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Natural Instinct Botanical Hand Wash

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Protect skin from dehydration with Natural Instinct’s Botanical Hand Wash. With chamomile to soften and condition the skin, the soap-free hand wash also contains burdock root extract to purify skin of toxins.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging, vegan-friendly face and body care range, grey water safe.


Natural Instinct Botanical Hand Wash


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I always have a large pump bottle of hand-wash at the  kitchen sink, especially to discourage the males in my family from washing their hands with detergent! Natural Instinct is perfect for this – a large pump action bottle of natural product. A great alternative to the usual soap company hand-wash, with chamomile, lavender and other natural ingredients, it’s nice to know that our hands are being hydrated and treated whilst they are being cleaned. Natural Instinct is in a generous 500 ml bottle and contains no chemical nasties, as well as being cruelty- free. A perfectly simple, natural product that smells wonderful.
This is the hand wash we have been using at home for the last couple of months. I really enjoy this product, it is very basic but it gets the job done! I find it to be very hydrating and to leave my hands feeling very soft and nourished, unlike some hand washes which can really dry your skin out over time. I also like the packaging, it is very simple and the pump is very hygienic as well as functional as I have never had any spillage problems. I like the scent of this product too, it’s not too overwhelming and it smells quite botanical. Another plus of buying this product is that it contains natural ingredients and is also free of chemicals and is vegan-friendly. This is perfect t as my brother has very sensitive skin and is prone to eczema, often on his face/hands and he has never had any issues with this product irritating his skin or drying it out further.
This is a great hand wash that comes in a pretty pump which we have right in our bathroom.  The bottle is quite large so it lasts a long time and I love that the ingredients are natural and vegan.  It has a wonderful scent and it foams up nicely, leaving your hands feeling soft and clean without drying or irritating your skin.  It's such a great price and I wish it came with refills so we could just add more of the liquid soap into the container without having to buy a new one.
I always like to purchase hand washes that come in pretty packaging - it's a bit of an indulgence! The Natural Instinct's Hand Wash packaging is very beautiful and minimalistic, and I always re-buy this one especially when I'm having guests over. The scent of this hand wash is so lovely and fresh! I love that it's made with natural ingredients and has never left that tight, drying feeling on my hands like other soap-based washes do. It is also slightly moisturising which was an incredible surprise! Highly recommend. Pros: - No tight, drying feeling - Slightly moisturising - Gorgeous scent - Beautiful packaging - Natural and better for the environment - Inexpensive
I have to mention that the scent of this hand wash is amazing, smells natural and not overpowering. I wash my hands a lot throughout the day and many affordable hand wash makes my hand very dry until I tried the Natural Instinct Botanical Hand Wash. Every time I used this hand wash, my hands feels so smooth and doesn't feel dry at all. Also to mention that this hand wash contains lots of natural ingredients rather than chemical which is my preference.
Firstly I loved that container this handwash comes in - so pretty. The pump bottle is easy to use and eliminates mess. This hand wash smells amazing and is soap free so non drying, this makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin. The addition of chamomile makes it super moisturising so hands feel really smooth and soft after using it. There are no chemicals in this product which is a winner for me and at under $12.00 its great value, especially as it lasts for ages. The packaging is recyclable, great news and its vegan friendly and cruelty free, a winner all round. I would buy this botanical hand wash again and highly recommend it.
I am a bit of a hand washing freak but I have to be careful what I use because my hands can become really dry. Natural Instinct’s Botanical Hand Wash is soap free and free from nasty chemicals so it isn't as drying and it's better for the fish too! I love the smell and I recommend you try it :)