VOYA Coconut & Jasmine Room Spray

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VOYA Coconut & Jasmine Room Spray is a room spray that transports you to the warm white sandy beaches of the Caribbean. This is a smooth, relaxing, and luxurious scent with a rich core that boasts tropical notes of coconut infused with smooth vanilla and undertones of jasmine and orange. This scent will help improve your mood and reduce stress levels.


VOYA Coconut & Jasmine Room Spray


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Beautiful scent

I love voya products and received this room spray as a gift from a friend who knows I love the brand. I loved this instantly, the scent is divine and reminded me of being on a tropical holiday with the scent of coconut and jasmine, it’s warm and sensual and makes my home smell amazing. The packaging is beautiful, really classy and modern and it makes a gorgeous gift. This is a high end room spray as opposed to a supermarket air freshener and you can tell the difference, it’s really lovely and I always get comments when anyone visits on what the scent in my home is. I would love another bottle of this it’s just so beautiful and I would highly recommend it