It went on well and looked natural. You don’t need heaps of product for this to look good. Easily removed with a wipe, didn’t leave any marks.
Like many people my age, my eyebrows are victims of over-plucking, threading, and waxing thanks to some regrettable trends in the mid-2000s. As a result, my previously beautiful lush and thick brows just don't grow like they used to. The re-growth is noticeably sparse and a total P in the A to fill in with product now. I was interested to try this Maybelline product as its tear drop shape is meant to help in defining the brow shape, before you fill it in and brush it out. Unfortunately the nib kind of wore away after a while so I couldn't get the precision I would have liked, and what I normally achieve with an angled brush and a pomade product. The Maybelline pencil was fine for filling in other parts of the brows, where they are already fairly thick and don't need to much more done. And the attached spoolie was super handy to brush it out for a more natural look. However this just isn't the product for my brows. I think it would be ideal if you just need to give your girls a quick once over and fill in, but not if you need to actually draw them on.
Loved this pencil and brush in one. I found it to be super quick and easy to use. The pencil is the perfect colour to fill in patchy eyebrows without making it look obviousl that you have it one. I found it lasted all day and the brush was great for shaping my eyebrows.
I dont regularly use brow pencils but the maybelline total temptation brow pencil was easy to use creating depth and definition to my brows. The crayon twists up so sharpening isn't required, the spooled end allows the colour to be evenly distributed throughout the brows. The spool is only small to help avoid smudging, however I prefer a longer brush. A convenient and easy to use brow pencil which creates a natural brow, shaping my face.
Loooooooove it!!! It's amazingly easy to use and the Lil brush on the end is perfect!!!!! It goes on so fine that you can mimick hairs and get a soft natural look (let's face it there's too many girls walking around with thick caterpillars on their faces!!) it stays on so well and I would recommend it to everyone!!
Given we're in the midst of exam period for uni students like me, something has got to give. Unfortunately, it's been my eyebrows. They're unruly and grown out and an all round hot mess! So when I got offered the chance to trial the Maybelline Total Temptation Brow Definer, I jumped on the chance. I recieved the colour medium-brown which worked really well with my natural brow colour. Not super ashy so if you're after that I don't think any of the available colours would suit you. It's more of a warm toned, rich brown.  The formula is really lovely, good mix between a waxy and creamy consistency which results in the colour gliding on and giving some hold to the shape without necessarily needing brow gel. The pencil side of the product has this triangular shape and is super slim so it's quite easy to apply. My only issue is that the end isn't particularly sharp and sometimes its hard to make little hair-like strokes with the pencil. In a rush it's easy to build up for a laid-back natural look but if it's precision you're after there's better out there. Having said this, the small brush on the other side of the product makes it easy to blend out if you do end up applying too much. As for the brush itself I don't love the spherical shape but it does the job.  In terms of packaging, it's right up my alley. Streamline, comfortable in the hand and a super cute colour.  Overall, a welcome change to my little brown powder and wax kit - pretty good for those days you want a natural, laid back look.