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Natural Instinct Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème

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Natural Instinct Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème works to reduce fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. This moisturising eye cream smoothes and lifts the eye area, whilst promoting skin renewal to leave the eyes looking more youthful and radiant.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging, vegan-friendly face and body care range, grey water safe.


Natural Instinct Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème


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I received this product as a part of a trial. Used for a week or so before had to stop. The cream comes in a tube and it is just a light white cream. What happened is that my under eye are was worse then when starting the trial. Mid aged skin, oily to combo, no wrinkles but expression lines are starting to become an issue especially when dehydrated under the eye area. Skin there is now very thin and can get crepey if using wrong products or being dehydrated (with coffee in the system, not eating enough fruit, not drinking water). After using this eye cream my under eye area was becoming more crepey and dynamic fine lines started to become static. Noooo...Formula does not contain any "anti-ageing" ingredients either. Does not moisturize, but makes my skin dry and dehydrated. Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride^, Cetearyl Alcohol^, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Cetearyl Olivate^, Sorbitan Olivate^, Glyceryl Stearate, Saccharide Isomerate#, Argania Spinosa Kernel (Argan) Oil, Troxerutin^, Coffea Arabica Seed (Coffee seed) Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf (Green Tea) Extract, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Caprylyl Glycol, Xanthan Gum^, p-Anisic Acid^, Sodium Phytate^. #Approved for Certified Organic Products. ^Botanical Source.
For me, eye creams are the most overpriced and overrated products in the skincare market. However, I keep spending money on new eye creams, hoping to find that holy grail product I'm striving for. Unfortunately this wasn't the one. It applies well and absorbs quickly, but it did not provide my eyes with enough hydration, even with use morning and night. I also haven't noticed any improvement in the appearance of my skin or dark circles. I wouldn't recommend as I think there are others on the market that provide more for less money.
I received a free tube of this when I took part in the 'Natural Instincts' challenge that they've held for the past few years. I collect so many eye products, it's one area where I want to throw everything possible at my wrinkles and dark circles in hopes of discovering that holy grail eye product.....sadly, this wasn't it. The cream itself is very light and absorbs super quick, leaving my eye area feeling dry throughout the day. I actually forced myself to use this for 2 weeks, to see if my skin needed adjusting or something. But after 2 weeks I had to stop...I felt my eyes looked like they had aged, due to lack of hydration. Now, I always state that I have super-dry skin, because I do. My skin is so terribly dry and the products I use generally need to be really rich, thick, balmy and as I said, the consistency of this eye cream was quite thin and light. Forgetting the hydration part, I also noticed no difference whatsoever in my dark circles. My experience using Natural Instinct's Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Creme wasn't positive. I gave the eye creme 2 stars because when the cream is refrigerated it can have the ability to freshen up the eye area, the coolness improving swollen tired eyes.
I used this eye cream my under eye bags is so bad i keep mine inside the fridge way better using it when it’s cold.Big help specially i never sleep more than 8 hours .One thing i notice it’s oily around my eyes or maybe it’s my skin but overall it’s good product.
I have been applying the eye cream morning and night. The cream is white in colour, has a nice moisturising texture and more importantly for Hay Fever sufferer’s it is fragrance free! The ingredients list is impressive with all sorts of little treats for your delicate eye area. Troxerutin, Saccharide Isomerate, coffee seed oil and aloe Vera all pack a powerful punch to eliminate puffiness and dark circles.  With no hidden nasties, no sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, it is perfect for sensitive skin. In actual fact it is a whole ball of kindness; it’s not tested on animals, ph balanced, vegan friendly and AUSSIE! Only a small amount of cream is needed to hydrate the whole eye area so use sparingly and this 25ml generously sized tube will last a very long time. I have had no irritation from using this eye cream and I am extremely happy with my results. The results aren’t instant and it took 3 weeks for me to see a difference but now I am bright eyed and my wrinkles have been ironed out!  Pros: It bloody works! The bags under my eyes are snap back into place every morning ☺  No irritation The nozzle makes it easy to apply  Kind ingredients Cons:???? none! I would recommend Natural Instinct Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correct Eye Crème to every baggy eyed mum or dad out there! 
I tried this eye cream when they had Natural Instinct challenge last year, and I have to say I'm impressed. For the price they sell, it's really great value eye cream in the market. Most of eye cream are selling with 15ml content, but this one is generous at 25ml per tube. And the price also very low compared to the other brands. Although seems cheap, but the eye cream has powerful and great ingredients in it. I have used and finished 1 tube myself.  I'm quite picky with eye cream, because I wear contact lenses and sometimes some brand sting my eyes and made my eyes watery the whole day! This is a natural product that I love using it everyday. 
This is a fabulous bargain price eye cream. I absolutely loved it for its price and effectiveness. I have tried a lot of much more expensive eye creams with varying results. This one comes in a handy tube, no mess and lasts for ages. for under $20.00 and considering I dont need to use a lot for great results its fabulous value for money. I love that there are no additives or nasties and that the product is cruelty free. straight away I noticed a difference in the fine lines around my eyes after using this. I use it overnight and in the morning my eyes look smooth, fine lines fade away and there is no under eye puffiness. This cream is great for anyone with sensitive skin as its super gentle. Easy to use, it smoothes on simply and sinks straight in. Its super hydrating and makes my under eye area look firmer and younger. There is no greasy feel, just more youthful looking eyes. Big bonus. pros all natural budget friendly and lasts for ages eliminates fine lines cruelty free great for sensitive skin Australian made cons I could not see any negatives. Great product that I highly recommend
As a mother of two young boys and maybe also due to natural aging,I find I have quite a few fine lines under my eyes and days where they are a bit puffy and dark due to not getting quite enough sleep. I decided to give the Natural Instinct eye creme a try mostly due to it's amazing price. The last few eye creams I've used have had half the amount of product at triple the cost of this one! Plus it also claimed to be dark circle and wrinkle correcting-the two issues I currently needed some extra help with. The Natural Instinct eye cream comes in a cream colored plastic tube with a twist off lid. I immediately liked that it was in tube form as opposed to a glass jar like some other eye creams come in. This packaging is more hygienic and there is no danger of it breaking in the bathroom should it accidentally be knocked off the shelf. The creme is white with quite a rich moisturiser like texture and has no scent. To apply I put a tiny amount on my little finger then dab under my eye area and sometimes under the brow line. The creme is quite thick and I find if I apply too much it won't absorb well ,a little goes a long way with this cream. I find most eye creams I have to throw out after a couple of uses as they irritate or actually sting my under eye area.( I must have really sensitive skin there) I had no such issues with this eye cream-no irritation at all, even after weeks of use. After a few weeks of using I can say it has definitely improved my lines around the eyes. They are basically non existent! It hasn't totally cured my dark puffy eye days but they are few and far between anyway. For the price and size of this eye creme, I will happily continue to purchase in future. I recommend this to anyone who wants an affordable, natural eye cream that will diminish fine lines and brighten up the eye area. A product that will put a stop to people asking  "Are you tired?" Pros  * 100% sulphate,paraben,petrochemical free *Vegan and Natural *Australian made *Value for Money *Works to diminish fine lines,hydrates and smooths *Strengthens skin Barrier Cons *So far not effective for me in fading those rare dark,puffy eyes * Quite rich. Will not absorb super fast if applied too thick
I have used a number of Natural Instinct products and they all have a just-there scent.  I used mine over Natural Instinct Plump & Renew Serum.  Over a number of weeks I did see a lightening effect under my eyes I could feel the Natural Instinct Dark Circle + Wrinkle Correction Eye Crème working as it goes on feeling cool, is lightweight enough that you can apply it day or night and I did feel a tightening effect.    All Natural Instinct products are manufactured in Australia by a Japanese company.  Con:  I think the price is a little exy for me however it depends on what you compare the price to.  
A transforming eye treatment for my crow's feet and tired dark shadows under the eye's. After trying the multi-skin repairing Natural Instincts certified natural " Rosehip oil" I couldn't resist and had try out the "Natural Instinct dark circle and wrinkle correction eye cream".   It has a lightweight, silken texture that applies superbly under my day and night makeup. It contains an accomplished formula that is well blended allowing the cream to fill in the look of my fine lines and prevent future damage.  Established with natural and repairing ingredients such as aloe vera and coffee seed oil, I know I'm providing my skin the natural and healthy skin food it requires. After using the product a couple of times I looked in the mirror and I noticed an improvement in the appearance wrinkles and especially my crow's feet. Only a small amount is required to cover under my eye area and as for the packaging, it's small and great for keeping the eye cream fresh and always secure. Dispenses small amounts easily with every use. 
My favourite product in Natural Instinct parcel is this eye cream. It contain skin beneficial ingredients, antioxidants, skin repairing ingredients and vitamins. It is free from parabens, sulphates and 400 potentially harmful ingredients which is an added benefit. It has nice tube packing with nozzle. The packing keep the ingredients safe from light, air and bacteria. It is fragrance free, but they do contain very light smell, which is not over powering. It  is  creamy and absorbs quickly into my skin. It is very gentle on my skin and does not cause me any negative reaction. I am using it for few weeks now and I feel that my dark circles are disappearing. It is not very noticeable now but I hope regular results will bring more improvements. Actually I am pleasantly surprised with the results and I highly recommend it for every one. At this price, this cream is really a bargain.
I really wanted to like this, a natural product in a larger than average tube, at a decent price.  It also has a fantastic nozzle that dispenses the product really easily and makes it simple to get the required amount out (unlike those tubs of eye cream where I am forever dipping my finger into to get the product argh!).  However it didn't really produce the results I was hoping for.  It certainly helped to  moisturise the area under my eyes, but it didn't do anything to reduce puffiness, dark circles or fine lines.  It's pretty good value considering the size of the tube and how little you use each time, so it's worth a go for anyone looking to try something new.
After countless sleepless nights caring for a loved one with Brain Cancer. The stresses of life have started to show. Visible blue hazes under my eyes have become something I wish to disguise. I love to show my best, being as natural as I can be without makeup. The need to rehydrate and take action was apparent. I came across the Natural Instinct range that my sister in law spoke highly of she has sensitive skin and trusting her experiences. I gave it a go. Im happy the dark circle wrinkle correction eye creme is of a consistency that I find pleasing. The creme is non greasy to my skin and absorbs well after applying with my ring finger subtly dabbing the half crest thats undernourished. When I look for skin products fragrance isn't a priority. I prefer it to meet its expectations in strengthening and improving on what nature gave me. It appears to be hydrating and I'm hoping with continual use twice a day the combination of active natural ingredients will give me the confidence I desire. Reducing fine lines and smoothing my crows feet area for an overall natural glow.  The product satisfies my needs and I love that it's free of toxic sulphates, petrochemicals and parabens. The area concerned has had no adverse reactions and as per with any skin products I use, I patch tested for my own peace of mind. The eye creme would easily slide into my travel bag and help alleviate puffiness on a long flight. I suggest giving this a go as it's affordable and is Australian Made.
I've been having a few sleepless nights lately and the lack of sleep was starting to show around my eye area. The eye contours were starting to look darker than usual so I wanted to try an eye creme to help reduce the dark circles and keep the eye area hydrated.  The Natural Instincts eye creme comes in an opaque tube with a pointy tip for precise application. I only need a rice grain-sized amount for each eye area. I just dot the eye creme around my eye and dab the product in gently with my ring finger. The eye creme is opaque white and a bit runny so it gets easily absorbed into the skin. I can't detect any fragrance and there is no irritation or sensitivity felt using this product around my delicate eye area. I'm actually really impressed by how the product feels on. My eye area feels hydrated and makeup glides on and is a breeze to apply.  I'm really impressed by the Natural Instincts eye creme. The eye creme has some amazing ingredients: troxerutin for reducing puffiness and dark circles, sacchride isomerate for hydration, coffee seed oil for de-puffing and increasing firmness and aloe to sooth. I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and have seen how much more hydrated my eye area looks and feels. The dark circles aren't as obvious any more (but sleeping better also helps) and I feel its only going to get better from here if I continue using the eye creme.  $20 for a tube of this eye creme seems cheap considering how little of the product I actually use each time I apply this. I'm really excited to see how my eye area will look using this long term and I'm now curious to try other products from this brand. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a lightweight eye creme that hydrates and reduces dark circles and puffiness.  Pro Hydrates  Reduces dark circles with long term use  Makeup glides on easily over this  Affordable  Fantastic mix of ingredients  Natural and gunk free  Con  Nothing honestly