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Napoleon Perdis Off Duty Tinted Moisturiser

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Napoleon Perdis Off Duty Tinted Moisturiser is a triple duty tinted moisturiser with a light coverage. The tinted moisturiser acts as a primer while also hydrating skin, giving the complexion a sheer colour and improving the foundation finish. It can be worn on its own for a light makeup look, or under foundation as a primer. Ginkgo biloba, ginseng and green tea extracts provide antioxidant protection, while glycerin helps replenish moisture and chamomile calms and comforts.


Napoleon Perdis Off Duty Tinted Moisturiser


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I really like this moisturiser. I think that the design is really appealing and is lovely for your cabinet if you’re interested in beautiful packaging. The moisturiser itself is more toward the pricey end of the spectrum almost $50, but it is a great tinted moisturiser. It isn’t as good as some other products I’ve tried but it is a great alternative to carrying several products around to do the one thing well. I would like to see this product also have some SPF as you will still need to apply your chemical/physical before or after using this and it can affect the finish of the moisturiser depending on your sunscreen. It is a good pretty tinted moisturiser but if you aren’t fussed with aesthetics you can probably find a comparable or better tinted moisturiser (with SPF) for the same or cheaper price.
I absolutely adore this product. Such an eye catching, funky bottle for a start. I love a good tinted moisturiser and I often wear this one on its own for a lovely natural sheer coverage. The colour is gorgeous and so easy to apply, it smoothes on easily with fingertips and is so quick to get a lovely coverage. It feels amazing to wear, so light and sheer, it combats oils and feels so soft and smooth. When used in conjunction with foundation it acts as a primer as well as moisturiser and gives a great base for smooth even foundation coverage, giving a professional finish. I love the added benefit of antioxidents and the green tea soothes any redness in the complexion. Overall an amazing product that I would recommend