MOR Emporium Classics Rosewood Reed Diffuser Set

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MOR Emporium Classics Rosewood Reed Diffuser Set is an exquisite reed diffuser containing MOR's signature fragrance in Rosewood, housed in an embellished and beautifully detailed black glass flacon with black reeds to add elegance to any space. Warm layers of Cedarwood, Guaiac and Sandalwood are smoked with wild Roses where touches of Pepper and Patchouli gather. Decadent Leather then laces to create a robust and elegant aroma with shades of noir.


MOR Emporium Classics Rosewood Reed Diffuser Set


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Spicy exotic fragrance

I received these reed diffusers as a gift and absolutely love the scent. It’s a very spicy scent, quite exotic with cedar wood, sandalwood, patchouli, wild roses. Leather and pepper. It’s not a sweet romantic floral fragrance that I usually go for but I love the spicy exotic sea of it. I love mor products and frequently get them as gifts, always welcome as they never disappoint. I love the elegant black glass canister these reeds come in, embellished with gold, they are quite luxe, I also love that the reeds themselves are black to add to the elegance. At $55.00 I feel these reeds are good value as the scent lasts for ages. These make a lovely gift and I would recommend them