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Maybelline New York Volum’ Express® Pumped Up! Colossal Mascara

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Maybelline New York Volum’ Express® Pumped Up! Colossal Mascara is a mascara for creating volume. The double curved stem mascara wand delivers twice as much formula to lashes, delivering volume, lift and a fanned-out effect. 

Available in waterproof.


Maybelline New York Volum’ Express® Pumped Up! Colossal Mascara


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I bought this (waterproof) horrible mascara a few days ago and I am so disappointed.  The texture is dry, clumpy and many coats are required to get any type of positive look - it's honestly like a mascara that is old, when you need to pump and pump the bristles for the hope of getting the last of the product out.  For nearly $20, I was hoping for a superior product, especially since I normally love the Maybelline brand.  Also, the actual wand has a spiral brush but the mascara is sort of stuck onto the bits of it which causes some lashes to get coated and others not at all.
I gave this mascara a go after hearing my mother’s glowing review about this amazing mascara that made her lashes look 16 times larger. My mother has very fine and short lashes so when she sang this product’s praise I thought she found the best mascara that existed. Unfortunately for me, this product fell short of these high standards and I was almost immediately disappointed.  Did it make my eyelashes look 12 times larger (16 times larger for waterproof & 12 times larger for normal) as the packaging suggested? No. My lashes were a couple of millimetres longer and little bit thicker, which was still nice, but definitely underrated. I feel this mascara might have had a better chance of living up to its claims of amplifying your lashes if the formula wasn’t so drying. The brush itself is quite lovely with long, fat bristles in a larger version of the traditional brush shape that does a decent job of separating and thickening lashes. The only problem is that there is barely any product on the bristles and I’m running out of mascara before I’ve even gone half way up my lashes. And because there is so little on the wand you are doing endless amount of coats before you can see any difference. Using this product is quite tedious because I spend upwards of 5 minutes on mascara application alone!   Also, because the product is drying so quickly as you’re applying it, subsequent coats can flake the mascara off onto your face and leave your eyelashes looking chunky and uneven. If the formula were a little more moist it would be able to do the full sweep from root to tip give you full,natural lashes in half the time. I really wanted to like this mascara, but this product doesn’t live up the hype on the packaging. Save yourself the $20 and pick up one yellow tube Colossal mascaras from the same line instead.
Maybelline New York Volum’ Express® Pumped Up (water proof) is hot pink in colour and is really easy to find in my morning make up jungle. It is easy to open and the large brush makes application quick and easy, with no clumping. After a few coats my lashes look long, defined, luscious and flirty. There is no need for need fake lashes while I have Pumped Up in my make up bag, it really delivers. I have been swimming and cried with this mascara on and I did not end up looking like a racoon which is a true testament on how fabulous it really is. After saying all of that I am still a little puzzled by how quick and easy I can remove it at the end of the day. I don't know how Maybelline managed to make it all work but they have. A big thumbs up from me!
This comes in quite a chunky hot pink tube with bright yellow writing(certainly won't be hard to find if misplaced that's for sure!) and the bristles are big and quite far apart in comparison to the mascaras I usually use.  I found it definitely made my lashes thicker and fuller but it also unfortunately left big clumps of excess product on my lashes which I have to remove. The results were great other than that.  Unfortunately this product wasn't suitable for my lashes so after a few attempts and fails I had to admit defeat and throw it out. A shame really as this definitely creates fuller the longer looking lashes. 
I found this Mascara was quite clumpy and wasn't very happy with it. It did pump and thicken up my eyelashes but I think the brush didn't really work for me and I couldn't stand the clumpy eyelashes so it had to go in the bin.
If you hate gluing your eyelids together or can't master the application of falsies but still want that luscious eyelash look, this mascara is for you! The wand is a great size giving you easy application, it offers a long lasting wear and the best bit... it lasts forever! Totally worth it ladies!
I received this in a Marie Claire parcel (quarterly beauty subscription box) and loved it as soon as I tried it. Talk about big lashes! The wand is nice and thick and leaves an even coat without clumping. My lashes look long and thick. Great staying power throughout the day/night and also no smudging which is always a positive. The one I have is not waterproof and I found in water may run quite easily e.g. being stuck in the rain without an umbrella, but other then that no drama. Also very easy to remove with make-up remover. I would highly recommend this to everyone looking for bigger, thicker lashes.
Pump up those lashes with this mascara! This mascara make me look like I'm wearing falsies and I love it!